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Travis Rice Collection

Travis Rice Lib Tech Dream Collection

Travis Rice's legacy of next level riding, projects and vision consistently pours out into his collection of Lib Tech dream boards. Travis and our experiMENTAL engineers have spent well over a decade creating, testing, tinkering, ripping and dreaming into this current line. From his staple rip-it-all power freestyle T.Rice Pro and T.Ripper to the explosive high performance Orca and Apex Orca to his Natural Selection Tour winning Golden Orca and the boundary pushing Orca Split; Travis ideates, rides, tweaks, tests and re-tests each and every one before putting on his stamp of approval. Enjoy the Lib Tech Travis Rice dream board collection!

Travis Rice Deep Dives for Lib TechTravis Rice Deep Dives for Lib Tech

Travis Rice Deep Dives

Ever wonder how much Travis Rice detunes his edges? What size Orca he rides? Why the kink tail? Why does C2 work so well? How directional is the Golden Orca? What size did he ride in the Natural Selection? Where does the Apex weight reduction come from and what's new on the Orca Split? Travis Rice Deep Dives is here to answer all those questions and more straight from the man himself! Dive down this page for Travis' in depth take on each of his pro model boards!

Deep Dives with Travis Rice: T.Rice Pro

Travis takes us through his original Lib Tech pro model in it's newest form covering everything from his preferred C2 camber profile, where to detune your edges and what this amazing Schoph artwork means to him.

Deep Dives with Travis Rice: T.Ripper

Travis dives in to his high performance youth model the T.Ripper built for "all the little people, who probably rip harder than a majority of the old guard." The future is bright indeed with Travis' T.Ripper under your feet!

Travis Rice Deep Dives: T.Rice Orca

 Dive deep with Travis Rice and his wildly fun, high performing, game changing T.Rice Orca dream board! Travis covers why this board works so good, why have the kinked whale tail, what size he rides, how the beautiful Andrew Schoultz artwork came to be, The Orca Conservancy and much more! "This board has literally changed the way I snowboard."

Travis Rice Deep Dives: Orca Split

Travis dives deep into his high performance, uncompromising Orca Split covering tail geometries, Karakoram clips, engineering a snowboard that also has to work as skis, the magical pace of split boarding and a lot more!

Travis Rice Deep Dives: Golden Orca

Travis goes in depth about the Natural Selection winning geometries of his Lib Tech Golden Orca covering it's twin tip powder dominating freestyle ways, the design traits carried over from the Goldmember, how the Orca's Whale Tail technology was translated here, where he rides it, where weight reduction in the board is important, what size he rode in the Natural Selection and the "radiating energy" of the Andrew Schoultz artwork.

Travis Rice Deep Dives: Apex Orca

Travis Rice delves into the intricacies of his pinnacle predator carbon fiber Apex Orca covering base profile, dagger camber in the Whale Tail, PET recycled plastics, how the graphic was designed to match the construction, why this carbon snowboard rides better than most and what conditions Travis rides it in.

  1. Apex Golden Orca
    Apex Golden Orca
  2. Apex Orca
    Apex Orca
  3. T.Ripper
  4. T.Rice Pro
    T.Rice Pro
  5. T.Rice Orca
    T.Rice Orca
  6. Orca Split
    Orca Split