How Does Magne-Traction® Work?

Lucas Wachs for Lib Tech Ski
Lucas Wachs

You’ve seen Magne-Traction® The Movie, a bunch of ripping skiers ripping in pow and park around the globe… it rips. But what does that have to do with Magne-Traction®, the actual technology? In a word, confidence. You can ski with more confidence with Magne-Traction®. Amazing edge hold through seven points of contact as opposed to 2 points on a normal edge. Think serrated knife vs butter knife which is going to cut better? Which is going to grip better? Serrated. It’s seven points of contact versus 2 and it works amazingly. That’s why we say Magne-Traction® turns ice in to powder, because it gives you the confidence to ski comfortably on challenging snow as if it was a plush groomer or a field of pow. Because of the rigidity of ski boots and the ability to get on edge we’ve specifically redesigned Magne-Traction® for Lib Tech Ski pulling the vertices down 50% for a silky smooth ride that retains that next level epic edge hold and confidence.

Hear what our engineer and Magne-Traction® co-creator Steven Cobb has to say about Magne-Traction® for Lib Tech Ski:

Magne-Traction Lib Tech skis
Sammy Hall for Lib Tech Skis
Sammy Hall

Magne-Traction® facts:

  • Patented! { PATENT #7823892 #8511704 }
  • Pioneered by Lib Tech
  • Makes skis feel 10mm narrower, making a wider pow ski perform better on groomers
  • Reduces fatigue, makes skiing easier, work smarter not harder!
  • Jib advantage, detune your skis for metal, plastic and cement and still get great edge hold all over the mountain
Mike King for Lib Tech Skis
Mike King
Lucas Wachs for Lib Tech Ski
Lucas Wachs

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