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Welcome to women’s Lib, boards that are inspired by the dreams of our Lib ladies! For first gliders to ripping pros, 4 badass models that are 100% designed for women in 100% Lib Tech fashion. Plus, an Orca and a Split! This is the official unofficial launch of Women’s Lib. Lib has always been a unisex brand, but we are moving beyond unisex and launching this dedicated Women’s Lib line with purpose. It’s the stuff dreams are made of, with models like the all mountain C3 Dynamiss with Jamie Lynn art and the progressive freestyle resort ripping No. 43. The easy riding, all mountain Glider and the versatile, directional Cortado are approachable, finely tuned fun boards rounding out the collection. All are technologically advanced high-performance fun seekers built in the USA at Mervin Mfg. the world’s most environmentally friendly board building facility. Works of craftsmanship and art, with vibrant graphics eco-sublimated, using no toxic silk screens, and zero hazardous waste. Welcome to Women’s Lib, we are ageless, timeless, limitless and building snow tools in the USA for equality and freedom.

Women's Lib ripper Estelle Pensiero
Women’s LIB!
Women's Lib Tech rider Estelle Pensiero at Baldface Lodge
Estelle ruling at Baldface
Estelle Pensiero and the Lib Tech Dynamiss
Women’s Lib Ripper Estelle Pensiero

Women’s Lib Dream Boards edit featuring Estelle Pensiero and the Dynamiss.

Estelle Pensiero represents Women’s LIB and the freedom to dream. She rides the whole mountain like it’s her personal playground (when she’s at Baldface, it is her personal playground). She’s 16 and she lives in a world full of possibility. She has big dreams. She has a passion for free expression. She’s inspired to make a difference. She is graceful and strong and committed to action. She believes in equality and freedom and dream boards. Welcome to Women’s LIB Estelle!

Estelle Pensiero bra blasting for Women's LIB
Estelle bra blasting frontside air

Women and girls have been riding Lib boards for years. Circe Wallace, Marcella Dobis, and Ingrid Gunderson were all Lib team riders in the early 90’s. Barrett first joined the Lib team and rode the Acme. Shannan Yates and Janna Meyen climbed podiums and descended big mountains at global competitions on Lib boards. Lib Tech has always been a unisex line, something for everyone. Mervin is known for having the most extensive collection of women’s boards on the market with Gnu and Roxy snowboards. We have always worked extensively with riders, getting feedback from inception to production. Now, we are moving beyond unisex and embracing women’s LIB with passion and purpose, applying 30+ years of women’s board design heritage to bring the dreams of our Lib Tech ladies to life. Women’s LIB, designed by women, for women, in our high tech / zero hazardous waste facility, in the USA at Mervin Mfg.

2019 might just be the dreamiest ever with the introduction of Women’s Lib, an all- new line of boards inspired by the dreams of our Lib Tech ladies. The powerful C3 Dynamiss with Jamie Lynn’s art, the easy riding incredibly fun Glider, the aggressive freestyle No. 43, and the amazing value and versatility of the Cortado, all designed with passion and purpose. Rounding out the collection we have a perfectly sized Orca and the split BRD for dreamy all mountain freedom. We are proud to launch Women’s Lib, a dedicated women’s line that is ageless, timeless, and limitless.

Barrett Christy for Womens Lib Tech
Women's Lib Tech

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