Oregon Native Adam Haynes is no stranger to snowboard graphics. He started with Mervin MFG. over a decade ago when Gnu Art Director Tim Karpinski invited him to make an art piece for the Gnu Altered Genetics. Adam made 2 more years of those graphics when Temple Cummins stalked him at the Baker Banked Slalom and asked him to do his pro model board the “Billy Goat”. Barrett Christy Cummins would soon take interest and with the snap of a finger Adam was doing 2 graphics a year for Gnu, the Billy Goat and The B – PRO. All the while doing art for Travis Rice’s art company Asymbol. The Billy Goat and Asymbol went away, the B-Pro shifted gears and hear we are 2023 Adam Is back with Mervin, this time as a Lib Tech Artist. Gaining inspiration from Nick Russian, Mike Parillo and Jamie Lynn, Adam’s dream has come to fruition and no one better than the Mountain G.O.A.T. himself, Travis Rice to invite him back. We caught up with Adam (a couple times) at his home in Bend Oregon and asked him some hard hitting questions. Enjoy!

Lib Tech Golden Orca Snowboard

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