The Phil Hansen Pro Part

We are thrilled to announce the elevation of one of board sport’s most all terrain ATV slayers Phil Hansen to the professional ranks with his inaugural Philbutt Pro board on Lib Tech Skate! MMMedia master lensman Sean Lucey has been working with Phil for the past year creating a video part worthy of this occasion. It doesn’t take long to understand the depth of Phil’s talent, it’s truly ALL terrain. Starting back at Southpark’s portals and shooting out along the ley lines of Seattle and surrounding NW streets Phil leaves his mark. Together Phil and Lucey create a brutal combo of expert filming and no hesitation chomp leaving a trail of scorched battlements in their wake.

Lib Tech Skate presents the Phil Butt Pro

The Philbutt Pro in 8″ and 8.38″ – Art by Ben Lardy

When Phil Hansen first got on Lib it was clear he was a cheek above the rest. On his first Lib Tech trips he was the butt of most jokes but now he’s put that in his rear… view mirror. Phil doesn’t just haul ass under a full moon, baby’s got back to back tricks that make em clap! Phil knows how to spread his approach from pool coping to kink rails to parks to curbs (most of it backside). He’s no bum, he’s a hard worker who isn’t going to stay in the caboose any longer. Phil’s time is now with the release of his first board, the “Philbutt Pro”, a Mervin Made Cockroach Construction marvel featuring stunning maple bottom curves. This isn’t just junk in the trunk, this thing rips. Pants optional.

Lib Tech Skate Phil Hansen
Don’t touch my drum set, unless you nose slide
Phil Hansen for Lib Tech Skate
Libbed the ‘f out with a fresh PRO model
Phil Hansen with his new Lib Tech Skate Pro Model
Pro power will get me to the top of this sketchy bar
Phil Hansen smith grind
It worked. Crusty crustacean of a smith grind

Phil is a steadfast ruler who interprets all surroundings with an unrelenting attack of precision, power, style and a seemingly bottomless bag of tricks. That’s just the skater Phil. The dude Phil is a humble, kind, amazingly easygoing chap whom you’ll make friends with in a blink of an eye. He just wants to enjoy the battle, fire up the session and laugh at whatever obstacle is ahead. Phil’s got a stake in the collective stoke and a smile for your session whether you’re the number one charger, a mongo beginner or a 40 year old grom brushing off pressure flips. After the session it’s time for nature exploration, coffee on the jet boil, impromptu metal jazz, “Rash Paint” and without fail a swimming hole with an extremely white, naked, smiling Phil smack dab in the middle.

A few months back we surprised Phil with his pro model board at The Pavilion at Die Cut Stickers Dot Com. A BBQ / food bank fundraiser skate jam that turned in to a surprise pro party and video premiere for Phil. Vibes and crew were ALL TIME! Thanks DCS and The Pavilion for hosting!

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