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Lib Rippers rip it up on Lib Techs from mountain peaks to back yard booters. This eclectic group of legendary snowboard artist, scientist, psychopaths craft their riding to another level only possible with the help of their handcrafted Lib Tech dream boards. Jamie Lynn and Travis Rice lead the charge of this global crew of good times goblins; slashing, launching, carving, bonking and hurtling towards the next session.

Men's Rippers

Lib Tech Team Travis Rice Photo

Travis Rice

"Snowboarding's snowboarder" Travis made it big because he dreams big and goes even bigger. 

Lib Tech Team Jamie Lynn Photo

Jamie Lynn

The father of power freestyle Jamie combines style, ability, balls and artistry to define snowboarding and snowboard culture for past and present generations.

Lib Tech Team Eric Jackson Photo

Eric Jackson

A lethal big mountain freestyle weapon dissecting the mountain on his E-jack Knife.

Lib Tech Team Austen Sweetin Photo

Austen Sweetin

A ball of sideways standing energy unleashed upon the world.

Lib Tech Team Chris Rasman Photo

Chris Rasman

Canadian power beast riding Lib Tech since before he was born, Rasman goes HUGE.

Lib Tech Team Phil Hansen Photo

Phil Hansen

All mountain all board SLAYER searching the world for something he can't do. 

Lib Tech Team Tucker Andrews Photo

Tucker Andrews

Wise beyond his years Tucker is at the vanguard of the young all mountain freestyle jib Skölfer movement. Yes, that's a thing.

Lib Tech Team Brandon Reis Photo

Brandon Reis

Eastern beast Brandon Reis is a hilarious contest kid turned freestyle phenom pushing what's possible on a snowboard.

Lib Tech Team Frederik Kalbermatten Photo

Frederik Kalbermatten

A legacy of great style and freestyle powder precision, Fredi is truly the Swiss Knife.

Lib Tech Team Denver Orr Photo

Denver Orr

Part of the next generation of pure Rippers who are 100% shred, loving snowboarding while casually taking it to the next level.

Lib Tech Team Matteo Soltane Photo

Matteo Soltane

Born to shred, Matteo moves like water down the mountain and has a penchant for the avant-garde.

Lib Tech Team Mans Hedberg Photo

Måns Hedberg

Swedish sprocking cat with an electrical power surge park attack.

Lib Tech Team Devin Tubbs Photo

Devin Tubbs

From powder to the park, your ideal prototype.

Lib Tech Team Valerian Ducourtil Photo

Valerian Ducourtil

Lib Tech Team Tyler Nicholson Photo

Tyler Nicholson

Park destroyer and podium punisher, Tyler is pure power and stomp-ability.

Lib Tech Team Jesse Burtner Photo

Jesse Burtner

Double decade video part stacker and consummate late bloomer, JB just won't quit.

Lib Tech Team Jason Robinson Photo

Jason Robinson

Wandering spirit warrior smashing life with love and amazing snowboarding.

Lib Tech Team Matt Cummins Photo

Matt Cummins

30+ years of board riding shaping and designing expertise continues with the MC Wayfinder.

Lib Tech Team Jack Wiley Photo

Jack Wiley

Academic weapon, all terrain vehicle.

Lib Tech Team Josh Nucci Photo

Josh Nucci

The happiest dude onboard everyday.

Women's Lib Rippers

Women's Lib Tech Team Estelle Pensiero Photo

Estelle Pensiero

Rides powder like its her job and she's ready for a promotion.

Women's Lib Tech Team Kailey Bogart Photo

Kailey Bogart

Surf inspired style and tweaks for days.

Women's Lib Tech Team Katie Kennedy Photo

Katie Kennedy

All around boss.