“Tangle” from Snowboarder x Ted Borland

Long time Lib Ripper and purveyor of snowboard culture Ted Borland in cahoots with Snowboarder Magazine brings us “Tangle” featuring Phil Hansen, Denver Orr, Brandon Reis and a slew of amazing co-stars. In a shortened season Ted and crew relied on a seasoned approach to produce this hammer laden web of freestyle shred. Denver Orr steps in to his first ever full video segment like an absolute boss checking off NBDs and dream spots like it’s nothing including the best ever cab 270 pretzel to date. Brandon Reis gives us his patented mix of creative + gnar making his presence felt even with though he only got one trip with the crew. Then Phil Hansen closes it down breezing through psycho street to blower pow and flawless kicker sends. Tangle takes a diverse crew and set’s them loose on a wild season as they try and implement their best interpretations of progressive snowboarding. It weaves, jumps, twists and overlaps but is anything but a mess.

Pics: Tim Zimmerman / Ted Borland

Phil Rides Dynamo + Transfer

Lib Tech Dynamo Snowboard
Bent Metal Transfer Snowboard Binding
BMBW Transfer

Denver rides TRS + Axtion

Lib Tech TRS Men's Snowboard
Bent Metal Axtion Snowboard Binding
BMBW Axtion

Reis rides Box Scratcher + Logic

Lib Tech Box Scratcher Men's Snowboard
Box Scratcher
Bent Metal Logic Snowboard Binding
Logic – Sean Genovese

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