Round Nose Fish Redux Giveaway | FREE SHIPPING! orders over $75 – Excluding Surfboards

Round Nose Fish Redux Giveaway | FREE SHIPPING! orders over $75 – Excluding Surfboards

Round Nose Fish Redux Giveaway | FREE SHIPPING! orders over $75

Puddle Jumper By …Lost Surfboard Top
Puddle Jumper By …Lost Surfboard Side Profile
Puddle Jumper By …Lost Surfboard Bottom

Puddle Jumper By …Lost





Puddle Jumper icon

$739.99 USD

$879.99 CAD

€755.95 EUR incl. VAT

$665.99 USD

$791.99 CAD

€680.35 EUR incl. VAT

Free shipping over €75

PLEASE NOTE: All Lost Surfboards ship WITHOUT fins. You can use FCS1 fins or buy Lib Tech fins here.

The bottom logos may not be exactly the same as the images you see on our website. We match them as close as we can to the top graphic you choose.

Product Alert: Currently less than 10 available.

Product Alert: We are currently out of stock on this item. Our dealer network may be able to fulfill this order.

The Puddle Jumper surfboard, features a concave bottom that transitions to vee in the tail. The wide outline makes for easy wave catching and down the line glide and stability. The concave bottom adds lift and increased rail curve, which allows radical top to bottom surfing. The straight rail line & vee in the tail keep the board moving forward and hold in during hard carving maneuvers.

“This is the most excited I have ever been about a small wave surfboard.” ~ Matt Biolos

“Je n’ai jamais été autant excité par un surfboard de petites vagues.” ~ Matt Biolos

Cette board présente un bottom concave qui évolue vers un vee au tail. Son outline large facilite la prise de vague et offre une glisse efficace et de la stabilité. Le bottom concave permet de bénéficier d’un effet de “soulèvement” qui favorise la prise de vitesse et facilite les transitions entre le haut et le bas de vague. Des rails marqués associés au vee du tail permettent à la board d’avoir de la relance et de l’accroche même lors de manoeuvres de carve puissantes.

“So sehr habe ich mich noch nie über ein Board für kleine Wellen gefreut.” ~ Matt Biolos

Die konkave Unterseite dieses Boards läuft zum Tail hin in einem V aus. Etwas breitere Konturen machen das Erwischen von Wellen einfacher und sorgen für stabiles Gleiten. Aber auch radikale Top To Bottom Manöver sind dank den Concave und dem leicht angehobenen Rail kein Problem.

“Esta es la tabla de olas pequeñas que me ha entusiasmado más en toda mi vida” Matt Biolos

Esta tabla cuenta con una base cóncava que transiciona en V en el tail. Su contorno ancho hace que sea fácil coger la ola y seguirla de forma estable. El cóncavo de la base le añade sustentación y un radio de giro del canto mayor, lo que permite surfear enérgicamente la ola. Su canto recto y la V en el tail hacen que la tabla avance fluidamente y aguante perfectamente al maniobrar o hacer giros cortos.

Board Specs

Length Width Thickness Volume
5’1” 19.5" 2.25" 25.5 cl
5’3” 20.0" 2.32" 28.0 cl
5’5” 20.5" 2.38" 30.5 cl
5’7” 21.0" 2.50" 33.9 cl
5’9” 21.5" 2.63" 37.65 cl
5’11” 22.0" 2.75" 41.75 cl
6’1” 22.5" 2.80" 44.00 cl
Magnesium Fiber

Tough & Resilient!

  • High impact and break strength fiber
  • Great rebound/memory
Woven Basalt Fiber

Smooth & Strong!

  • Pure additive-free mineral fiber
  • Inherent dampening properties
  • Break and impact resistant, resists heel dents
Carbon Power Spine Composite Stringer

Dynamic energy & long lasting flex

  • Tension spread to carbon fiber
  • Rebound energy return
  • Perfect flex tuning
Nitrogenecell Foam

Max Strength & Pop!

  • Strong: Nitrogen filled engineered elongated cells structure
  • Completely waterproof: Closed cell, does not absorb water
  • Recycled: 25-40% recycled content, 100% of off cuts recycled
Hexzylon Fiber Foam Skin

Strong & Smooth!

  • Smooth riding vibration absorption layer
  • Impact and ding resistant
Bio-Matrix Resin

Strong & Nice!

  • Low VOC glycerin based chemistry
  • Best qualities of polyester
  • Longer lifespan than epoxy
Elasto Perimeter Dampening Fiber

Smooth & Strong!

  • Flex control
  • Precision
  • Pop
Sprock Blocks

Crush Resistant!

  • Strong
  • Long lasting performance
  • Pop
FOC Adjustable Slot Fin System

Fin Freedom!

  • 5/8” Performance tuning adjustability
  • Lightest, toughest box on the market
  • Fits many 2-tab & some solid base fins
Lib Tech Leash Plug

Better Basics!

  • 6061 T6 Aircraft aluminum pins
  • Lightweight fiber composite cup
  • Krae

    when are you going to have the 5’9″?

  • reserves

    Out of interest, why are the dimensions different to the original PU version from lost? Is it something to balance out the different techs?

    Lib Tech

    5’7” 21.0″ 2.50″ 33.9


    5′ 7″ 21.25″ 2.56″ 34.9

  • Igor

    When 5’9” will be available in Europe?

  • Hello!
    Yes, they’re slightly smaller to compensate for differences in materials.
    Our boards are a bit more buoyant than traditional PU, so we reduced our dimensions a little bit to keep them feeling like the original Puddle Jumper by …Lost.

  • We’re building them as fast as we can!
    But there are still some retailers waiting on them, so it’s hard to predict when they will make it onto the website,
    You may be able to find one at your local Lib Tech or …Lost shop, though!

  • Hey Igor,
    That’s a tough call–we’re building these as quickly as we can, but we need to ship them to some of our retailers before we can get them up for sale on the website.

  • Gary

    How about the 5’11” Puddle Jumper? When will that size be available on your website?

  • Hey Gary,
    Same deal with the 5’9″ on the 5’11”–we’re building them as quickly as we can; but we don’t really have a way to predict when they will make it onto the website! Getting them to our retailers is the number one priority, so if you have a dealer in your neck of the woods, you may want to have them special order one for you!

  • john bell

    GOT TO HAVE ONE……………6’o or 6’1…….gimme gimme gimme old fat guy from the east coast.

  • Hi John!
    Unfortunately, I don’t think we currently have plans to build more sizes in these Puddle Jumpers (it’s been difficult to keep these 5 sizes in stock!), but one thing to keep in mind is that the materials in our boards are slightly more buoyant than traditional polyester. So the 41.75 liter volume of the 5’11” is going to be similar to 43 liter on a polyester board.

    I’m not sure if that what you’re looking for? But I do think you’ll be pleasantly surprised with how our top secret Eco Isotropic construction floats!

  • stan

    hi, I would like to order order a puddle jumper. I am from france (paris) and I didn’t find any dealer around me for this king of product, so How can I do for get one paddle jumper ?

    PS: I would like to know which size could be the best on for me (I don’t know this kind of board) my weight is around 70KG, and my size 1meter84centimeter (what is your advice)

    (sorry for my bad english haha) 🙂


  • Matt Hannegan

    what quad fins would you recommend for this

  • Hi Stan,

    We’re currently fairly low on inventory, but we’re building them as fast as we can! So I would assume they’ll be in shops in Europe this summer, but I don’t have an exact timeline for you at the moment.

    Feel free to contact our Euro offices for information on retailers:

    As for size, just use the volume of your current boards as a guide. These have high volumes, so it will probably be significantly shorter than what you’re used to…my guess is that the 5’5″ or 5’7″ will be great!

  • stan

    thanks, a last question,
    On this website is this a real libtech (not a fake I mean) :,puddle,jumper,libtech,-196858-707.html


  • This is an authorized Lib dealer!
    We may actually have some in Europe, after all…we have a separate business office and warehouse in Germany, so it’s sometimes hard for us to keep track of inventory over there, because we are based in the USA.

  • stan

    ok because on the picture of the board from this website there isn’t write “LibTech Eco isotropic…” (on the left side), so is it normal ? (thanks for all btw)

  • Andy Large

    will you guys be making any other models with this technology?

  • Ted

    Do these boards come w/ fins?

  • stan

    Can we use a “KNUBSTER” on this board


  • Zach T

    I just received my 5’7 puddle jumper order but it didn’t come with any fins or a fin key? Is this a mistake because I thought all purchases included fins let alone a fin key. Please let me know and get back to me.

  • Hey Zach, sorry but the Lib/Lost puddle jumper boards do not include fins.

  • Devin Torkelson

    can you point me in a direction to a dealer in Encinitas (or area) that has the 5’11. Thanks

  • brian

    what size was ian crane riding in the video

  • 5’5″!

  • I’m not sure if they currently have them in stock, but you should check with Catalyst and Hansen’s–I think those will be the two closest shops. If they don’t currently have them, I’m sure they could special order you one, and we can ship it to them as soon as they’re built!

  • It is FCS compatible, so that should be just fine!

  • This one does not come with fins–just the Lib Tech shapes do.
    But FCS fins will be compatible!

  • Stay tuned.

  • Dean Marino

    so I’m 5’7″ hovering 170-175lbs, in the intermediate/advanced range in terms of skill, I’ve been surfing for about 30 years, I am debating between a 5’5″ and 5’7″ I currently have a 5’10” spitfire that I do like. What would be your recommendation? Is the 30.5 cl too little? Will the 30.5cl be more like 32cl with the Lib Tech?

  • Hey Dean,
    It’s really all based on your own personal preference–I think you’d be able to have a blast on either size and I don’t think I can give you a definitive answer about which one you’ll love more!
    But one thing to keep in mind is that our boards are a little more buoyant than traditional polyester construction, so all of our Puddle Jumpers are about 1 liter less in volume than the ….Lost Puddle Jumpers in the same size.

  • Dean Marino

    Thanks. I’ll probably go 5’5″ then to make it much different than my spitfire. How long for a board to arrive to PA?

  • We ship via FedEx Ground, so probably around 5 business days to get it to Pennsylvania.
    But if the PA you’re referring to is Port Angeles, Washignton then It will only take a day or two to arrive.

    It also generally takes 1-2 business days to process an order, so add that onto the ship time!

  • Dean Marino

    Thanks so much for the info.

  • Dean Marino

    I just ordered mine. Hope you guys get it out quick. Thanks for the help.

  • joe mans

    any chance you will have the 5’11 available?

  • Michael F Henderson

    Hi, I love your guys snowboards and I am very interested in one of these fun bombproof surfboards. I am 6ft tall and weigh about 170-175lbs, and I live on the Northshore of Oahu, Hawaii where I surf along with all the other spots in the islands. I am very experienced as I have been out here decades. Any suggestions on a size and dimensions for a summer small wave version of one of these???? Aloha

  • We WILL have it eventually–we’re building them as quick as we can! But right now, our number one priority is to get them into shops, so if you have a Lib or …Lost dealer in your area, you might want to see if they’re willing to special order you one, that will probably be quicker than waiting until we have enough inventory built to sell them online.

  • Hi Michael, thanks for expressing interest and all of the kind words! I think you might be most satisfied with the 5’5″–but I’m thinkin you probably know your preferences better than anyone! One thing to keep in mind about our boards, though, is that they’re a bit more buoyant than traditional polyester boards. With that said, you can ride it about a liter smaller than you’re used to.

  • Michael F Henderson

    I have been riding a epoxy 6’1 x 19.75″ x 2.38″ Santa Cruz Pumpkin seed and it has been solid. I am 6ft tall and a 5’5″ seems a little short. Do you guys offer a longer model that has a leaner volume suitable for my weight ( 170-175lbs) and height (6ft ) ,as I don’t want to be too floaty where turning becomes a issue? Been there done that yea. I also would be stoked with one of your killer artwork graphics offered on your snowboards.Also, I just noticed you are in Seattle and I just happen to be there this coming mid August. Maybe we can arrange a custom that I can pick up while I am there? What is the turn around time on a custom with graphics of course. Mahalo

  • Richie Molina

    Hi guys, I love these models they look absolutely fantastic, I currently live in argentina and I moved here 3 years ago and I’ve been snowboarding since then, I haven’t use one of your boards before, but I am moving now to South Carolina. However, after snowboarding and longboarding I would love to start learning how to surf. The problem is that I don’t know which board is a good option to start learning, and the keep using it for a long time how I did with my snowboard. I am 5’9ft tall and wight around 165-170 pounds any suggestions??? thanks!

  • Gerald

    Hey Guys, I love the collab with Lost! I am a true fan to Lost surfboards and it’s great to see Matt Biolos using advanced technology. From just watching the clip above, I can say I am more than impressed with the quality and technology that you guys are using! I’m getting tired of having dings and breaks on my boards. So, I am wondering if you guys are going to release other lines of Lost boards with your guys technology? If so, I am ready to buy!!!! Thanks!

  • Wow, blown away!
    Been a surf guide here in Fiji for 5 years and have seen my share of destroyed magic boards! Would love to try one! When will the other models be available to purchase? Well done guys. Stu

  • realwatersports

    Devin – 5’11” in stock at REAL and we can ship it to your front door – board here at this link: Get your shred on – these boards are sick!

  • realwatersports

    @richiemolina:disqus for your weight and skill level you should go with the 5’11”, especially if surfing in SC where the waves are a little mushier most days. We can ship it to you anywhere in the world – follow the link:
    Stay stoked! -Chris Stellato @realwatersports:disqus

  • Dean Marino

    Trying to get status on an order 11493904. Been trying to get a hold of anyone at Lib with no luck since last Thursday.

  • Hi Dean,
    My Apologies for any inconvenience!
    I just emailed you tracking information.

  • Hey Gerald!
    I’m not sure what the timeline is, but we do have more collaborations up our sleeves:
    22 seconds in will offer you a nice little sneak peek.

  • Hey Stu,
    I’m not sure when our other models will be released, it’s been challenging to keep up with the demand of the Puddle Jumpers!
    But we really appreciate all of the kind words and support.
    Keep an eye out for new collaborations.

  • Dean Marino

    Thanks so much.

  • Gerald

    Thanks for responding! Great, I will be looking forward to seeing it manifest. I’m pretty interested in the Air E Ola 5’9 5 fin box, but I am wondering if it is compatible with FCS or Future fin setups? Thanks!

  • Iñaki

    Hi, I am very interested in this model, but I wonder what measures would be better. I’m 165-170 lbs, 5’11 ” and surf every day w good level and fitness. Would be a beach board for small and mushie waves…5’5″?, 5’7″? Any suggestions? Thanks!

  • I think the 5’5″ will be most suitable for you!
    These boards have high volumes and you might find that the 5’7″ is more buoyant than you’d like.

  • Vinicius Macedo

    Hi guys, I’m from Brazil and going to NYC August 24th. Is there any dealer to buy and pick up when get there ? What is your suggestion to synchronize my trip with buying one of theses?

  • reserves

    Couldn’t you order one to your Hotel?

  • realwatersports

    @disqus_Ab0XoAonKt:disqus thanks for your question! has these boards in stock and we can arrange to ship to your address or hotel in NYC. Give us a call at 252-987-6000 or contact us at

    You can check out our Lib Tech Puddle Jumper video review here:
    Stay Stoked! -Chris @realwatersports:disqus

  • realwatersports

    Check out the in-depth video review for the Lib Tech …Lost Puddle Jumper

    All sizes in stock – we ship anywhere in the world! Check out our Lib Tech …Lost Puddle Jumper Page:

  • Luke Joynes

    Hey guys awesome boards, I’m wanting to buy a lost lib puddle jumper in 5.3″ but there doesn’t appear to be the option to buy in this size in the option bar, just 5.5″ and 5.7″. I’m also wondering do you have the option to customise graphics. If you can let me know asap that’d be great as I’m looking to get the board sent to my sister in Pasadena who’ll be coming back to the UK in a couple of weeks and will hopefully be able to bring the board. Much appreciated guys keep up the good work…

  • Thanks for responding! We appreciate it.

  • Hey Luke,
    These aren’t for sale on our site yet because we don’t have inventory.
    We’re building them as quickly as we can, but getting them to dealers is our number one priority.
    It looks like Real Watersports can help you out, though! They’re an authorized dealer, and they ship EVERYWHERE.

  • Hey Steve,
    We’re building them as fastas we can; but we don’t really have a way to predict when they will make it onto the website. Right now, them to our retailers is the number one priority, but we have been continually getting new orders for them. If you have a dealer in your neck of the woods, you may want to have them special order one for you! Or you could purchase one through an online retailer like Real Watersports

  • realwatersports

    @steveanest:disqus We’ve got you covered at – Order your 5’3″ at the link below; we ship worldwide:

    Stay Stoked!
    -Chris Stellato @realwatersports:disqus

  • Ted Schatz

    I am a PNW surfer weighing in at about 185lbs @ 6’1″ tall. Curious as to your guys thoughts on board size. According to the Lost GF calculator I should be looking around 38cL which would be the 5’9″. How much difference feeling wise would there be between the 5’9″ and the 5’11”? I currently surf a 6’3″ Rusty Piranha. It is just under 35cL. I get into waves okay. Would not mind a little more ease..

  • Frank Long

    Whats up lib tech? I’m a new surfer with a 38L. I weigh around 160-165lbs and I’m 5’7″. I’ll be surfing in southern new jersey where the waves are small. I feel I’d be better with more than 38L because I struggle to catch waves. I can’t decided on the 5’11” puddle jumper or the 6’6″ extension ramp. The puddle jumper has 41.75L and the extension has 43L. Will that 1.25L make a big difference? My gf% from lost’s volume calculator is .55-.58 using 41.75L-43L, so the puddle jumper @41.75 should be more than enough, but I’m just not sure. I want a board that will be easy to catch waves and float me easily, but I would also like to be able to use it throughout the years as I progress without being limiting. Thanks for any suggestions.

  • Ted Schatz

    How long to ship to Vancouver WA? Heading on a beach trip next weekend. Would prefer to have it, but would not want it to show up when I am not at home.

  • Hey Ted,
    I think the 5’9 will be money!
    The 5’11” has a LOT of volume and you might find that it floats you too much and is a little difficult to maneuver.
    The 5’9 still has more volume than your current board, and the decreased length will feel more nimble.

  • Hi Frank,
    With the shorter length and high volume of the Puddle Jumper, you might be more satisfied with 5’9. You might find that the 5’11 floats you a little too much and is hard to control. Because the Extension Ramp is longer, you won’t be floated as much out of the water, but it will still be easy to catch waves on, and easier to control.

    If you’re absolutely looking for 40+ liters, go for the Extension Ramp
    But if you’re down to go a little smaller, the 5’9 Puddle Jumper will be money

    Keep in mind our construction is a little more buoyant than standard polyester boards, so you can ride it a liter or two smaller and still get the same flotation!

  • Hi Ted, it takes 1-2 days to process the order and 2-3 to ship it to Vancouver.

  • Ted Schatz

    Thanks I was able to get my hands on a few of them to check out. I was leaning towards the 5’9″ and after looking and feeling them that is definitely the route I will go. Thanks

  • Frank Long

    Thanks for the response. That gives me a good idea of the difference between the two. Thanks!!!

  • Hans Gray

    Hey dudes I just moved to Hawaii and I’m getting back into surfing, I’m currently on a mini longboard having fun on south shore breaks, but I’m wanting to get into a libtech board soon. I’m 5’9″ 160lbs, coming from a skiing, snowboarding, skating, wake boarding background. What’s my best option for south shore Oahu, Maui, Lanai, and big island breaks? I’ll be moving around the islands for 2 years and surfing a few days each week. Thanks.

  • Miha Fontaine

    hello I want the new puddle jumper but I do not know how big . I weigh 90lb and I am 5 feet

  • You probably won’t want to go bigger than the 5’3″.
    But I’d suggest comparing the volume of it (28.0 l) to what you’ve been surfing–these boards are high volume for their size, so it might be a little big.

  • Hi Hans, probably the 5’5
    It might be kind of a tough transition coming down from a funboard, but I think in the long run that’s the size you’ll want.
    We just shipped Puddle Jumpers to Hawaiian South Shore on Ouahu, so if you’re on that island you might want to pay them a visit!

  • Chrystal Anest

    I am trying to get a status update and tracking information for my order 11602776. Thank you in advance.

  • Just emailed it to you!

  • Miha Fontaine

    hello i just want to say, the waves at the place wers y surf are juste 2 to 3 ft

  • In that case, you may want to go with something bigger–maybe the 5’7?
    It will be a lot easier to paddle and stand up on the bigger size because it offers a lot more volume and buoyancy.

  • Dthraco

    Just bought a 5’7″ from Hawaiian South Shore today. I was there when the boxes arrived and started drooling. Had no idea you guys teamed up with lost. Can’t wait to try it out!

    The guys at Hawaiian South Shore are great, always a pleasure to visit their shop.

  • Rafael Rosa

    Hi guys! I’m 5.84 ft tall and 143 pounds. My board is a 5’10 with 27L volume. My skill level is like intermediate. Wich one would you prefer in my situation: 5’3 or 5’5? Thank’s in advance!

  • Enjoy!
    It’s always rad to hear about boards selling in our shops right when they arrive–thanks for supporting your local dealer!

  • Ted Schatz

    Thanks got it faster than you guys could say it shipped… Great looking board. Get to take it out surfing tomorrow for its maiden voyage. It has a few gray/ black smears in it? I am sure they are purely aesthetic should it be a concern? Second, I know it does not come with fins. I thought it would come with a fin key since you guys have your own fin boxes. All and all I can not wait to get on it tomorrow.

  • Dan

    Hi guys im 45 years old 180 pounds and beginner, what size do you guy recomend to me

  • 5’11 or 5’9
    This board is insanely buoyant, so the 5’11 will be easier to paddle and catch waves on, but you’ll get more maneuverability out of the 5’9.

  • rich

    Hi LibTech…very interested in this board. For the fins set up, can you tell me the dimensions on your LibTech fins? I assume that since the PuddleJumper is 5 fin box set up, I could order your MILF fins and get the 5 fins. I’m trying to figure out your fin size so I can compare to other boards I ride.

  • John

    hi, been surfing for a couple months, getting a lot of time in the water in New England, looking to buy my first board, id say i am beginner/intermediate. would the lib X lost puddle jumper be a good first board for me? i am 5’9″ and 140lb and growing. i am looking for a board with good maneuverability to take me through my first few years of surfing. if so, what size?

  • Casey

    Hello. I’m 5’9 150 pounds and wondering if I should get the 5’3 or 5’5. I’m in great shape and intermediate surfer. Board is for mushy Texas surf. Thanks!

  • Hi John,
    I think the 5’7 might be a good option for you.
    It will be easy to paddle and catch waves on, but still maneuverable and good for progression.
    You may want to pay a visit to you local shop to have a more in-depth conversation and get advice from employees, though!

  • For mushy surf you might be stoked on a bigger board! I think I’d probably steer you towards the 5’5–still small and maneuverable, but the extra volume will be helpful!

  • Spin Fly:
    Depth: 97mm
    Base: 90mm
    50/50 Foil

    Depth 120mm
    Base: 114mm
    Flat Foil

    Base: 118mm
    Base: 108mm
    50/50 Foil

  • Jack Springate

    hey I’m 5’11 and weigh 180 lbs I was wondering what sorta size i should get, also I live in the UK, any chance of getting it here?

  • realwatersports

    @jack_springate:disqus – REAL can get the board to you in UK (or anywhere else in the world)! To get the best size recommendation, can you tell us what your skill level is and where this board fits into your quiver? (is it your super-groveler or is it your “everyday” shortboard? What kind of waves are you surfing it in?) You can shop the Puddle Jumper here and also check out our video review:
    Stay stoked! -Chris Stellato @realwatersports:disqus

  • Jack Springate

    @realwatersports:disqus I would say I’m an intermediate, I’ve been surfing all my life, and surf whenever not playing sport. I’m getting it to replace my old shortboard which was 5’10, so I would use it all the time as my all round board. I weigh 75kg and am 5’11. I was thinking 5’9. Is that about right? Thanks

  • realwatersports

    @jack_springate:disqus – The 5’9″ has 37.65CL of volume which is very generous for your weight and skill level. Since this is your all-around board and not a dedicated super-groveler, I’d recommend you go with the 5’7″ instead. The 5’7″ has 33.9CL which is going to be a better “all-around” board for you, and still do well in most small wave conditions. You can find the 5’7″ here:
    Stay Stoked! -Chris Stellato @realwatersports:disqus

  • Dthraco

    Had it out for 5 sessions. Works best for me as a thruster. When you go to reset the board after a big turn, the combo of the wings and the thruster make it snap back and power to the next maneuver. As a quad it was just too loose at that critical moment for my taste. The name Puddle Jumper suits this board very well. I am making flatter sections I definitely would not make on another board. When you give this thing gas, it really takes off. When it’s on a rail, there is a ton of power you can tap into. The wide squash tail, at speed, on a big turn is a little tough to complete, but I just have to relly mean it, and no issues. I’ve found that the skin of the board is really grippy when it’s wet, not slippery like a surftech board. Great for duck diving, not so great if I rub my leg or arm down it…got rug burn on my leg. Minor adjustment after the second session, but interesting thing. Overall I’m super stoked on the board, thanks!!!

  • Riccardo Sperone

    hello guys! I am 5’10” and weigh 175 pounds, i am looking for an easy and fun everyday board (i am a beginner), is the puddle jumper what i am looking for? and if so, with what size should i go? thanks!!!

  • Lars Lissowsky

    Hey guys, is there any timeline, when the Puddle Jumper will again be available to buy online in Germany?
    I´ve been watching your boards for more than 2 years now and I think it´s perfect for the Eisbach in Munich.
    Looking forward to an answer by you.
    Greetings from the capital of riversurfing,

  • realwatersports

    @larslissowsky:disqus – can ship your board to Germany no problem. We have all the Lib Tech …Lost Puddle Jumpers at this link: .

    I’ve seen some of the edits from the river surfing there and it’s insane! I think this board will go well there and it’s nice and durable for banging off the rocks! Feel free to email us with any questions
    Cheers -Chris Stellato @realwatersports:disqus

  • Thanks so much for the positive feedback and detailed review–we appreciate it!
    And I’m sure other folks will be stoked to hear about it as well.

  • K R

    I saw this board today at WISE surfboards SF. Quite impressed with quality, design & technology. I believe I will buy one! On the fence about 5’7″, 5’9″, or 5’11”. Experienced Norcal surfer, 45 years old, 163lbs, 5’6″ tall. Any suggestions?
    Keep up the great work!

  • andrew jones

    Hey guys really interested in the lib tech puddle jumper I’m 6 ft 190 lbs just trying to figure out what dimensions would be right for me I’ve been surfing for a long time and say my skill level is moderate/advanced and I also live in Florida where small waves thrive thanks

  • Lars Lissowsky

    Hi Chris,
    thanks for your quick answer. I allready had e-mail contact with Madison, I guess from your sales team.
    Problem is that with shipping and tax the total would be around €950 that´s around $1050, that´s 30% above the original price.
    Even though I really want the Puddle Jumper, that´s a little too much.
    Thanx anyways,

  • realwatersports

    @larslissowsky:disqus thanks for the reply! Unfortunately that’s just how it goes with the international shipping and duties… if you don’t end up finding a better solution we’ll be stoked to get you set up. Thanks again and enjoy surfing! -Chris Stellato @realwatersports:disqus

  • Andreas Tripolt

    Hey Lars, im from Austria, a friend of mine owns a Skateshop. I want one as well and he was asking the importer today. He told him there are just a few coming to europe and they all sold ride away. He has to place the order for me if a want one. Next delivery to europe should be in september. I recommend to go to the next Lib Tech dealer in munich and inform him about that. I placed my order already. If you don’t get in touch with some Lib Tech dealer maybe i could try to ask mine if he could upgrade the order. I am often in Munich because my girlfriend lives there.

  • Hi Andrew,
    The 5’5″ or 5’7″ will be the two most suitable sizes for you–I’d recommend comparing the volume of the board(s) you’ve been riding to the volume of these two sizes and using that as a guide. One thing to keep in mind is that our Eco Isotropic construction is more buoyant than traditional polyester boards, so you can get the same flotation with slightly less volume…so you can ride our boards 1-2 liters smaller and get the same flotation!

  • These boards are all high volume…5’7 will be solid for you!
    Easy to catch waves, yet still maneuverable.

  • Hi Ricardo,
    The Extension Ramp or the 5’11” Puddle Jumper will be the two best options for you.
    The volumes on those two are pretty similar, because the Extension Ramp is longer you won’t be floated quite as intensely as with the 5’11’ Puddle Jumper. Because we crammed more volume into a smaller board, it will really propel you out of the water.

  • Andres Rizzi

    Hello Lib tech! I am trying to decide between the 5’5 and the 5’7 puddle jumper, I am 36 years old, weight 77-79kg, I have been surfing for 10 years and would say my level is intermediate. I Surf about 130 hs per year. I would like to replace my sweet potato 5’4 for something with a little better performance… which one would you recommend?

  • luke

    when will the 5″7″ puddle jumper be available on lib-tech site again? thank you

  • Brandon Riegler

    was wondering if you guys had any plans in the future to make bigger Pjs or any other collab boards with Matt

  • Alfonso

    Hey guys, I heard that you guys will be making a kite version of the puddle jumper, is this correct? If so, when will it be coming out and at what sizes?

  • Theo Wild

    My normal board is a Firewire Mini Driver 5’10” 27.8litres which i like to ride in anything from thigh high to head and half. Want a grovel board thinking either the 5’5″ or the 5’7″, leaning towards the 5’7″ as summer coming up down here in South OZ. Need something for flatter faced waves and small stuff. Im over Thirty and 5’11 and 75kg. at the moment only getting in on weekends but been surfing for a long time.

  • Christopher Kopp

    My paddle Jumper arrived today 5.7 it is a weapon in the river

  • Wahoo! Enjoy

  • Hi Theo,
    The main feedback we hear about these boards is that people are surprised by how well they float–our Eco Iso construction is more buoyant than traditional polyester boards and you can ride them a liter or two smaller. So keep that in mind before you pull the trigger…you might want to consider going with the 5’5″. But follow your instinct!

  • We’re building them as quickly as we can, but shops are hungry and they get first priority!
    It’s hard to predict when we will have extra inventory to sell online, so in the meantime you might want to have your local shop special order one for you. Plus, then you get to support your local surf (or snowboard!) shop. Which is a nice/awesome thing to do!

  • I don’t know if we have plans for more Puddle Jumper sizes…but we will definitely be making more shapes with Matt Biolos in the future!
    You might even be able to creep a little sneak peek on our Instagram…and yes, that was a Katy Perry lyric.
    @libtechsurf is the Instagram handle.

  • We (the customer service/sales team) haven’t heard of any plans for a kite-specific Puddle Jumper.
    That doesn’t mean it’s not in the works, but if it is, it’s probably a ways out.

  • The main feedback we hear about these boards is that people are surprised by how well they float–our Eco Iso construction is more buoyant than traditional polyester boards and you can ride them a liter or two smaller. So keep that in mind before you pull the trigger…you might want to consider going with the 5’5″. But follow your instinct!

  • Theo Wild

    Thanks for the Reply, I don’t usually like Too Floaty boards but was worried that the 30.5 liters might be a little too low for the small days. Now a great comparison, but would you suggest that the 5’5″ would float a bit more, and be closer to a bigger board. Just need it to plain well in flatter waves.

  • andrs914

    There is a lot of discussion on this board about sizing for the puddle jumper. After about 6 or so sessions with it I would say go smaller. I am 5’8, 172 lbs, intermediate east coast surfer and the 5’5″ works absolutely perfect. Just like everyone else I was concerned about float and was truly apprehensive about getting a board that tiny. The puddle jumper may appear to float less when you sit on it in the water, but paddles really well and takes off when you paddle into a wave. I have rode it in chest high glass and thigh high mush. The puddle jumper excelled in both conditions. This quickly became my favorite summer board.

  • Christopher Kopp

    Thanx !!!! its a weapon but its realy sad that it comes without fins

  • Christopher Kopp

    No fins when u buy the paddle jumper

  • André-Olivier Lyra

    I’m 6’f tall and 205 pounds. my go to boards is a neck beard 5’10” 20 2 1/2 32.4L i was thinking about the puddle jumper 5’7″. Can you tell me if it’s ok?

  • Yes! The PJ has more volume and will feel even more buoyant because of ourEco Iso construction, but I think it will be a suuuuuper fun board for you.

  • Thanks for the input, we appreciate it!!
    I think the most common feedback we’ve gotten about this board, is that people are surprised by the amount of volume and float in it.

  • Jefferson Cox

    I’m a 6’4″ rider and I really want to buy this Lib Tech – Lost collaboration of the puddle jumper. Was wondering if in the future there were plans to make it available in the 6’2″ size that you can find in the standard puddle jumper?

  • Hi Jefferson,
    We don’t have any plans to extend sizing on this one–but at 41.75 liters the 5’11 will FLOAT, particularly because of our Eco Iso construction.
    If you’re accustomed to riding a bigger board, keep in mind that you can ride our boards a liter or two smaller and get the same results.

  • bran flakes

    shameless plugging eh? he asked for a dealer near him in California

  • I don’t know about inventory for specific shops, but Catalyst, Hansens, Jacks and ET are all of our dealers in that neck of the woods.

  • Matt

    Hey, I am about to buy a puddle jumper. What fins would you recommend?

  • Use the volume of your current board(s) as a guide to choose.
    But you can go a liter or two smaller with our Eco Iso construction as it’s more buoyant than traditional polyester boards.

  • Cristian Madrid

    Good evening , I am Interested surfboards Paddle Jumper but it appears that is not available online , I wonder if they make the move, I inetresa ( 6.3 ” X 21.5 X 2.75) with the logo of Bandera , it is possible ordering , Thank you.

  • Cristian Madrid

    this logo

  • Hello there!
    You’re correct, these are currently not available online–we just don’t have enough built and in our warehouse to fill online orders at the moment. But we are building them as quickly as possible and hope to have more in the future! Because demand is so high on these we don’t have the resources for custom orders at this time.

  • Cristian Madrid

    ok , and with respect to them to the extent there is a possibility , as I comment I want a surfboard Paddle Jumper ( 6.3 ” X 21.5 X 2.75) , thank you very much .

  • jefferson

    Hi there, can you recommend size for me? I am 5’10” 185lbs, intermediate ability surfing in mostly waist – head high conditions. I currently ride a 6″6′ funboard, and a 6’2″ shortboard for the bigger, more lined up stuff. Thx!

  • Pauly Mole

    Is anyone stocking these in Australia yet? Super keen to give one a go!

  • Hi Jefferson,
    I think the 5’7″ or 5’9″ will be solid for you–easy to catch waves on, yet still maneuverable.
    But I’d suggest comparing the volumes of your boards to the Puddle Jumper, to make the best choice for you. But keep in mind that our Eco Iso construction is a bit more buoyant than traditional polyester surfboards, so you can ride a Lib surfboard a liter or two smaller than usual, and still get the same flotation!

  • Hey Pauly,
    I don’t think we currently have any boards down in Australia.
    Here’s a link where you can find contact information for our Australian distributor:
    They’ll have more details for you!

  • LoganLogan

    So stoked on the model and technology ! I have had most of the lost models for “Florida” waves. Hands down the best. Head high Florida waves, no problem, unreal. 5’5 model 175 lbs 46 y/o (example for those determining size options). Thanks for your hard work, hope more Lost models follow

  • Mike Dmytrenko


    I was curious whether it would be possible to special order a board with Futures fin boxes in it? Thanks for the help!

  • Thanks so much Logan!
    We really appreciate the positive feedback and support.

    More Lost models are on their way for 2016…keep an eye out!

  • Hi Mike,
    Unfortunately we are unable to build boards with Future fin boxes at this time.
    It is something we’d like to explore in the future, though! (pun intended)

  • Erwin

    looks like something good to add to the quiver….is the top of the deck also concaved?

  • No, because this is a Lost shape it doesn’t have the signature Lib Tech rail channels or concave top.

  • Hugo Hoppe

    Fits many 2-tab & some solid base fins.

  • Hugo Hoppe

    Fits many 2-tab & some solid base fins??

  • Alvaro torres

    We can add Lost design or color to a custome board?, also 172 pounds which can be my recommend it volume, normally I use a Fred rubble 29 liters, but need a easy wave cacher.

  • mic


    Please help in choosing the appropriate
    measure for Puddle-jumper.

    My measurements:

    Height 1.79 m

    Weighs 75 kg.

    I am 45 years old in good surfing level.

    We have waves of 1-3 fit.

    I surf mostly on the extension-ramp, in
    higher waves on a surfboard Bowl 6.0 fit.

    The board must give me an answer in waves
    to 3fit buoyancy and performance.

    I am debating between two sizes: 5.7, 5.9.

    The 5.7 seems to best fit but I’m afraid
    I will not answer the buoyancy.

    Would love your help?


  • Lib/Lost collabs are only available as shown above–we don’t have any custom options available at this time.

  • If you surf a 6’0 bowl you won’t have any issues with the 5’7s buoyancy, it has more volume packed into a smaller size than the Bowl!

  • saintseiyaliveaction

    I ride now a Bottom Feeder 5’6 in very small waves, I surf from ten years, I’m 1.90 x 80kg. I would like to get one of this.
    If it float more, with its construction, I would choice the 5’5, what you think about?

  • yeah the 5’5 seems like it could be awesome for you!

  • Ryan Walling

    I’m 5’5″ 150#. Would I best fit the 5’3″ or 5’5″ model? I currently have a 7′ hybrid. I want something a step up to add to my quiver. Keep in mind, I’m pretty novice at this sport.

  • Eugene Francis Jnr

    Where can I buy a 5’7 from in LA ? Or can I buy one online and have it shipped to me in West Hollywood, LA ?

  • Hi Eugene,
    We’ve had trouble building these quick enough to keep up with the demand of our retailers, so they aren’t available online.
    I don’t think we have shops carrying them in Los Angeles, but Hansen’s, Jack’s, ET and Catalyst are all dealers in southern California.

  • Diego

    Hi Lib! Possible to be available next year in Spain? Do you have any dealer here?
    I´m 83kg and 1,81 cm, intermediate level, could you please recommend my length?

  • You’ll probably want a 5’7″ or 5’5″
    Compare the volume of the board you’ve been riding, and choose a Lib with about a liter less–our boards are more buoyant than traditional polyester construction!

    As for inventory in Spain, contact our Spanish distributor for details on inventory and ETA:

  • Toni Tuovila

    Hi! Any chance getting this board in Finland or can I order it from somewhere else in Europe? Also, I’m a intermediate level surfer and currently riding a 6’3” Byrne Tuflite (approx. 36 L) and I´m pondering between the 5’7” and 5’9” for a travel board. Any recommendations? Cheers!

  • joseba

    hi i am from Spain, where I could get lost puddle jumper tech lib 5.3? thanks

  • Dave Tinz

    Hey there! This Puddle Jumper looks awesome. I am 48 yrs old and intermediate advanced. 175lbs in trunks and 5’9″ I need to bring up my wave count and also need a go to board for my Costa Rica trip. What size would you recommend? Would this be a dependable travel board and will it work in overhead beach breaks? Also, I carve harder with my back foot so hoping the bottom shape will work. Please let me know. Catalyst in So Cal is about an hour from my home so I may pick one up soon! Thank you!! Dave

  • Toni Tuovila

    ps. I´m 173cm and 81kg

  • Igro

    Hi guys, which size to choose? I’m beginner with some summer experience.
    am about 6’0”, 168 pounds, in a good fit and highly motivated. I need a board which I can duck dive but still “easy” to puddle. I’m not sure that there is a link, but anyway, I love my winter board – hot knife 156sm and TRS 154sm.. Thanks!

  • al

    hi, im 5,11 and 70 kg intermediate surfer currently ride a 5,8 js black box as my regular board. what size would you recommend me for 1 to 3 foot slack and soft waves? and when will these be available uk please. thanks al.

  • Tony

    Hi, could you recommend a size for the puddle jumper? I am 5′ 9″ 200lbs athletic build, intermediate surfing ability in mostly waist to head high waves. Also, could you suggest a shop in San Diego that carries this model. Thanks!

  • Alex Ian

    I am wondering if you have heard any reviews or know of people getting this board for river surfing (surfing standing waves). I live in Ottawa Canada and we have a few awesome river waves and from my knowledge of it this board seems absolutely perfect for it. Have you heard anything about this? Cheers.

  • David

    Hey, why some boards have a USA Flag at the tail and some not? My 5.7 is without a flag… But i saw some with.
    Are there different board constructions?
    Cant wait to test the board in water!

  • jim

    Good idea, nice price though for a man I feel it may lack flotation.

  • Angus

    Hey guys, growing up in the Seattle are I’ve always been a big fan of LIB Tech! I’m torn between the 5’5” and the 5′ 7″ I was able to try my friends 5’6″ lost poly puddle jumper stock dimensions with 33 liters of volume and the thing felt magic. I notice that in the comments you guys say that the eco iso construction floats better then traditional poly boards so this makes me think that the LIB 5’5″ would be closer to the same float as the poly 5’6″. What do you guys think?

  • Andy

    Hi! I ride the 5’5 on the Eisbach in Munich. I’m not very experienced and can’t really compare to other boards but I’m having loads of fun on it. The shape looks very similar to the specially made river boards most people use here.

  • They’ve all got the same construction–my guess is that they were just built at different times.

  • I think you’d be surprise about how well these babies float!
    Our Eco-Iso construction is more buoyant than traditional polyester boards, so you can ride them a liter or two smaller and still get the same performance. We also packed A LOT of volume into a small board, so they’re very buoyant.

  • 5’5″ should be money!

  • David

    Thanks for the answer!

  • רונן לקס

    Is the 5.3 will good for me ?My weight 72 kg and height is 178 cm. and a good level surfer. I have the 6.0 bowl.

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  • Goncalo

    Hy there! This board looks Great!!! I have 2 questions. The first is the size, i use to ride one Hayden Shapes Hypo Krypto 5’4” 26,20Liters and Al Merrick Fred Rubble 5’9” 24,6Liters, I think the Lib Tech puddle jumper should for me the 5’3”? Where i can buy this board being in Portugal? Wha is the best place to order from? Many Thanks! Best Regards

  • Mikey

    Just purchased the 5’5″ Puddle Jumper. Been a fan of Lib Tech and FireWire technology. Particularly Lib Tech but not too sure with their shapes until recent trip to San Clemente. Accidentally stepped into Catalyst Surf Shop and found these gems and did not know about this collaboration. My magic board is Sub Scorcher 6’0″Firewire(32.5L). I’m experienced but not expert 175lbs at 5’9″. I thought I went too low with my purchase of the 5’5″(30.5L)PJ. It’s my new magic board from 1ft slop to 3ft overhead perfection. Handles choppy conditions as well as dumpy ones. Surfed 4-6ft perfect Trestles, 3-5ft choppy Huntington Beach, 1-3ft T Street. It’s like my Wizard Sleeve(CI), Sub Scorcher, and Pod(CI) wrapped up into an indestructible package. Basically, get it before you can’t. It’s a Matt Biolos shape. The supply won’t last in this technology for long. At least add it to the collection. Great travel board option since airline put a ring on the PU I brought on this trip. I KNOW that won’t happen with this board even if I used a sock which I’m tempted to test out one trip. Hehe! (HINT: Get it! It works.)

  • Ant785

    So these have hit Europe/UK now, and it looks like the Shortround to drop in the spring. Any info on whether there will be any demo boards in the UK? Also, any updates on whether they can be compatible with Futures fins? That might just be a deal maker for me. Im not entirely sure if i would prefer a 5’7 PJ or 6’0 SR, at 6ft and 92kg-ish does either sound about right? Cheers!

  • Stuart Matthews

    Trigger Bros. in Victoria are stocking the boards and we love them ! Here’s a link to our online store if you are local to the Mornington Peninsula.

  • saintseiyaliveaction

    thanks! do you make also custom graphics? or, after I get it, does the spray work on it?

  • Nick Compton

    When will we be able to buy boards shorter than 5’7?

  • Dror Halperin

    i’m interesting for Puddle Jumper .i’m 40 years old Height 1.83 m

    Weighs 84 kg.

    I am debating between tree sizes: 5.7, 5.9,5.11

    can you advise ?



  • Dror Halperin

    for few months i surf on soft board 7

  • Ant785

    Is it true the Lost Short Round is coming too?

  • El More

    i have been surfing my 5’3 puddle jumper for about 2 month and the board fells really good. i am concerned though that even if lib-tech claims that its unlikely that the board will get pressure dings “Will I get pressure-dent foot wells? Not likely. ” the deck of my board under my front foot and back toe side has gotten considerable pressure marks even more than any my PU boards for the amount of time that i have been riding it.
    I think Lib-Tech should re-evaluate this claims.

  • Griffin Knorpp

    do FCS 2’s fit in the lib tech fin boxes?

  • Eugene Wen

    Loving what you guys are doing! Would libtech consider building stock boards with Future/FCSII fin boxes soon?

  • Maurice Go

    Hi, looking at picking up a Puddle Jumper! I’m leaning towards a 5’9 or 5’11. What size would you recommend? I’m 5’11, 203 lbs (not including a 3/2 wetsuit). Intermediate surfer. Local breaks are Pleasure Point, Santa Cruz and Linda Mar, CA.

  • gary greetis

    Hi I recently purchase puddle jumper, SICK board! I fell on one of the fins, broke the fin and pushed the fin box in and cracked the glass around box and pushed the box down. How do I have this repaired, just like epoxy board? Let me know thanks

  • Liz Vandyke

    Aloha! I tried out my friends 5’5″ puddle jumper, and now I have to have my own! I’m thinking the 5’3″ though as I’m only 5’2″ and 105lb. As of now I live in Charleston, SC. Where is the closest distributor? Or best way to order? Thanks!


  • Alex

    I am a beginner / intermediate surfer and generally surf 2-3 ft waves. I am 5’10 and 155-160lbs. Would the 5’7 or 5’9 be a good choice for me?

  • Dai Seto

    I think that’s because their resin is more like polyester than epoxy. I believe epoxy resin is much stronger. You get a spider web pressure ding on PU+poly boards but not on PU_epoxy ones. My guess is that libtech uses stronger foam and fibercloth (or fiberglass) but resin itself are not strongly bonded chemically. So you get considerable pressure marks.

  • El More

    a month as passed since my comment. my board now has develop little bubbles on each of the exagons under my front foot, and the deck under my back foot has collapsed so much that the rail is starting to crack. im really disappointed with this board, i wouldn buy another one for sure.

  • davek

    Hi Guys – any distributor in South Africa – wanna get a puddle jumper

  • Aaron Swanson

    Any plans to make a 6’2 or a 6’4 in the future? I want this board, but I’m beginner/intermediate who’s only ridden longboards and bigger fun board shapes, and 5’11 scares me a little. I’m an athletic 200lbs and 6’1″

  • Paul Hunter

    Had my 5 11 puddle jumper for 1 week : best dang board I have ridden
    Especially for those fatter waves
    I am 92 kg 50 years young and it has revitalised my surfing – thanks guys
    In kiwi language – chur chur bros too much

  • Chi Yan Tam

    hey! how much shopping to Hong Kong?

  • Joe Salvisberg

    Hy, i want to ask when this Board are availlable ? Can you help me i’m 98 kg and 1.80 m is the 5’11 goods for me or is it better to go on the 6’1 ?

  • Joe Salvisberg

    Hy, i want to ask when this Board are availlable ? Can you help me i’m 98 kg and 1.80 m is the 5’11 goods for me or is it better to go on the 6’1 ?

  • Matt van Riet

    Do you plan on making the other lost/,ayhem shapes in this tech? im looking for a mini driver in the future thanks and what size for 90 kgs?

  • simplepleasarz

    Hi, Just had the board in Bali for a week, the shape and ride was awesome. A little concerned about the heel pressure dings, as they are considerable. Thinking of dropping a hot coat of epoxy on the area to ensure I limit the water getting into the board. Can some from Libtech give some advice on how best to do this, is epoxy the best option. Just wanted to check also if the pressure points are normal and expected.

  • Paul Hunter

    I want to congratulate you all
    The puddle jumper is the best board I have ever ridden in my 40 years of surfing
    I have tried on a number of different breaks at different sizes even double overhead
    I has revitalised my surfing
    Getting back into 360s and even attempting a few punts
    The 50 year old is stoked again
    Cheers to the team

  • LBK

    How did that board work for you on river surfing. Looking for a Lib board as well. What size are you? You got the 5’9″ Puddle Jumper. Wonder if it would work well with the Waveshaper type wave in Boise?

  • Gregg Young

    Would be great idea! Lib tech doesn’t seem to have a board for the bigger/heavier surfer, who likes some performance…
    More towards the standard dims from the short round:6’2, 38l

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  • Steven

    Dear Lib-Team,
    I am
    currently thinking of getting the Lib Tech Puddle Jumper as my first
    ever surfboard. I lived on Sri Lanka for nearly a year, surfed regularly
    and got quite confident on a shortboard (I think it was 5’6”). I’m 31
    years old, 176 cm, around 80 kilos, in good physical condition. I’d
    primarily like the board to perform well on the smaller waves of the
    North Sea (Denmark), but I would also like to take it to the Atlantic
    (France) during the holidays. As it is going to be my first board, I’d
    like it to cover a greater range of waves. I will have to transport the
    board a lot so I think the Lib Tech construction should be my first
    choice but I am torn between the 5’7” and 5’9” Puddle Jumper.
    I would really appreciate your feedback.



  • Martin

    Hi, can you help me choosing the good board. I surf mediterranean weak waves of 2-5 feet (0,8 to 1,5 meters). My height is 1,85 m, my weight : 94 kg. I’m 33 years old. I had my first board 4 years ago and I’m practicing 3-4 times a month. I have an average fitness. I wonder wich volume is big enough for me.
    Thank you

  • sverre

    Want to fill the gaps in my quiver, and decided to get this as my small wave groveler. Still have a couple standard short boards to wear through, before replacing anything in the middle… but what I really need is an upper range step up for Indo! Saw that the Vert would be the closest fit, tho not quite what I’m looking for.

    Seeing as how Lib Tech is so bomb proof, it seems perfect for designs such as the Lost ‘Round Up’ or ‘Rock Up’ or even mini-guns. Are there plans to release one of these models or something similar? (Super Vert?) Really hoping for a pin or rounded pin (none of the current Lib Tech models have one) for steep take offs & those overhead+ days. Preferably in a 5 fin setup, since quads can really help on those backhand barrels 😉

  • Tech Lab 217

    For the Boise wave the 5’5″ is the perfect size. Anything longer than that and you run the risk of sticking the nose into the Waveshaper because the trough is rather steep. When in doubt, go smaller than you normally would. If you go down to the wave, look around at what people are riding, you’ll see most are on <5'6" boards.

  • Marcus

    I own a 5’11” puddle jumper. It’s BIG, paddles and floats exceptional, and very loose as a quad, I haven’t tried it as a thruster. I’m 45 years old, 5’11” and 195 pounds. I’m also waiting on a lost-lib mini-gun to add to my quiver. Let’s go!

  • Fist*it

    I’m going to order a PJ soon. Curious how they go with LibTech fins. Any recommendations?

  • Joe Boucher

    Also in ottawa…Did you end up getting one? What size? Thanks!

  • Alex Ian

    Have been loving my 5’9 Puddle Jumper for river surfing here in Ottawa. Here is a quick POV video of it on the river wave.

  • Hiromi Yamamoto
  • Georg

    Hey Andi, I am also from Munich. Would be interested to share some experience, also about the board. If you like send me a pn on FB. My name is Georg Schau. Bis dann! 😉

  • RC Kinzly

    Hi, I just discovered your boards and I NEED one! I’m 40 year old guy. Been surfing for 10 years after relocating from the north east to sunny southern california. I’m 5’10 190lbs. Decent paddling shape but I’ve been struggling lately and I’m looking for a board to help me catch more waves! I’ve been surfing the DWART by Rusty – 5’9” that’s a couple years old. Should I…buy the Puddle Jumper? What size? I’m torn…Would the 6’1” be too much board? Thanks!

  • Hiromi Yamamoto
  • Sebastiaan Verheij

    Hi! I am 84 kilo, 29 years old and 6.1 tall. I own a CI gravy 6.1 with 33 liters for surfing in the Netherlands and I surf for about 13 years now. I do feel that I wont catch small weak waves easy lately, probably because I have a desktop job now and only surf in the evenings and during the weekends. That’s why I am looking at the Puddle Jumper in LibTech.

    What kind of size Puddle Jumper is for right me? I’m not sure about a 5.9 because it only adds 4 more liters so maybe a 5.11 should work better in the average Dutch wind waves…?

  • Alex Ian

    Yupp, i got the 5’9 and it is amazing! I love the board so much. Amazing at both Bate Island and sewer wave.

  • alessandro

    hi i’m alessandro, from italy . i’m 30 year, 153-155 lb, 1,75 m. please can you halp me in choosing the right mesure for puddle jumper? i’m thinking for a 5’5.

  • alessandro

    hi i’m alessandro, i’m 30 years old, from italy
    1,75 meter,70 kg,
    can you help me in choose the right measure for a puddle jumper
    i’m thinking for a 5’5.

  • Alex Jamieson

    Way over hyped marketing with how tough these boards are they are really no different to a normal epoxy board. I put my puddle jumper just down on the road before a surf and the side dinged on a small road stone! it was a pretty gentle put down too.

    I also surfed a rock point break this weekend and hit a couple of small rocks at the end of a close out section with white water. The surf was only small waist heigh surf and the board just dinged, I could not believe it.

    If you are buying this board because it is tough don’t waste your money. Lib tech you need to get real with your marketing department and dial them back a couple of notches too.

  • Nate Crabtree

    Hey man, just got back from demo-ing a 6’1″ yesterday. Was looking for a smaller stick, but this is what they had available for the day. I am 5’11” 175 with full wetties and intermediate ability. I only can get out to the coast about twice a month or so, so my paddling ability is never stellar. Given I’m a little smaller, I was worried that the board would be too much, however, I never felt like it was too much, or was a little slow to get the nose around. I was able to catch EVERYTHING, and stomp on the tail to get it to bite up in the pocket. If I were you, I would pull the trigger.

  • flyer

    I am planning to buy the puddle jumper.
    what size would you recommend for me?
    Average surfer, 154lbs, usually surfing boards around 28lts in volume.
    5’5” would be a good choice?

  • Robo

    So is planning on making a longer, thus higher volume board, like a 6’10” puddle jumper for us older surfers?

  • mootrail

    Puddle Jumper ROUND PIN!!! When are they coming??? Got my Extension Ramp for groveling and looking forward to a PJ RP.

  • Hiromi Yamamoto
  • Martin

    hello, I got the LIB TECH Puddle Jumper 5´11 one week ago.I totally love it in the water, but the board already has several pressure dings on the top side..anybody similar eperience? it is just on one part of the board and it is from the fingers i guess, crazy for this kind of technology. any ideas? thank you very much.

  • Michael LaMaita

    Hi Lib Tech,
    I bought a 5’7″ of this board and surfed it once on the Oregon Coast, and it was great. Figured I’d take her on my Bali surf trip because the board is claimed to be nearly indestructible. But because I’m paranoid, I wrapped my baby in bubble wrap, then gently slid her into my board bag. We get to Bali, no problems and I have a great time riding her. She loves the waves there. Full of smiles, I wrap my baby back in bubble wrap, a few sweatshirts and slide her into the board bag for the return journey. However when I get home and peel off her protective skin, I notice about a foot below the nose is completely cracked all the way across and nearly through the entire depth. I was devastated. My baby is broken. My life is broken. How does a board that can be run over by a truck get broken by an airlines unless they ran the plane over it? Overall I was very disappointed that this occurred as one reason I purchased this board was for durability. If you can please reach back to me to resolve this issue in some way I would return a loyal customer. The board rode great, I’m not ready to pull the plug yet!

  • Paul Baker

    You should get the 5’3 buddy – There’s a lot of volume in that beastie.
    I looked at one the other day (i’m 5’9, 165lb) and the 5’3 would have been more than enough.

  • sickpants

    I also want to hear how other peoples libs are holding up. I have two, love to ride them and treat them super carefully. The claimed durability was a key factor for choosing lib tech and my previous good experience with their excellent snowboards. So far i have no big incident, just a small crack in the top layer from the fedex air delivery. this crack i could repair myself with a UV curing resin. hope to keep my libs a long time!

  • ampao

    Hi! I already have a few futures fins and was wondering if I can use those on the puddle jumper?


  • reserves

    No you can’t use Futures

  • ampao

    Thanks for the info. Do you have this board? Any recommended FCS quad setups?

  • realwatersports

    Hey Ampao, This board is in stock here at REAL Watersports For fins, we have a had good results with the FCS GMB PC Tri/Quad Fin Set. Cheers – Ashlon Durham

  • reserves

    I have the 6′ 0″ Lib Short Round (great board but very floaty compared to PU), I have ridden the 5′ 9 Lib Puddle Jumper briefly but it was too big for me, i’m 180lbs and 5′ 10 42 years old.

    As for fins for the Puddle Jumper, as they are FCS it’s more of a struggle but think something equivalent to the Futures Controllers, I’ve read that the large tail needs a big fin, even if you usually ride Medium.

    One more thing about these boards, they HURT when they hit your head, the short round is super pointy at the front, that hitting me in the side of the head wasn’t much fun 🙂

  • reserves

    Only tried it with SF4’s

  • disqus_u1pb49w3TJ

    Had the libtech puddle jumper a few months now but don’t surf that often this time of year. But I have done some good testing on small rights and small lefts and I am completely blown away. It took me a few surfs to get used to it as its so different from anything I’ve owned before. Looking at the outlne and rocker profile I just can’t work out why it works like it does. I can come hard off the bottom and loose off the top, its so much fun. I bought a 5’9 even though I only weigh about 82Kg because I just wanted to catch heaps of waves when its gutless but it goes really well on wally waves too. Its just so interesting because its so loose and fast and it doesn’t slide out off the bottom, these are rare combinations.

  • reserves

    Thanks, very useful review, what fins are you using?

  • disqus_u1pb49w3TJ

    I started using an old set of G7000 (think early version of a PC7, half way between pivot and rake) as they were the largest I had at the time but I upgraded to Hexacore FCS Mahem fins which are also large and very similar in rake and profile but look heaps better. I had to do that for cosmetic reasons, I couldn’t resist when I saw a thruster quad set in glorious yellow for half price. I love the look of foam filled fins, and happily sat on the couch caressing them for some time. I haven’t tried it with smaller fins as I figured with such a wide tail you need some bite. I normally use a PC5, which is a medium all rounder on my short boards except for my DFR which needs raked drivey fins because of the heavy tail flick and was recommended by the gurus at channel islads. I am using it as a thruster setup because I don’t really like the feel of quads off the bottom but that’s probably personal preference, some people love them but I might give it more of a go later as I am having too much fun at the moment. It’s very slidey off the top with the Large set so I haven’t bothered trying anything smaller but based on previous experiments with other boards I would probably stick with Large. I hate spinning out off the bottom and wasting waves. I guess it could depend on the way you surf but I tend to really jam the tail and am sliding around much more than I am used to but its easy to control.. The wider the tail, the less back fin you are going to get in the water when you are on the rail so it makes sense. If your budget is tight, just go with what you have and get some others later if need be.

  • Dre

    Hey there,
    Looking for some feedback while trying to decide between sizes on the PJ. Looking at the 5’9 and 5’11. I surf in the PNW (BC and WA). Weekend warrior – get out 6-8 trips per year. 5’11, 29yo, 170-175lbs, intermediate surfer, average fitness level. Advanced snowboarder, wake surfer, and most things board.. Currently on a fish (6’8, 20.85, 2.60) and it’s not doing anything for me. A couple weeks ago I demo’d a CI Average Joe (5’11,22 3/8, 2 7/8, 43.3L) and it was magical. Had a really great time on this board. It’s the shortest I’ve ever gone and I actually surprised myself how well and quickly I picked it up. I’ve tried a few Lib models and have enjoyed them as well, which led me to the PJ. Is this going to surf at all like the Average Joe? Im especially leaning towards Lib due to the construction. Looking for some knowledge!

  • Logan Slone

    When will the 5’7 be back in stock? I’m 5’9 145lbs. Average ability, but very fit. Surf in Jacksonville Beach/North Florida. Waves are smaller and mushy here. Should I be surfing 5’5, 5’7, or 5’9?

  • grey

    Hi there, Can anyone clear up if the libtech fin key is the same size as FCS?

  • reserves

    Apparently they are slightly different sizes but my FCS key works fine.

  • reserves

    The 5 9 was too big for me at 180lbs.

    I’d say 5′ 5.

  • reserves

    Get the Average Joe 🙂

  • AA-ron

    Hoping to purchase a board but but torn between a 5’5 and 5’7. I am 6’1 and a bit over 170 lbs with a wet 5/4 wetsuit. Intermediate/advanced level and my go to shortboard is 29.5 liters. Ideally this board will work well as a summertime groveler when conditions are sub prime. Which should I get?

  • Logan Slone

    Did weeks of research on boards and decided to go with a 5’5 Lib Tech Puddle Jumper due to its great reviews and supposed extreme durability. Love the way it surfs, however EXTREMELY disappointed in the durability aspect of this board. After one surf session, I have multiple heel dents on the top deck and minor cracks in the center of the heel/pressure dings. I only weigh 140 lbs and did not ride the board rough in any way. I figured this board would get some pressure dents after extended use, but to get pressure dents after one surf session in addition to minor cracking of the outside layer, this i was not expecting… Do not know if I received a defective board or what the cause is… Additionally, I noticed a pressure ding in the bottom of the board after bringing it home from the surf shop.

  • ce

    I live near P.A….surfing the same waves as you guys. I’m eyeing the puddle jumper and the ramp for this winter. I’m 5’5″x 135 lbs, intermediate+.
    My current Swiss Army knife is about 29L, but feels a tad too long and doesn’t like the rocks.

    Should I go 5’3″ or 5’5″ PJ or…? What board are you guys digging for around here lately ?


  • Andy

    Hey guys,
    I was so stoked when reading and watching about your boards.
    Since being German and pretty much have to travel and worrying about packing my boards, I’ll have to go with a Puddle Jumper.

    I’m 6 feet tall and weigh 185 pounds. I’d say, I’m a good beginner not yet intermediate.
    Normally surfing 6’3 to 6’4 classic surfboard but would love to catch more waves, easier paddling and so on.
    But still have to duck dive….

    What would you recommend?

    Thx guys, Greetings from Munich,

  • Cole Guild

    i’ve heard there different to,… i’ve been using my fcs key with no problems

  • Cole Guild

    Im pretty similar weight to you and i’ve been loving the 5’9 i weigh 190 ish and am 6’5 and so far its awesome catches waves super easy but still super manuverable on the face, the 5’11 or the 5’9 would probably be pretty sick for you

  • Andy

    Sounds good, I think I should go for the 5’11 to be on the safe side. Better catching more waves 😉

  • Nick

    Are there any shops on Long Island where I can buy one? I’m having trouble locating one that Carrys lib

  • Sebastian

    Hi guys going to order the lib tech puddle jumper. But can’t decide between the 5’9 or 5’11. Im 205lbs with 5mm wetsuit and 6’1. Ability is intermediate. I surf 1-2 times a week in the summer and once a month in the winter. The waves I mostly surf is 1-4 ft. The current board I surf is 40 litres although duck diving is hard I feel it is good. I find my current board hard to turn due to the fact it’s 6’10. I would like to catch waves easily but still want the board to be manoeuvrable. I know the lib tech is floaty but that is cancelled out when I wear my wetsuit. Thanks hope to hear back from you soon. Seb

  • Dave Cookson

    Hey guys, I am really keen to get a 5’11 puddle jumper. I am based in U.K. and it appears that no one has any left over here and your US site is out of stock too. Are you looking to build more / ship more to the UK? Thanks

  • Liran Koren

    Hey guys, i have a lib tech paddle jumper and i am very happy with it….recently i got a big issue with my board and i can’t surf it any more ….the screws housing got loose and i can’t tighten the fins….i need a solution please… you have bigger screws ? do you how i can fix it ?
    please help

  • Andy

    Got my 5’11, can’t wait to surf it in Australia next month 😉

  • sickpants

    hey dave, just buy it off realwatersports, they can ship it to you. monday 28november is the annual discount day. i surf my 5’11 almost every day. have fun.

  • Liran Koren

    Hello again, i am waitnig to get an answer about what i can do with the screws housing for my paddle jumper….cant surf it,the fins are loose and can be tighten. this happened in thruster mode and in all 3 fins housing

    need your help please.

  • Daniel Ittner

    Hi guys, my standard shortboard is about 38,5 l volume. I was considering of buying a 5,9 puddle jumper. Is it correct that in the lib tech construction is a little more flotation? Or should I go with the 5.11 model? I am 6.2 tall and weigh in a 190 pounds but my fitness Level is above average. Thanks for your reply. Daniel

  • reserves

    Don’t go bigger than 5′ 9!

    Either 5′ 7 or 5′ 9

  • João Baptista

    Hello Simple!
    I have one PJ 5.3″ bought from Surfdome Portugal. It rides really well but at the end of my third session I had already front foot pressure depressions on the deck. I’ve sent a mail to Lib Tech but they remained silent. Have you received any message from Lib Tech explaining what is going on?
    I would appreciate to know about you.
    Joao Baptista

  • Alex Dubois

    Hey guys!
    What is my best option to order a Puddle Jumper 6’1, I am from Montreal Canada. Cheers.

  • Hi Lars, We have some available now!

  • rob bradley

    I am a 180lb moderate surfer from Florida currently riding a 6’2″ “Weekend Warrior”. I recently moved to Colorado and plan to start river surfing! Should I purchase the 5’9″ or 5’11” PJ? I have no expereince with river surfing and I need help with sizing!!!

  • Hikaru Ichijyo

    Hey Liran,

    I went by a surfshop and checked out the puddle jumper . . . i’m torn between a 5’9 or 5’7 but I saw the screw was similar to FCS or futures loose screw. ON a few of my pu/pe boards they had FCS (like my old CI KS small) and the screws are screwy. Futures I’ve only had to deal with it once in 5 years smurfing . . . but FCS it was way more often . . .

    Sometimes its easy as using a brand new key (the FCS keys would get rounded easily) or removing the old lose one (screw) and rescrewing in a new one. But if its completely stripped it may get complicated. Here are some links. The swaylocks has a surefire solution.

    If the libtech guys / gals have a better method than the swaylocks one . . . I’m sure they’ll chime in a few months from now (J/K)



  • DH

    Hello, ready to pull the trigger on a puddle jumper – need some guidance on size and fins. I am 44, intermediate surfer, in good shape – I am 5’11”, 190 pounds. I am leaning towards the 5’11” and will use this on the east coast USA in mostly smaller surf. Would also appreciate a fin recommendation. Thanks!

  • reserves

    I’d go 5′ 9″ and get some FCS2 (they fit in the new ones) Matt Biolos 5 set in large

  • DH

    thanks, appreciate the size recommendation – new to these smaller, high volume boards!

  • Ryan

    Hi There ik Am 175cm tall and my weight is 80kg
    My board now is 5.8 x 20 x 2.5
    What is the best size for me for the puddle jumper. 5.9 or 5.7

  • Rico Alvarez

    hey there,

    I am really intrested with the puddle jumper 5’11 B-Grade. What does it mean when I want to purchase a B-Grade Board?