Holy Bowly Scavenger Hunt

T’was a journey north into the Canadian Rockies to beautiful Sunshine Village, Banff for Snowboy Production’s 11th Holy Bowly event. T’was a journey for the world’s most perfectly sculpted transitions, a journey for camaraderie, a journey for poutine and slush (that ended up being powder)… but mostly it was a journey for points, lots of points and eternal glory. This is the Holy Bowly Scavenger Hunt…

Austen took the W with the Travis FaceTime coming in HUGE.
Phil was right on Austen’s heels with a heavy 160, with his poem recital we’re calling it a tie!
So many opportunities… for points!
Sweetin with a stylish layback on the Retro Ripper… 0 points bud, shoulda gone tindy.

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