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Extension Ramp Giveaway! – FREE SHIPPING! orders over $75 – Excluding Surfboards

Extension Ramp Giveaway! – FREE SHIPPING! orders over $75

  • TRS Firepower Snowboard - 154, 157, 159

TRS Firepower





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FIREPOWER construction takes the award winning and competition proven TRS XC2 snowboard designs to the next level of performance. Ultralight Spin-Slim tip and tails and balsa core reduced overall weight, with incredible stability and performance in the gnarliest of conditions.


Art by Carl Smith

Médaille olympique en pipe, championnats de Slopestyle, médaille d’or au World Freeride Tour, Goodwood awards et bien plus encore; initialement conçue comme une board de park freestyle, la TRS XC2 est incroyable partout où vous voulez l’emmener. Grâce à elle, Eric Jackson a repoussé ses limites dans le nouveau film de Travis.


Artiste Carl Smith

Die FIREPOWER-Konstruktion macht das preisgekrönte und wettkampferprobte TRS XC2 Snowboard jetzt noch ein klein bisschen genialer. Denn die Ultralight Spin-Slim-Tips und der Balsaholzkern reduzieren Gewicht, ohne dabei Stabilität oder Performance einzubüßen – selbst in den schwierigsten Bedingungen.


Grafik von Carl Smith

La construcción FIREPOWER lleva el diseño y la experiencia en competición de la TRS XC2 a un nivel superior de rendimiento. Sus prestaciones incluyen un nose y un tail Spin-Slim, un núcleo ultraligero de madera de árbol de balsa y una estabilidad y un rendimiento totales para las condiciones más complicadas.


Gráficos de Carl Smith

TRS Firepower Info Graphic

Board Specs

Size Contact
Min-Max / Set Back
10 = Firm
Range (lbs)
154 115 8.2 29.2 25.3 29.2 20.25"-26" / 0" 5 120 +
157 117 8.3 29.3 25.3 29.3 20.25"-26" / 0" 6 130 +
159 119 8.3 29.4 25.3 29.4 20.25"-26" / 0" 6 140 +
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TRS Firepower Construction
  • Thomas

    Hi, are you going to make a FP version of the TRS for 2016? Also, which size would you recommend? I’m 5’10 and 165lb and like hitting small jumps and doing tricks on the slopes and in threes but I also like hitting the backcountry (JH/Telluride). Can’t decide between 154 and 157… Leaning towards the 154 but want to make sure it will hold up in pow if it gets the chance… Thanks!

  • Thomas

    Also, holding $$$s aside, what’s the main difference between the regular/HP/FP. I know it get incrementally lighter as you move to HP and then to FP but by how much? Also, I’ve read a couple of reviews saying the regular has a more stiff flex compared to the HP and the FP is somewhere in between. However, on you site they are all rated 5 (for the 154). Any color you could provide would be much appreciated. Thanks!

  • Hi Thomas,
    Generally, Horsepower is about half a pound lighter than traditional construction. And Firepower is a bit lighter than Horsepower…but we don’t have an exact measurement on that.
    The basalt fibers in the HP give the board a consistent flex pattern from nose to tail, so you will feel a bit more liveliness in the board–but the flex rating is still a solid 5! Horsepower also absorbs vibration better, for a damper, more solid feel.
    Firepower construction, because of the thinned and extended core, will flex differently from HP and standard construction! We reinforced the thinner core with carbon and added end grain balsa cross sections in the center. The extended core also gives the board a lower spin weight.

    All of three versions of this boardare aggressively fun all mountain slayers, but the different materials and technologies will perform differently

  • You’ll be able to ride either board without any complications!
    The 154 will feel more playful for freestyle riding, but the 157 will give you more float in the backcountry and powder.
    We do have a TRS FP in the 2015/16 line.

  • Thomas

    Awesome, thanks for the help!

  • Andrey

    Please put its sintered base.Costs 840$

  • Andrey

    if it was a sintered base, I’ll buy one today

  • Marek

    TNT is the combination of sintered and extruded. You dont have to wax every day, but if You do you are as fast as on sintered.

  • Marek, that is a beautiful description of TNT.
    Andrey, the TNT really is a hybrid of sintered and extruded–it’s the best of both worlds.

  • T.J.

    Andrey is on point. 4 versions of the TRS and none with a sintered base..! I’m on my second TRS and love the new XC2 contour. LIB’s gotta make an XC2 sintered twin, it’s just too good of a shape not to offer it. TNT is super low maintenance and pretty fast even without waxing.. but the base is nowhere near as fast or durable as a good sintered base. I’ve had to ptex mine and have one pro repair done, in one season. I ridden my Jones board over rock piles and thought it was destroyed, only to see a few marks on the base. Only option is to go with the stiffer C2 TRice or a heavier GNU Kass…

    The TRS HP is at a price point that demands it be sintered. People that buy higher end boards generally maintain their base…Give the people what they want!

  • Sam

    I’m really interested in buying this board but can’t decide whether to choose this or TRS HP. Being a fairly new board I can’t find too many reviews on it. But, the one site that has a review says….and i quote “a lighter snappier feel underfoot than the TRS but it doesn’t feel as playful and buttery as the TRS HP”
    That being said, I’m really curious if the FIREPOWER is a flexable as the HORSEPOWER. They both have the same flex rating for the 154cm.
    If anyone can help me out here with this decion making process I would greatly appreciate it. Thx

  • Firepower, because of the extended core and end grain balsa/carbon reinforcements will probably feel more stiff, particularly torsionally and at the nose and tail which will feel more sturdy on tricky terrain–though we rate them as very similar flexes. They will just flex and react differently due to the different materials.

    You’ll be stoked on either model–if you’re riding a lot of technical terrain, I might steer you towards the FP. But for a bit more mellow feel the HP might be more your style.

  • Sam

    Hey Thank You for replying! I’ll be ordering the TRS HP soon!

  • Trevor Schulze

    I really want this board, but I think I should wait till the 16-17 model comes out. Can you tell me will that be released?!
    Also, does Lib do demos in Colorado? I would really like to ride the TRS, HP, and Firepower to see the differences in performance.

    I noticed you will be bringing back the OG Skate Banana next year! I have the very first Skate Banana now, and it’s the best board I’ve ever ridden!
    Will the new Banana be offered with the firepower construction?!
    Will you offer the XC2 BTX firepower construction in the DIY board builder?
    Sorry about all the questions. I guess bottom line, I want the absolute best all terrain freestyle board you can buy. What board is that?

  • Travis

    I bought this board early this season and was super stoked to bring it out. On the first day riding it I made 3 runs just cruising on cat walks and absolutely loved it. We had gotten about 2 feet of fresh snow the night before so I decided to do some hike-to terrain that was still in bounds. Half way down the run I hit a rock that completely gouged out the base and cracked the core. I took it to 3 different shops all saying nothing could be done for it. The board broke on its first day. However, from what I was able to experience the board was amazing, so I had to go out and buy another one. Not wanting a relapse of what happened to the first board I tried to take it easy. But on the third day of riding I had already popped out about 3 inches of the edge. Luckily the guy at the shop was able to superglue the pieces back together and I could continue to ride. Love the board just wish it was a little tougher.

  • Mike

    Does the latest version of the TRS – Firepower have a sintered base or TNT? The website shows TNT base but your video on the page shows that it is Sintered. Thanks.

  • Bubestube

    I would love to get the Firepower TRS. But I am size 11 boot-wise so I am not sure if the FP-TRS with its standard width would still be OK for me.
    I remember I had a Rome Anthem once which had a waist width of 250 and I can’t remember having any problems with it. What is the expert opinion? Can I still go for the FP or would you rather recommend to go for the HP MW (260)?