Lords of Seatown 2017

Highway 99 is notorious for bottlenecked commutes, skrrt-ing by 1-5 traffic, and epic views of the Puget sound, but have you ever been underneath it? Creatures find shelter from the heat of the day in the summer and the endless rain the rest of the year. On a 11,600 sq. ft. stretch lays a concrete paradise under the bridge solely for betterment of skateboarding. Marginal Way DIY ‘s sprawling transition grows year over year with the help of the community that fundraise, build, skate, and maintain it’s magic. For the people by the people.

The who’s who of Seattle Skateboarding convened at noon to start firing lines through the rolling tranny at Margy. The groms, gramps, girls, and Ams cooked up chaos in the concrete forest while on-lookers filled the scaffolding, cracked beers, buried some dogs and burgs in their gullets in preparation for the main event… Lords of Seatown 5!

You hear that? That’s the Seattle Rattle.  It’s simple… With a nod to our city’s skyline staple, The prestigious Pacific Northwest transition skateboard trophy went to Sunday’s rawest ripper.

The Lib Skate squad showed out! Sky, Chad, and Kyle earned their keep alongside PNW hitters Jesse Lindlof, Greg Dehart, Mikey Zion O’Friel, Bryce Niebuhr + more. Everyone was hungry for some recognition and some extra scratch. But when the foam in the beer disappeared there would only be one crowed victor. Back to defend his title with an undisputed run of excellence that included a big backside air, bowl-to-bowl transfer, and a McTwist, it was Phil on the Sky High with the W and $1500 cash.

$4,208 Raised for Marginal Way Skatepark

Thanks to Snowboy Productions, Marginal Way, Lib Tech, 10 Barrel Brewing, Diecutstickers.com, Coal, Sausage, Grindline, Skate TV 253, Black Market, Alive & Well, Dirty Bearings, EM Socks, Thirty Fifth Ave, MSC Printhouse, AIM Medical, Quincy Quigg, Terry Parker, Micah, Pete, Todd, Marshall and everyone who came out.


  1. Phil Hansen – $1500
  2. Zion O’Friel – $1000
  3. Jesse Lindloff – $500
  4. Greg DeHart – $400
  5. Chad Fenlon – $300
  6. Keenan Witte – $200


  1. Nygel Mayfield
  2. Oliver Kipnis
  3. Keala Cole


  1. Quintin Levillle
  2. Caden Smith
  3. Mason Bucknel


  1. Metal Mark
  2. Kimo Cole
  3. Brian Malkemes


  1. Avery Snavely
  2. Annabella Polizzi

Video Featuring: Phil Hansen, Sky Siljeg, Chad Fenlon, Jesse Lindloff, Greg Dehart, Zion O’Friel, Gabe Saxon, Brice Niebuhr, Keenan Witte, Nagel Mayfield, Bryan Krasovetz, Cameron Elmore, Chris Tarrosa, Drew Bieschke, Johnny Wier, Keala Cole, Noah Johnson.

Music by: Seawulfz

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