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Lib Tech RRIP'S Fins


High performance up-cycled fins designed for optimal performance with Lib FOCII fin boxes. 

These fins have over 5/8” adjustability fore and aft in the Freedom of Choice Fin Box to fine tune your surfboard’s personality.

Lib Tech RRIPS fins are designed to fit LIB FOCII boxes only!

Since Every surfboard in the world is basically an oval shape cut out of rectangular fabrics, we’re saving the unused corners of our surfboard fabrics and we're makingfins out of them. Lib RRIP’s fin sets feature a lightweight Hexzylon Fiberfoam core, a reinforced carbon fiber biaxial base, and tensioned carbon fiber torsion rods on the tips for lively rebound response.

“Help save the planet one fin set at a time with our handcrafted American surfboard rubbish morphed into fine foiled fast fins.” ~ Mike Olson

Lib Tech Fins Twin + Trailer

Twin + Trailer

Fast and loose... ideal for snappy spontaneous freestyle minded surfing.

Two lead fins have 5.25” height, 5.12” base, double foil trailer has 3.9” height, 3.88” base

Lib Tech Fins Tri Set Medium

Tri Set Medium

Speed and drive... ideal for vertical turns and power surfing.

All three fins have 4.58” height, 4.44” base

Lib Tech Fins Tri Fin Set Large

Tri Set Large

Speed and drive... ideal for vertical turns and power surfing for bigger surfers or larger surf conditions.

All three fins have 4.70” height, 4.51” base

Lib Tech Fins Quad Set

Quad Set

Fast, down the line projection, acceleration in all conditions and amazing hold and drive in larger waves and barrels.

(Optional: May also be set up as a tri-fin, using one of these dual-foiled rear fins in the center box.)

Two lead fins have 4.58” height, 4.44” base, two trailer fins are double foiled with 3.9” height, 3.88” base

Lib Tech Fins 5 Fin Economy Set

5 Fin "Economy" Set

Our original MILF “Maximum Intensity Leading Foil” fin profile in a firm glass filled construction: A large variety of fun, fast and loose fin set up options including tri-fin, quad, five-fin and two plus one variation.

Two 4.625”height, 4.44” base single foiled leading fins, one 4.56”height, 4.25” base double foiled trailing fin. Two 3.75” height, 3.6” base double foiled trailing fins.