Chris Rasman; Working On A Dream

Meet our guy Chris Rasman, a passionate boarder, foiler, and last-minute planner hailing from Vancouver, British Columbia. Chris’s journey into snowboarding was heavily influenced by his father, a trailblazer and competitor in the 80s snowboard scene often riding Lib / Gnu boards. Lib Tech co-founders Mike and Pete met Chris when he was just a twinkle in his mother’s eye and immediately knew…”This kid’s gonna go big…”.

These days we all know Chris as the Whistler backcountry, clip stacking, gap sending, pow chomping, Natty Select battling, “to the bottom of the landing” stomping power beast he is. But it didn’t happen overnight, Chris has been pushing towards this moment since we was an eye twinkle and it’s been a long road with a lot of help and learning along way. Influenced by multiple generations of snowboard pioneers (Jamie Lynn, Devin Walsh, Mike Michaelchuk, Jorli Ricker, DCP etc) and years studying shred vids (Mack Dawg, Wild Cats, Standard, Absinthe) Chris chose a path of filming in the backcountry working at first with the Alterna Film crew alongside greats like Matt Beardmore and Gaetan Chanut. This momentum lead him and his friends to start the legendary Manboys crew (now ten years deep in videos!) and on to filming with Travis Rice in Alaska and competing on the Natural Selection Tour with his own Lib Tech pro model under his feet.

We’re honored and lucky to have Chris Rasman as part of our dream board adventure!

Chris Rasman building snowboard at Mervin Mfg

What is the origin of the name Manboys, and how long have you been filming with them?

The name actually started from a group of guys we looked up to who moved to whistler white before us, and started making little snowboard edits and short films under the name “Crapneto” . Credit to Robjn Taylor and Mikee HK especially, but in there crew they actually coined the term “the Manboys”, mainly because they were trying to figure out a name to categorize the younger dudes on the crew, Rusty Ockenden & Mark sollors aka “the junior manboys”. Many years later, we re ignited that name, and it’s kinda perfect because all snowboarders can resonate with it to some extent. We’re all a bunch of grown ass humans sliding sideways on pieces of wood and enjoying it like kids. I’ve been filming with this crew of guys for 10 years now.

Tango Echo November Movie Poster

What made you decide to join Lib Tech?

I first was drawn to Lib when I learned about the history that my dad had with them. Jamie Lynn’s art and snowboarding always really resonated with me, and I just thought the brand and vibe was the sickest. Once Travis Rice signed to Lib as well, it drew me in even more. I got some boards from Pete Saari, through my dad’s connection. Pete made sure to let my dad know to tell me this doesn’t mean I’m on the team, ha. I pushed and pushed, kept sending them updates and my footage of me on the boards. Eventually, it snowballed into a legit sponsorship with them. Shout out to Zach Leach for getting me on the Crystal trip with the team way back. Best board company to be a part of.

Chris Rasman snowboarding behind sled dogs
Mush! Shortly after this experiment Chris went back to snowmobiles…

What inspired the Rasman Pro model?

I started to predominantly ride the T Rice pro. I loved the C2 camber profile, and it worked the best for me with my style of riding. My boards roots are inspired by the T Rice pro, but with a more freeridey twist. A directional twin if you will.

Chris Rasman
Rasman doing his thing.

Compared to other freestyle pow boards on the market, what sets the Rasman apart?

My board is going to be just at home in the park and on resort side hits as it will be charging an Alaskan line or a big backcountry booter. I wanted to bridge the gap between aggressive power, and playful snowboarding. The c2 camber profile mixed with the semi directional shape and twin flex of my snowboard checks all those boxes. It will charge through a slushy bumpy park landing, just as good as it will surf through low angle powder in the trees. I love that you can stomp in a powder landing centered, and not have to destroy your back leg. People who ride my snowboard will be blow away by its versatility.

Rasman flipping out at the 2021 Natural Selection.

How did it come to life?

The way my pro model came to fruition is actually kinda funny. Travis called me after watching “the Manboys movie”, 2016, at a premiere somewhere in the states. He was a few drinks in, and pumping my tires and letting me know how much he liked the movie. He thanked me for riding his board all these years. Said he’d love to do a project with me one day, and that he thinks I deserve my own pro model. Then he re assured me this wasn’t just a drunk phone call, and is fired up to hang more and make those things happen. Anyways. I hung up the phone and was like “what the fuck just happened, that was amazing.” Even if nothing came of it, to get props like that from such a huge inspiration of mine was next level. Fast forward to 2018, and we are working on Truffle Pigs together and I’m developing my first pro model with Lib tech.

Chris Rasman and Travis Rice in "Truffle Pigs" Movie
Rasman get’s his first model on a ridge in Alaska, cue the lightning!

Rasman lays up his latest dream board:

What is the name of the artist and how did you meet them?

How do you find the right artist? The artist I’ve been working with the last 3 seasons is Tavis Coburn. I actually found him on a blog talking about noteworthy Canadian artists. I noticed he had a ton of super detailed sci fi style art, animals, cars, space ships, all done with an intricate computer program. Not AI ! Travis, apologies if I’m butchering this explanation. But his process seemed really cool to me, and the lighting and detail was so vivid and unique. I hit him up on Instagram and we started chatting. Caught up on the phone and started moving forward with the process.

Lib Tech Rasman Snowboard

Your pro model has been with Lib Tech for how many years?

My 24/25 snowboard will be my 6th pro model with Lib Tech.

Can you tell us a little about your 24/25 model?

For the 24/25 season Rasman board, I worked with Tavis again. All I’ll say, is I made some construction changes with Mervin’s mad scientists that I’m really exited about, as well as changing the art direction Tavis and I have been following on years prior. If you’re familiar with the Rasman, it’s going to be an evolved version of what you already know.

Chris Rasman
It’s a vibe.

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