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Bus in da Barrel giveaway! – FREE SHIPPING! orders over $75 *Excluding Surfboards

Bus in da Barrel giveaway! – FREE SHIPPING! orders over $75 *Excluding Surfboards

Bus in da Barrel giveaway! – FREE SHIPPING! orders over $75

  • Skate Banana Snowboard - 145N, 148N, 151N, 152, 153W, 154, 156, 156W, 159, 159W, 162W
  • Skate Banana Snowboard - 145N, 148N, 151N, 152, 153W, 154, 156, 156W, 159, 159W, 162W

Skate Banana





  • Skate Banana - Parillo
  • Skate Banana - Blue

Alternate Colorways

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499.99 EUR incl. VAT

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Free shipping over €75

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The award winning Skate Banana snowboard redefined snowboarding. Fun, easy to ride, high performance… rips hardpack, jibs, and floats effortlessly in powder.The Skate Banana is an amazing first snowboard and will never grow old in your quiver. Takes an ordinary shred day and makes it bananas fun.


Art by Mike Parillo

La Skate Banana BTX multi-récompensée a redéfini le snowboard. Fun, facile à rider et performante… Elle déchire la neige dure, jibbe et flotte sans effort sur la poudreuse. La Skate Banana est une première board parfaite, et le restera. Faites de chaque jour, un jour Banana Fun.


Artiste Mike Parillo

Das preisgekrönte Skate Banana BTX Snowboard hat Snowboarden neu definiert. Einfach zu fahren, Spaß pur, höchste Performance – egal ob auf Hardpack, beim Jibben oder im Powder. Das perfekte Board für alle Bedingungen, das immer in deinen Quiver passen wird!


Grafik von Mike Parillo

La galardonada Skate Banana BTX redefinió el snowboard. Divertida, fácil de manejar y perfecta sobre nieve dura, jibs y para flotar sin esfuerzo sobre nieve polvo. La Skate Banana es una primera tabla increíble que siempre te acompañará. Coge un día de snowboard cualquiera y transfórmalo en uno de increíble.


Gráficos de Mike Parillo

  • 2015 High Cascade – Campers Choice
    2015 High Cascade – Campers Choice
Skate Banana Info Graphic

Board Specs

Size Contact
Min-Max / Set Back
10 = Firm
Range (lbs)
145N 108 7.9 27.7 23.9 27.7 18"-23.5" / 0" 5 60 +
148N 111 8.1 28 24.2 28 20.25"-25" / 0" 5 60 +
151N 114 8.2 28.5 24.5 28.5 20.25"-25" / 0" 5 65 +
152 114 8.2 28.9 25.2 28.9 20.25"-25" / 0" 6 65 +
153W 114 8.2 29.9 26.1 29.9 20.25"-25" / 0" 6 75 +
154 115 8.2 29 25.3 29 20.25"-25" / 0" 6 70 +
156 117 8.3 29.5 25.5 29.5 20.25"-25" / 0" 6 75 +
156W 117 8.3 30.5 26.5 30.5 20.25"-25" / 0" 6 75 +
159 120 8.4 29.7 25.5 29.7 20.25"-25" / 0" 6 75 +
159W 120 8.4 30.7 26.5 30.7 20.25"-25" / 0" 6 80 +
162W 123 8.4 31.6 26.5 31.6 20.25"-25" / 0" 6 85 +
View all specs


Skate Banana Construction
  • Zachary Siegel

    Hi, I am 5 foot 2 inches and have a size 8 boot. I was looking at the skate banana 148N but, it is too narrow for my Burton Medium Bindings. I was wondering if I could fit in a 149 Skate Banana. Also, I am an intermediate rider.

  • The 149 will be prime!
    Honestly, you probably won’t even notice the 1cm difference between the 148–but I think the extra width will be able to better accommodate size 8 boots.

  • nick

    Hello, I want to get this board but i don’t know what size to get, I am 1,65 m (5,41 foot ), I’m using size 7us size boots and I weight 66 kg. help me, please, i don’t know what size to get

  • 152!

  • nick

    Tnanks a lot!!!!

  • DJ

    I about to pickup at 149 BTX. What bindings would you suggest?

  • Leonardo Sequeira

    Guys, i’m a 6’1, 191lbs… Which banana skate board size would you suggest me?

  • nikolas

    May be 151N?

  • nikolas

    Good days, my friends! 5 days ago I sked You “I want to get this board but i don’t kHello, I want to get this board but i don’t know what size to get, I am 1,65 m (5,41 foot ), I’m using size 7us size boots and I weight 66 kg. help me, please, i don’t know what size to getnow what size to get, I am 1,65 m (5,41 foot ), I’m using size 7us size boots and I weight 66 kg. help me, please”
    !!!!You said about 152! but may be 151N???????????????????????????????????

  • The 152 will be more suitable for you.

  • nikolas

    thank you very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Leonard W

    Hi guys, I am 176cm, 68kg, skinny legs, intermediate rider, what size should I be looking at?

  • 156!
    If your feeties are US size 11+, you should consider a wide.

  • Leonard W

    Oops bought a 152 according to the weight spec 65+ kilogram. Hope it won’t float on me

  • Alex

    Hello. I am an all mountain/freestyle snowboarder height 168 cm and 57 kg (126 Lbs). I am confused which size Skate Banana should I go for? Worried about the boot size. I’m wear 42 EUR (8,5 – 9 US), does 149cm is ok? or 152 will work better?

  • Oniki

    Hi!! I am 1’70cm and 66Kg. I’m Wear 8-8’5. What size of Skate Banana do I need?

  • Hi Oniki,
    If you plan on riding a lot of terrain park and jibs, go for the 149.
    If you want a versatile board for the whole mountain, go for the 152.

  • 149 will be prime for riding all over the mountain!
    Though you could size up to the 152 for a bit more stability and float in deeper snow.

  • Wobbly Twilliams

    I am 6’4 and 85kgs, Size 11 US boot. Keen for a whole mountain scenario. What Skate Banana would you recommend?

  • Timmy AU

    Hi Guys,

    I have a 14/15 Skate Banana and starting to get ready for the 2015 Australian winter. I’m almost ready to take the summer wax off with the first snow coming soon, and was wondering about base prep of the TNT base.

    Once I’ve scraped the summer wax off and before the first wax, in prepping the base do I:
    Use just the citrus base cleaner?
    Or a hot wax that’s scraped quickly?
    Or a brass brush to the base then a citrus wipedown?

    Any ideas/suggestions for waxing and prep of the TNT base would be appreciated. 🙂

  • Hi Timmy,
    Quickly scraping off a hot wax is what I would recommend.

    Base cleaners are great, but they can really strip the base of moisture, so it’s not necessary unless the base is really dirty

  • Alex

    Hi team,
    I’m 173 cm and 75Kg.What size of skate banana will be suitable for me?
    Thanks in advance. i!! I amww 1’70cm

  • Hello there!
    152 will be phenomenal to ride everywhere, so that would be my number one recommendation!
    But if you’re into park riding and jibs, go for 149.
    If you like riding lots of deep snow, you should size up to the 154.

  • angus

    im 175 in height size 11 10 half ish
    i weigh about 85 kg
    should i get somthing like a 156 wide board ?

  • Hey Angus,
    156 definitely sounds like the right length for you.
    If your boots are size 10.5, there’s no need to ride a wide board.

    11 is right on the cusp, though.
    If your stance isn’t too angled you should definitely consider a wide.
    But if your stance is fairly angled, you could probably ride a standard width board without any issues.

    11’s will also work with a standard width board if you have boots with a reduced footprint.
    I think the best way to decide a width is to check the board out in person, with your boots! Or at least compare the waist widths of the board with the board you’ve been riding.

  • angus

    i went to a store and they said i need boots 11 to 11 half so would a 26.5 wide board work

  • Yes, absolutely!

  • chris

    hi looking for board for my son 13 years old – 170cm 49kg – solid boarder skills 149 or 152 in Sk8 banana or 151 attack banana what would you suggest ?

  • Hi Chris,

    I think the 151 or 152 in the Attack Banana or Skate Banana would both be solid options!
    The bigger sizes will be effortless to ride and maneuver from day 1, but as he will still have some room to grow.

    The Attack Banana has a more powerful/aggressive feel due to the mild, elliptical camber underfoot. But it is still forgiving and playful–I think it’s one of the most versatile snowboards we make!

    The Skate Banana is more loose and playful and does not have camber underfoot. It will do what he wants with less effort, but it won’t feel quite as solid and sturdy as the Attack Banana.

    Both boards are KILLER and will perform awesomely anywhere on the mountain, but they will feel different when ridden.

  • Seb

    Wanting to get a Skate Banana. I’m about 6ft, 70kg with US11.5-12 feet. Would a 153W be right?

  • Hi Seb,
    The 153W or the 156W will be the two best size options for you.

  • Serg

    Hi team,
    I’m 183 cm and 75Kg. I’m Wear 10.5. What size of skate banana will be suitable for me?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Hi Serg,
    The 156 will feel really versatile, fun and easy to maneuver!
    But if you want something stable and easy to float through powder, you will probably be more satisfied with the 159.

  • Dodge

    Hey there, im 90kegs 175cm 10us boot. Headin to jap land in February. I’ve got a 56 skate banana from back a bit when I wasn’t as fat. Was wondering your guys thoughts on say a 59 for the Hokkaido powder runs. Cheers

  • Hey Dodge,
    I think you’ll be really satisfied having some extra length in the Hokkaido powder!
    The 159 Skate Banana would be prime, but you could also take a peek at some of our more aggressive boards, with camber underfoot.
    The 159 Attack Banana would be a realllllly awesome board for you as well, the EC2 will add some stability and power to the ride.

  • Dodge

    hey LT what about the ‘trs hp’ as another alternative, hopefully i can get a few demo runs down in the south island of NZ on your boards during august/sep – any ideas on how to find out about demo days in nz

    thanks again for the help

  • Yeah absolutely, that won’t feel much like your Skate Banana, which is why I didn’t think to suggest it–but it’s a spectacular board!

    We’ve got a separate distributor running the show in New Zealand, contact them for information on demoes!

  • Dodge

    cheers for the quick feedback LT. Ive dropped them a line to see what they have got in terms of dates and locations. yeah agreed its different but thought shit might as well give it a try as its been killing the awards year on year for some time. plus a change can be as good as a holiday sometimes. hopefully i can try em both and ride away with one of each hahahahahaha

  • Jordan

    Hi, I’m looking for a 159W Banana. Is it possible to choose the color? The big Rainbow is the most beautiful. Regards

  • Suwak

    Hi ! im 75 kg 183cm 9,5us boot can u help me choose size ? Big THX!

  • Fro

    Hi! I’m 90kgs and 165cm in a size 10US Boot would the 154cm Skate Banana be suitable for riding all mountain but more park?

  • Hello! Yes, the 154 will be perfect for you.

  • The 159 will be perfect for riding everywhere!
    If you want to ride a lot of park, the 156 will be the best,
    If you love powder, go for the 162.

  • Hi Jordan,
    Unfortunately, it is not possible to select a color of Skate Banana.
    And we also did not make the 159W in the full rainbow colorburst–that color was just available on the narrow widths.
    Our apologies for any confusion or inconvenience!
    But the 15/16 graphics are not random, so you will know the exact color of board prior to purchase.

  • Glob

    Hi, i like to do some press, riding with good speed, taking all the jumps on the ski slope, but not so much snowpark. Is this a good board for me ? Or should i search for another camber ? And i’m 183cm, 60kg, which size should i take ? Thanks !

  • Ed

    Hi, im looking at a fun board to take around the mountain. Not so much into going fast but still want to be moderately stable at speed if possible. I enjoy flat land tricks/butters. Im 5’6” with a size 8 shoe and weigh 59kg. Just curious what size would be best? Cheers!

  • Hey Glob,
    If you like a more playful/loose feeling board, the Skate Banana will be perfect for you.
    But if you’re looking for something with a more sturdy, or aggressive feel you might want to check out the Attack Banana or TRS instead–both of these models have some variation of camber underfoot.

    The TRS is very aggressive, snappy and powerful and the Attack Banana is a nice middle ground between the TRS and Skate Banana, it’s got a mild elliptical camber underfoot which will add stability, but still remain easy and playful to ride.

    I think you’ll want a 159.

  • Hi Ed, I think the Skate Banana will be awesome for you!
    I think the 152 is going to feel the most stable at speeds and perhaps a little more versatile and easy to ride powder with, but you could absolutely ride the 149 for a more playful freestyle-friendly board. Either one of those sizes will be prime for someone your size!

  • Ed

    Cheers! Much appreciated!

  • Madeleine McGlinn

    hey there, im 6’4″, size 12 boot and 100kg. I enjoy cruising the mountain but also buttering around a fair bit and hitting up the parks. Would a 162W be suited to someone my size or could i get away with a 159W also? I currently ride a 160W and find that pretty comfortable.

  • Stefan

    Hey, I´m thinking about the banana but i`m still not sure about the size. I`m 1,78m 74kg; strong and athletic build. Shoe size 9.5. 156 cm vs 159 ist the question?

  • Mario Mercier

    Hi, I’m a freestyle rider and my last skate banana was a 149, I weigh 165lbs, my shoe size is 12 and I’m 6′. What would be a good size board for me as I primarily focus on hitting kickers and rails in the park. Thanks!

  • Sam Tagget

    Hi Lib Tech! I just have a question on why if you select Random Assorted Bananas you are not assured which color you will receive. Just a little confused! Thanks! 🙂

  • Hi Mario,
    The Skate Banana and the Box Scratcher would be my top two recommendations for you!
    But at 6 feet, 165 lbs and size 12 boots I think you might prefer either the 153W Skate Banana or the 154 Box Scratcher.

  • Hi Sam,
    The only way to guarantee a ‘Random Assorted’ color is to purchase the board at your local shop–we just ship whatever is on the top of our shelf in the warehouse with our online sales. We realize this is not the most convenient for consumers, for the 15/16 season we do not have ‘Random Assorted’ colors, and each size will have it’s own designated color.

  • Hello there!
    The 156 is going to feel more playful and maneuverable and the 159 will feel more solid and stable.
    You’ll be able to ride both sizes without any issues, but if you want something for nimble for freestyle and park the 156 will be the best. If you want something to ride fast and in deep snow, go for the 159.

  • If you love for 160, there’s absolutely no need to size up to a 162W–you’ll be just fine with the 159W.
    In fact, you probably won’t even notice the 1cm difference.

    BUT, if you’ve never ridden anything slightly bigger, you might be stoked on the little bit of extra length.

  • Zachary Siegel

    Hi, I am a beginner snowboarder and am looking to buy my first board. I am 63 inches and 90 pounds. What size Skate Banana would be right for me?

  • Hi there! The 145 narrow will be the best option for you.
    And the Skate Banana is a phenomenal board for learning.
    You should also check out the Box Scratcher in size 147!

  • youl

    Bonjour, je mesure 1,85m et je pèse 80 kg. Quelle taille de board pour la skate banana en wide me conseillez vous sachant que ça fait que ma deuxième année de snowboard.

  • Nrgetrnl

    Im 5’6″ and 155 lbs, size 8 shoe. Ex skater cruisey butter press kinda guy, not a total park rider but do here and there. Trying to decide between a 149 and 152 banana. Rode a borrowed 152 banana once and loved it.

  • Hello!
    I’d suggest the 152 for someone your size.
    You could definitely ride the 149, but for cruising, presses and butters you’ll probably appreciate the extra pop of the 152–it will feel more lively!

  • nrgetrnl


  • nrgetrnl

    Last question… Ive had a pair of Cartels since like 07 and want to upgrade bindings… any opinion on best bindings to pair with a banana?

  • Just go for something that fits your boots nicely and that’s easy to get on and off–Lib Tech doesn’t make bindings….YET! So we don’t exactly have any specific bindings to endorse or recommend.
    But you’ll probably not want too soft or too stiff of a binding if you want something that you’ll easily be able to butter and press the board with. So go with whatever is comfy and mid-stiffness.

  • Justin Sellers

    Hey lib tech! I saw you mention that for the 15/16 season each size will be assigned its own color vs the random assorted, when does this start and which colors go with which sizes? thanks!

  • Hey Justin,
    Evo has those puppies up on their site…scope it out for yourself:
    We will be updating our site with all the fresh gear within the next couple weeks!

  • Chris

    I’m 5’10” and 215 Ibs, size 12 boot. I mainly board east coast garb. in NC but go out west occasionally. Ive always rode a 159W, is that too much board?

  • Eric

    A quandary between Skate Banana, or Banana Magic… I do not ride the park, I stick to greens and easy blue runs at this point… I’m a 5’6″, 155 lb, 36 y/o beginner! (my experience is about 10 days on a flat board). My challenge this year will be keeping up with much more experienced friends. I’ve heard from a number of people that a rocker board would really help me out… but which one? The “Technology” page lists BTX as “least camber effect… easiest to ride” and !BTX! as “dynamic camber effect… easiest to ride”… So which is “easiest” b/w these two?

  • 159W seems like a very reasonable size for you. But I think a 156W could be fun for a more playful freestyle feel!
    If you want a board to ride in the park, or just something that’s really easy to maneuver, you could definitely consider sizing down a bit.

  • Hi Eric,
    Both boards are awesome and easy to ride, but I would steer you towards the Skate Banana simply because you’re a beginner and you’ll probably be equally satisfied with either model.
    The Banana Magic is a phenomenal board–it’s packed with a bunch of technology and some of our highest end materials. But without much experience riding, you might not notice a lot of it. The Skate Banana will be just as easy (maybe even easier and more forgiving!) to ride as the Banana Magic, but it has a much smaller price tag.

  • Julie Spoth

    I’m 5’6″ and 130lbs and size 7.5 boot. I’ve been riding for 6 years in the northeast – I live in CO now and will be in UT for the winter season. I’m looking for a board that I can learn to ride pow on and freshen up my technique on multiple terrains. What board and size would you recommend me? Thanks!!

  • Emilio

    Ready to order but another urgent size question, sorry. I’m 5 feet 10 175 pounds. UK 9.5 which I think is US 10.5 boot. I was thinking 154…. Is the 154 or 156 regular going to be wide enough for a US 10.5 boot? and which should I go for of the two (154 or 156)? Intermediate. I need help in the park but want to be ok to ride the mountain with this too.

  • Hi Julie,
    The 148N will be better for a more freestyley feel and the 151N is going to devour the entire mountain and really excel in powder.

  • Hi Emilio,
    Either size will be great for someone your height, weight and shoe size.
    The 154 will be incredible for the park, and great for all mountain.
    The 156 will be great in the park, but incredible for all mountain.

    So if park is your number one priority, 154.
    If you want to focus on all-mountain, 156.

  • Rocket

    Hi there! I’m 6′ and about 155-160lbs. 8,5 shoe size. I’m begginer and I want to focus on all-mountain. What size of board i need to pick? Thanks.

  • Jay

    Hi Lib Tech. I’m 6′ 2,4 inches, about 175 lb. and 10.5 US Boots. I’m advanced rider focused on all-mountain (75% carving 10% Park 5% Powder). Should I buy 156 oder 159? Thank you

  • Alex

    hi lib tech please help me i want to buy a skatebanana i go very often at the park and the question is 145n whit 10 boot is possible to do snowboard? thanks

  • Ekaterina Trofimenko

    Hi, Lib Tech! I’m a girl, 176 sm, 62 kg, 39 or 6-6.5 UK Boots. I’m new rider, focused on all-mountain / freeride. please, advise on size of the board. I’m in between 156 and 156W. thank you!

  • Hello there!
    Since you’re a new rider, I’d steer you towards the 152–it will provide a solid platform with good edge contact, but still be maneuverable and forgiving to learn on. If you’re really set on a bigger board, go for the 154. But I wouldn’t recommend the 156 for you if you’re a beginner. It will be a lot to control!

  • Hi Alex,
    Check out the 147 Box Scratcher–it will be a lot more suitable for size 10 boots and it will blow your mind in the park.

  • Hi Rocket,
    The 156 is going to be a killer board for you to learn and progress with for all mountain riding.

  • If you’re spending 80% of your time carving or in powder, 159!
    The extra length will provide better edge hold on turns and more float in deep snow.
    Plus, it will still be small enough to maneuver in the park.


    I’m a beginner .Is this board good for me ?I do 60% carving 25% freestyling and 15% freeriding.
    Thank you

  • This is a GREAT board for riders of all abilities.
    It’s really progression friendly–the BTX/Banana base contour is fun, easy and forgiving.
    It will blow your bind for carving, park/jib and powder riding.

  • oppo

    Hi there, I’m 5’9 and about 145 lbs with 10.5 US boots, I’m an advanced rider and i’m looking for an all mountain freestyle board. Would the 154 be the right choice for me?

  • Hi there,
    The Skate Banana is the classic, all-mountain, easy to ride snowboard!
    If you are wanting a playful ride, this is it!
    But, if you classify yourself as more of an aggressive rider you might want to go for something with our C2 base contour as it will offer more power and it will better suit your needs. The T-Rice, Lando Phoenix and TRS are all great options.

    The Attack Banana has a mellow camber underfoot EC2, so that board will have a really awesome blend of playfulness and powerful, and it’s kind of the hybrid of C2 (like the boards I mentioned above) and the Skate Banana.

  • Julia

    Hey Team!
    I’m a girl, 5’11”, 160lbs, boot size 10. I have a 156 board that I rode 100% carving and fast speed. I’m trying to ride park now, but my current board is very stiff (I find..) what’s your recommendation for my new board? I still want to enjoy carving, fast riding, but also have a good park board. I realize there is more selection in men’s boards and I’m not opposed to that. thank you!

  • Hi Julia!
    The Skate Banana and Box Scratcher are both going to be rad boards to take in the park, but will still perform awesomely in absolutely any terrain!

    BUT, Gnu snowboards also offers a full line of women’s boards–Gnu boards are built by the same folks, in the same factory as Lib Tech. There are some differences in technology, but Gnu boards are UNREAL for freestyle riding. You should check out the Ladies Choice 153.5, Velvet Gnuru 153 or Smart Pickle 152…all of these will be high performance all mountain boards that will really shine in the park.

  • Joe

    Hey Lib Tech Team, Need advice.
    6′ tall, 150-160lbs, with size 10/11 feet. Looking for park specific board to focus on tricks. Have 159 all mountain board but feel its too big. What size should I be looking for, was thinking 153-154?
    Thank you for feedback

  • 153-154 will be awesome for park riding.
    Check out the Box Scratcher, too!

  • Семён Афонин

    Hi Lib Tech, I need your advice. My height 71,65 inches, my weight 148 lb. and 11 US Boots. I ride off-piste, 50% powder, 50% small freestyle, but I do not ride in the park. Advise me the size of the snowboard. Thank you

  • Hello!
    If you’re not riding park and you spend a lot of time in powder, you might want to go with a bigger board.
    Probably the 159 or 156.
    And with size 11 boots I’d probably recommend a wide board…so 156W or 159W.

    The 159 will be phenomenal in powder and the 156 will have a more playful freestyle feel–the reduced length will be easier to maneuver.

  • A_P_Ecall

    Hi Lib Tech! I´m a woman, 170 cm (5 ft 6.93 in), 59 kg (130 lb). Shoes womens US 8,5. I´m an intermediate all mountain rider who hates parks. What would be the perfect Skate Banana length for me?

  • Katerina Safonova

    Hello! I’m a girl, 158sm, 45 kg, 6 US boots. I have a snowboard special for park-ride. But now i want a board special for mountine (powder) ride. Could you as professionals recommend me a right board and size ??? Waiting for your reply )))))

  • Katy

    Hi lib tech, I need some help, I am looking to get my husband a new board as a gift but I am unsure what size I need to buy. He is 5ft 11in, 80kg and a UK size 9 shoes?
    Please help

  • Jay


  • Hi Katy,
    156 or 159 will be great for someone his size.
    The 156 will be more playful and easy to maneuver.
    The 159 will feel more sturdy and be easier to float through powder with.

  • Hi Katerina,
    The 145 or 148 Skate Banana would be a great powder board for you.
    You could also check out Gnu Snowboards, which are made in the same factory with some of the same materials and technology…but they have a whole line of women’s boards!

    But I think for powder 145-148 would be awesome for you.

  • If you’re not riding park you could go with the 152 or 154!
    But you may also like some of the Gnu Women’s boards.
    Check out the B-Pro, Beauty and Smart Pickle.

    They’re all available in 152’s and will be easier to maneuver due to the narrower waist width and mellower flex pattern.
    Gnu boards are built in the same factory as Lib Tech using some of the same materials and technology.

  • Peter

    Hi, like the look of the 156, I’m 6ft 80kg size 10 boots. Would I be best suited to the standard 156 or the 156w?? Cheers

  • Hi Peter,
    With size 10 boots you will not need a wide, go standard width!

  • Kyle

    Hey! Im trying to decide between a 156 and a 156w banana… I have size 10 Thirty-two boots, am 6′ tall and weigh around 180lbs, what would you suggest?

  • With size 10 boots there is no need for a wide board–the 156 will be great!

  • Kyle

    Awesome! Thanks

  • Becca

    Hello! I’m an all-mountain rider with aspirations to steadily improve my freestyle game. Right now I’m comfortable with jibs and smaller jumps, but I also love riding powder, trees, and groomers. Would a hybrid rocker/camber like this be a solid choice? I don’t want it to be too twitchy/catchy. I like a playful board with medium flex, but I don’t want it to be so rockery/buttery that I wash out and fly out of control on high speed groomers. Any advice would be appreciated on the type of board, profile, etc! I’m 5’4.5 & 120 lbs. Was looking at a 146-147 range.

  • Becca

    Also, I wear a size 7.5 boot – the board finder suggests I ride a narrow – I’ve never had a narrow board before. Does that sound right? Haha. Last, if I have to choose between a 145 and a 148, which would you suggest and why based on my height and weight?

  • davis crowley

    what does the narrow do on the board?

  • The narrow width makes the board less wide, so that humans with smaller feet and boots can turn it more easily.

  • Re Art

    What type of base it uses: sintered or extruded?

  • davis crowley

    ok thanks

  • KZips24

    It really depends on what kind of experience you have and what kind of riding you do. I can only tell you from personal demoing experience that this board will hold up in high-speed situations when flat-basing, but would leave much to be desired when carving. If you aren’t into aggressive freeriding and enjoy cruising groomers, this could work for you. It floats really well in powder due to the shape and the edge hold on ice is great despite its “loose” feeling. Jibbing & buttering is easy…and moderate jumps are great once you figure out how to work the pop (won’t come from the tail like camber boards). In my opinion, if you are advanced level and above and looking to gain specialized proficiency in multiple areas of snowboarding, then you should really build a quiver. The reality of all-mountain boards is that they will either be okay at everything or still have a few specialized areas that they excel at. Just my .02, also I’m not a lib-tech employee 🙂

  • o-ton

    Is it possible to ride a skate banana 152 with 11 size boots (burton ion)? I am 5,7′ tall, 132lbs. Thank you!

  • Hi Becca,
    Because Lib boards are unisex, narrow just means they will better accomodate ladies and folks with smaller feet–definitely go with a narrow!
    The Skate Banana 145N or 148N would both be great options, but if you’re looking for more of a hybrid shape, you might want to check out the Velvet Gnuru by Gnu. Made with the same technologies as Lib boards, but in women’s specific sizes and shapes. The Velvet Gnuru features a mellow camber underfoot, which will add power and pop, while still being user-friendly and playful.

  • Go with the 153W!
    You likely won’t even notice the increase in length, but the extra width will be a game changer for size 11 boots.

  • The TNT base is neither sintered or extruded.
    It’s the best of both worlds!
    Because its infused with teflon it’s very durable and speedy, but requires very little maintenance–you could the skip waxing and it’d still perform at about 70%.

  • Shane Lee

    If i am 6″1 and 180+ lbs with 11 size boot what would be the best size board for me?

  • Nancy Castner

    Hello, We are in the market for a new board for our 15 year-old son. He is 120lbs and 5’3″ riding at expert level and loves the park. He has been riding on the youth lib tech boards for the last 8 years and loving it. He would of course like his next board to be another lib tech but, I’m not sure what size to choose for him anymore. His shoe size is a 7.5. He says he wants to go with a longer board to possibly get 2 years out of it. What size do you suggest and should he be on a narrow? I was thinking between 145 and 153cm, but I’m just not sure what to go with. Any suggestions would be great.

  • Sander

    and what about the 10.5 boots?

  • Sebastian

    Would be very interesting for me as well. 😉 I bought a 156 skate banana (2015) a week ago – Boot: 10,5US (32-32,5cm sole length) (Deeluxe ID PF) – Binding: Burton Cartel Size – L (2016). Boots has an outstand of about 2cm at the toes and about 3cm at the heel. Is this a reason to get it in wide or is it still ok?

    I appreciate your answer, thanks. 🙂

  • Cade

    Would I need a wide for 10.5 boots?

  • Ann Brady

    I feel like I have ridden this board everywhere. New England ICE to Rocky Mountain POW-dah. Long slow greens, park jibs, to bushy, rocky blacks. The first board I bought, not the only one that I’ve ridden, and still my favorite. Keep finding it on my feet. Lifties be like, “nice board, brah…”. I bought a new LibTech this year as the ol’ Skate Banana has seen better days after the last three years of crunch and crash, but I’m still riding it every DAY! That Jamie Lynn 20-year is going to have to wait, all waxed and ready for me. LOVE THIS BOARD and highly recommend. Thanks to the folks at LibTech for making an environmentally-friendly board that screams. For reference, I’m 6′ 170-180lb and ride the 159W with a M11 boot (which is why everyone thinks I’m a guy until I speak). <3 you guys.

  • Ann Brady

    I think that puts you in a mid wide. I ride the W with no regrets though sometimes the smaller folks are faster than me in the flats. I catch up by pressing nose or tail and jumping off sides and stuff. Current boots are the size 11 DC Judge and L/XL bindings.

  • Ann Brady

    It IS. big boots look silly on little boards, too.

  • Ann Brady

    70% seems about right for when I need to wax.

  • Vlad

    Hi team, I’m 5’6 , 155lb, boots are size 9.5 (although I wear 8.5 shoes usually). What would be my ideal skate banana size? I was torn between 152 and 154.. Thx!

  • Jordan

    Hi I am looking for a new board, I am about 5′ 10″ and about 225 with size 13, Thirty two boots and Burton customs size large bindings. What kind of board would everyone recommend for me? Right now I ride a 156 Burton Clash and it works fine for me, I just want that perfect board though. From Washington by the way! Any suggestions will help out a lot!

  • Rope Riders

    Just got done riding my new Skate Banana for the 1st time on Mount Snow, Vermont. I absolutely love this board, does every thing, goes every where, handled ice, hard pack, and pow with no problems, turn initiation is effortless, jibs great, and I went all over the mountain with no problems. I have owned Burton boards, Nitro boards, and Ride boards in the past. My favorite before getting my Banana was a Ride Machete, but now I know there is no comparison. My only regret is that I didn’t buy this board 8 years ago when I first started snowboarding. I will be riding a Skate Banana for the rest of my life. I love this board and the technology so much that I just purchased a Banana Blaster for my daughter’s first snowboard for her lessons starting next week (same exact technology as the Skate Banana but in a kids size). I cannot ever say enough good things about this board. I had read some reviews on the internet that said this board was not really an all mountain board, and I was a little concerned before buying it since I love to go all over the mountain. But now that I have actually spent 7 hours riding this thing all over the mountain, I don’t know what those reviewers were talking about. I already have all my other boards up for sale on craigslist. This is the only board that I will ever need. LOVE THIS BOARD.

  • Joe Chang

    I’m 5’9″, 175 pounds, size 9 boot. What size Skate Banana do you recommend? Thanks!

  • Thank you so much for the kind words, we really appreciate the support and are so happy to hear that you are loving your snowboard!

  • Hi Jordan,
    For starters, you will want a wide!
    Beyond that, check out the following:
    For a more playful, floaty, forgiving, jibby feeling board, check out our BTX base contour (Skate Banana or Banana Magic)
    For something a bit more aggressive and versatile for all-mountain riding, check out our C2 base contour (Attack Banana, Skunk Ape, T-Rice)
    For a very aggressive, powerful board, check out our C3 base contour (the Dark Knife)

    All of the boards above are available in wides, pick your poison!
    And visit your local shop to check them all out in person!

  • Thank you so much for all of the kind words and support!
    We realllllly appreciate it and are so stoked you took the time to let us know how much you love your board.

    Enjoy the rest of your winter and cross your fingers for more snow!

  • If you want to spend most of your time in the park, 152..
    But for a more versatile ride, you may want to consider the 154 or 156.

    Smaller boards are easier to huck around and maneuver, while bigger boards will offer more stability and power.

  • tony

    i am 5’4 160 pounds size 8 boot what size skate banana do you recommend thanks

  • SST

    I’m 5’7″, 144 pounds, size 8 boot. What size Skate Banana do you recommend? Thanks!!!:)

  • Sergey Ushakov

    Hi! I’m 5’74”, 200 pounds, size 11. What size Skate Banana do you recommend? The majority of time on the track, but sometimes I like the ride between the trees. Today use GNU Hign carbon beam but I want the better Board.

  • Simon Leist


    I bought the 2016 skate banana. Now, I realize after several snow days that the edges are softened. Now I would like to so the edgeservice by my Own. To so so I bought the Magne – traction tool. I Fehlt very confident with the oem Setup of the state skate bananas edge. I wanted to know Which grade the edges of the skate banana needs to get Grind for the oem Setup. 88 degrees or 90 degrees.

    Thanks in advance
    Greeting Simon

  • So Ronery

    Hey! Need advice. I’m 6′ tall and 145lbs. I like to jump, spin, jib etc.
    You think what size i need? 149, 151N, 152 or something else? May be
    Box scratcher not skate banana?
    Right now I’m riding gnu carbon credit 153, and it feels not enough
    flexible and hard to spin.
    Thank you!

  • Alexander Grundy

    Want to buy this board but can it handle jumps of 50 foot? iv’e heard that it slips out on 50+ foot and jumps make up at least a third of my riding, Thanks

  • Quan Wakafuji

    U need something a little stiffer, longer, or more cambered for big *SS jumps. This is fun to spin on, but it doesn’t get the best speed and stability. But if you are pro enough, you could probably do it.

  • Bobby

    Hi from the UK. 6’2 200lb rider looking for a new Lib board. Broke my collarbone a few years on my twitchy 157 T.Rice so in my older age looking for a powerful all mountain cruiser. The 162wide skate banana or the skunk ape?

  • disqus_5su0b5FR9y

    Hi, asking for a little advice. Specs, 6′, 185lb., Size 11 DC T Rice boot/ L/XL Union Factory. I typically ride my T Rice PRO HP 161.5 back country. I want to get a playful Skate Banana for the park. I’m considering a 156 Skate Banana. Am I in the right ball park with the 156 size? I appreciate your opinions. Thank you, Robert

  • Drew Kelly

    Hi there. Looking into buying a skate banana but not sure what size to get. Advanced rider, I am 5′ 6 but only 120lbs. I mainly ride powder with maybe 10% in park. Thanks for your help!

  • Darlene Elizabeth

    Would this board work for a male who is 6′ 220lb and size 11.5 boot?

  • Kelly Jorgensen

    For sure. Just make sure to get the right size. 159W would be great for mellow cruising and park riding and the 162W for more aggressive terrain and powder. I am 6’3″ and 240 lbs and have 11.5 shoe size and I ride a 162W.

  • Kelly Jorgensen

    What is your boot size?

  • isaac phillips

    wussup lib Im 6 foot 1, 150 pounds, and i have size 11 feet and like riding powder small park features and just cruising what size would you suggest for me?

  • Drew Kelly

    8 and a half. US Size.

  • Kelly Jorgensen

    You’d have a good time on a 149.

  • Marc

    Whats up lib tech im 5’8″ 168lbs with a 10.5 boot. Mostly ride all mountain and looking for a new board. currently riding burton custom X any suggestions?

  • Drew Kelly

    Thanks for the input!

  • Gerard Gemelga

    Hi! I am 5’8″ 175lbs and I wear sz11 boots intermediate level and I am in love with all of the lib products, looking to get skate banana vs banana magic vs box scratcher. I mostly go to big bear and mountain high in California, occasionally to mammoth. please advise what size to get, wide vs standard and type of board. thanks alot

  • Matt Parker

    Hi Lib Tech
    Looking to upgrade from my rosignol 162 alias board.
    I’m 6 foot 2. 187 lbs with US 11 boot.
    I ride mostly all mountain and off piste. Park jumps but no boxes or rails.
    Is the Skate Banana the board of choice and what size do you recommend?

  • Reedo Hanmer

    Hey Kelly, I am looking at picking up a Skate Banana myself and am having trouble deciding on the whether i get a wide or not……my personal dimensions are pretty much the same as yours, a little taller and weight a little less but same size boots. Do you not find the extra width of the 162W (i know its less than a cm) an issue at all edge to edge on any terrain. What kind of boots do you wear? Stance?

  • Kelly Jorgensen

    Hi Reedo, I don’t have any issues moving from edge to edge on the 162W. I have a 24.5 inch wide stance with my front foot at 18 degrees and my back foot at negative 15. I wear the Burton Fiend boots in the 11.5. I also have a GNU Riders Choice which is almost the exact specs as the Skate Banana 162. The waist is 258. I will say that I may get just a bit more edge to edge response from it but I prefer the wide because I am either riding powder so it gives me a bit more volume to stay afloat or when I am riding groomers I like to lay down low Euro carves and I like not dragging my toes at all. Hope this helps.


    hi Lib Tech, i own a Skunk Ape 165 which i love but was looking at the skate banana as an addition as I want something more playful than my skunk ape, I’m 6ft 3, 92kgs, us 13 boot, should i get the 162 or 159?

  • Stephen Leininger

    Im 5’7 US 9 shoe size
    looking for 80%mountain / hard pack / 15% park and 5% powder

    What board would you suggest? more specifically, alaska.. Wanting a do everything board. Any suggestions / size for those suggestions would be awesome 🙂

  • Ignacio Contreras

    Which one is the range of weight, that one would have to ride a lib tech skate banana 148 narrow?

  • Wade Wiernicki

    Hi I’m looking at last year’s skunk ape 161 and it is the last one on sale, my weight is 95kg , 209 pounds, 1.85 cm tall . I love the park and everything else, can you give me your professional opinion please

  • Stephan Herard

    Hi lib I’m 5’9, 170 and size 11 boot. I like going down the mountain doing simple tricks while cruising. The mountains around me can get very icy. What size would you suggest for me?

  • Sam

    Hey, I am looking for a recommendation for a new board. I am 5’10” with 10.5″ boots. I am an instructor so majority of the time I am teaching. However I love to carve, but would like to get some more park riding in. Currently I’m having issues with toe drag when carving, my current board is very firm, which doesn’t give me a lot of play for park riding. Any suggestion would be great.

  • Garett Jones

    Whaddup Lib-Tech! I used to ride an older model of the skate banana, until I grazed a tree and messed up my board. Seems the problem was that the metal side rails stopped around the nose and tail to conserve weight and make whippin’ spins around easier. Gotta say I loved my board, but I would trade the extra weight for durability. Do the newer models have edge rails that go all the way around the base?

  • Sprock3t Rocket

    Hi LIB Tech! So I’m 160cm tall, 71kg, but muscle not fat! Boot size 270mondo (US9?). I love carving, hitting kickers, jumps and jibbing about the mountain. Not a big fan of the park, though getting more into it as hit it with my son. I ride in the Alps and Tyrols, usually icy hardpack, with some powder days if Im lucky. What would you recommend for me, Skate Banana 145, T.Ripper 146 or Box Scratcher 147? Or something else? Cheers J

  • Jake Pane

    Hello – I am 5’10” with size 10 boots. I ordered a 156 from another retailer but received a 156W. I ride all mountain and backcountry with pretty limited park. Will I be alright with the Wide over the regular? I’m heading on a trip in one week so I don’t know that I have time to return it. Thanks for your help!

  • Stephan

    I’m a beginner/intermediate rider – 6’2″, 175lbs, size 11 boots usually. Don’t board often so want a single board i can hit both the park and groomers in typical northeast icy conditions. Will the skate banana fit this use case? Was considering 159, didn’t know if I needed the wide board.

  • Petr Křenek

    Hi, i have skate banana and i want sharpen edge. i have magne traction tuning tool and i don’t know which angle i have use. what angle was on snb when i bought it? (sorry for my english) 🙂

  • Cole Guild

    Hey lib! Had a skate banana a while ago but outgrew it any chance your gonna do an ultra wide skate banana? Or a uw skunk ape at 162ish ?

  • Anton Kuranov

    Hello. Would 156 Banana be a viable all-mountain option (also for flat tricks and thinking about park from time to time) for a guy 177 cm height, 140 lbs weight?

  • Chirs Pratt

    Hi,Lib Tech! I`m 5’7” tall,130 lbs in weight and wearing 8 US size boots.What Skate Banana board size would you suggest me to buy.Most of the time 80% i`m trying to do flat land tricks/butters and medium jumps?20% of the time riding powder.

  • Scott Williamson

    im 5’11 200lbs size 11.5. Will a 159 Standard work for me? or should i go with a wide board?

  • Hi there,
    We tune our edges to a zero degree base and a zero degree edge. Allowing our customers to tune their edges however they please! Here is a link to our edge tuning tool if you’re looking for the proper tool.


  • Stephen

    Hi Lib Tech,

    I’m stuck between the Skate Banana and the TRS. I’m roughly 163cm tall and roughly 53kg with size 7/6.5 boot. Advanced rider with a season in Whistler. Spend most of my time on trails and like off piste/powder but really want to learn 180 360 ollie butters nose/tail press and jumps etc. My current board is F2/FTWO Blackdeck 148cm and 7 flex, holds edge really well and is extremely light which I appreciate because I’m small and light. Do you think the 145N Skate or the 148N TRS is best for me? I want to ride the whole mountain but do tricks along the way and hit the park at the end of a run so I thought a shorter softer board would be best? Appreciate the help!

  • Mike Palmer

    Hi is the normal Skate Banana have a Sintered base or is it only the 10year anniversary model?

  • Alyssa

    Hey guys! Im a lady. I am currently riding the GNU ladies choice 145 as my park board. I love it but it is a couple years old. Im looking for a new park specific board. I want something jibby around the mountain and for riding rails…. I may get the ladies choice again. But have also been looking at the skate banana 145N. It seams like it would ride pretty similar to the ladies choice? How do you think it would ride similar/diff? Thanks!

  • Hello!

    The 148N TRS will probably be the better board for you. having the more aggressive XC2 camber profile will fit your advanced style well.


  • Kristof

    Hi Lib! I am a bit cofused with Skate Banana. I am 180cm, 84 kg nad 10 US. Now I am using Rossigniol Taipan 158. I would like to upgrade my snowboard, but I need your advise with the size 156 or 159? Mainly I am riding with chill but if want to ride faster it’s not a problem. I want to learn buttering. My ride I can describe as: 80% curving, 15% park, 5% powder.
    Now i want to do more buttering while curving.
    What size should I buy?

  • Hello,

    The 159 would be a little too big for what you want to do. A good size for you would be a 154 or 156.


  • Laurens Maas

    Brilliant snowboard BTX – tested 1 for 6 days in Andorra – worked like a charm. : )

  • Rope Riders

    All right, here goes, true story. I have been riding my skate banana for two years now. Have progressed a ton on this board. Just got back from shredding at Tremblant in Canada. While there, I forgot to lock down my board and it flew off my roof rack on the highway, my board got run over several times before I could retrieve it. The metal bindings got crushed. All the board suffered was some gauges on the sintered base and a lightly cracked nose. After some P-Tex, a nose guard, and a waxing, my board was back on the slopes this weekend at Jiminy Peak. This board is tough as nails, I love it.

  • Yuriy

    Hi. Im 175sm and 75kg, want to learn butter tricks. What size for me?

  • Ryan Slanden

    Hey Lib Tech, I was wondering what size board to go with. I’m 6′ and about 190 pounds amd size 9 1/2 boot. What size board would you recommend?

    Thanks in advance

  • Hello,

    For your height and weight the 152 would be a great size to learn butters on!

  • Hello,

    a 156 or 159 would be a good size for you. If you wanted something a bit smaller to cruise groomers on the 56 would be great. if you like to ride powder the 59 would be the better choice, it’s personal preference.

    Hope this helps!

  • SurferTomRI

    How is this board for doing deep carves?

  • Firat Aktok

    Hi there,
    I need an advice please. I want to make my own custom skate banana but I’m not sure about the size of the board. I’m 1.85cm. 72kg., shoe size is 10.5 – 11. I will be riding trees, carving, butters, park, jibs. Also will there be new graphics coming up or this is it for this year ?

  • Chris

    Hi I was wondering if the 159 Skate Banana would be ok for a 196 pound, 6’2″ guy with a boot size 11.5 Burton Ruler Boots. Apparently Burtons footprint is supposed to be a size smaller for the board. This is the first board I have ever bought so I just wanted to check if this board was the right length and width. Thanks

  • Damarcus James

    The board that would fit you the best would be the 159W!! W means wide! it will be a way better fit!

  • Damarcus James

    156 wide would be the best fit for you!!

  • Lou

    Hey Lib team, need some help!! I’m 5′ 11″, 160 lbs with a shoe size of 10.5. I want to do alot of park riding this year.. I like the skate banana but I’m having a hard time choosing the right size. what would be a good fit for me to use in the park?

  • Alexander Zhukovsky

    Hi Lib team,
    need your help. I looking for a skate banana full yellow design. I saw it some time ago on your website. May be that board still available on sale anywhere?

  • Rob

    Hi there, I’ve decided that this is the board for me, but what I can’t decide on is what size to get. I’m 6’0, 158lbs, shoe size 10.5. I have one season of snowboarding under my belt so far and I was using a pretty small board (154ish I think) the whole time. Looking for an all-mountain board, but for the most part I won’t be spending too much time in the park or doing tricks. So I’m basically wondering if the 156 or 159 would be best for me.. and should I go wide too? Any advice would be appreciated, thanks!

  • Mike Litoris

    a little bit of a strange question, but you guys think stickers hold on that surface?

  • Franky

    Will there be any new graphics coming up for diy ? The existing ones are very boring.

  • Ota

    Hi, Lib-tech team. It’s my first board. I’m 170 cm, 77 kgs, boot size 9-9,5. What size should I looking for? Thanks.

  • Passzed

    Can the board support 6ft, 220lbs guy? What’s size would recommend?

  • Hello,

    The 152 would be a great size for you.


  • Hello,

    yes it can, a good size for you would be a 159 if you wanted an all mountain board, or a 161 if you wanted something more powder specific. If you have a size 12+ boot you will need to be on a wide snowboard.


  • Peggy

    I’m 5ft 2″ and 100 pounds what size board do I need and with the transfer bindings can you use a ordinary winter boot

  • Pavel Kolyushkin

    Hi!! I am 83kg and 184cm height, i want to buy a banana with more focus on powder and backcountry riding. Tell me please, what size should i get?

  • Kyle Hammond

    Hi, I just purchased a new Skate banana 154. Do i need to get it waxed or is it ready to ride?

  • pierre crucifix

    Hi guys, I’m 174 cm & 67 kgs. Would you advise me to go for the 152 or 154? I like parks but do not spend all my time there. Thanks a lot!

  • Dev Pwnz

    Hi! I am 183 cm and 95 kg. Would you think 157cm or 162cm is more suitable for me? (I can find these sizes in a local shop).
    I must also confess I am pretty much a beginner (only had 1 season to learn).

  • Matei Pop

    Hi i want to know if i can put some normal bidings on this board

  • Hello Kyle,

    All our boards come factory waxed, you can get your first couple of days on it without waxing. But if you wanted to wax the board right off the bat before you go ride, that can never hurt!


  • Hello Pierre,

    The 152 would be the better size for you.


  • Hello,

    The 157 would fit you if you wanted a little smaller of a board to cruise groomers and play around on. If you wanted a board that was a bit bigger for riding powder, the 162 would be better.


  • Jay

    Hi Guys, I’m 180cm, 64Kg, (UK9 Boots) what size do you recommend for cruising groomers and buttering on.. 152, 153 or bigger?

  • SB

    Hey, I´m thinking about the banana but i`m still not sure about the size. I`m 1,73m 74kg; strong and athletic build. 8 size. What’s the better board size?

  • Kl No

    Hi! I am 1.82 cm and 82 kg and boots US size 12+. All mountain use, love getting into powder but not that much into park .
    What you think is more suitable for me? 156 W or 159W?
    Thank you.

  • Brianna Smith

    Hey! I am in the process of buying my first board. I’ve gone a few times using my friends boards. I know I prefer rockers and I’ve heard great things about the skate banana. My only concern is I like to carve a lot, in order to slow me down because I can’t go that fast yet. I’ve read a couple reviews saying the skate banana isn’t ideal for carving. Do you think I’ll be able to carve fine or would you recommend looking for a different board?

  • Ivo Ivanov

    Hi! I’m 173 cm, 60kg, boot size 9 – 9.5. I have 4 years of experience, but wouldn’t consider myself as advanced rider. Riding mostly in resorts/easy slopes. I’ve decided to get a skate banana for this season, but not sure 152 or 154. What would you advice? Thanks in advance 🙂

  • Hello Jay,

    The 152 would be a great size to cruise around and do butters on.


  • Hello,

    The 156w would be the best size for you and your style of riding.


  • Hello Brianna,

    The Skate Banana is a great board for beginners, looking to get their first board and progress their riding. Rocker is a lot easier to get your turns dialed compared to camber. You might also want to check out the Gnu B-Nice, our Gnu boards are made with the same construction, quility and technology. Girls board are made slightly thinner then mens, making it fit a girls size and riding style better, allowing you to progress your riding quicker.


  • Hello Ivo,

    The 152 would be the better size for you.


  • Ivo Ivanov

    Thanks Mervin!

  • Blake

    Hi! Im about to purchase this board and could use your advise. Im 6’2, 200 lbs and wear a size 12. should I get the 159 or 162 and do I need wide? thanks.

  • Kuba Sajdak

    Hi, I just bought new skate banana, and i have some questions, is she already waxed and ready for first ride or should I go first to the servece and wax her? IF she is already waxed, when should I wax second time? After 1 day ride or can i ride for few more days on original wax?

  • Daiv

    Hi everyone to LiBT Team! Can I have a question pls? I ride 10years and I need a new SNB now (banana of course 🙂 . I had now 152 and I am thinking about 154. I am 171cm and 79kg. Do you thing 152 is good for me or better than 154? (snowpark, jibb and freeride sometimes – all mountain). Thanx for you answer. Greetings from Czech Rep. 🙂

  • Hello Blake,

    You could ride either board, the 159 would be great for groomers and park. And the 162 would ride well for powder. Either board you get, you WILL need to be on a wide.


  • Hello Kuba,

    We wax each and every board at our factory after we build them.
    This means that generally, you can ride a new board a day or two (maybe even three!) before you need to wax it again.
    However, as you may know, we do everything from start to finish with our own hands at the factory…even waxing! While this usually results in unrivaled quality, sometimes it means that boards don’t get quite as much wax as they need. Particularly because it’s a belt wax (not hot ironed), so before you take the board out for a shred, look it over. If it has kind of a wood grainy or hairy appearance…wax it before you ride!

    Hope this helps!

  • Hello Daiv,

    The 152 will be the better size for you! Have a great season!


  • Jan mrkl

    Hi, I am 181 cm 73 kg and boot size 11 (Burton Ruler). I have a 153 (Park-)Board and I think this size is very nice to me. Now I want to buy a good all-mountain board. I was thinking about the 153W or the 156W. What would you suggest? Thanks.

  • Martin Nguyen

    Hi guys! I’m 177cm and 75kg. My shoe size is US 10 (Thirty Two Lashed Boa boots) with Burton Mission bindings. I was wondering if I should go for the 152cm or 153cm wide? I’m from Australia where snow can be questionable at times 😀 Cheers, Martin 🙂

  • Paul

    I bought this brand new Skate Banana last week size 156. I am 173cm tall and 74kg, shoe size US 7.5 I will be using it mainly in resorts/slopes. Now reading the recommendations here I’m little concerned if I shouldn’t go for a smaller one. Thanks!

  • Mark Wuilliez

    I’m buying a Skate banana this season. I’m 5’9″ 160lbs what size do you recommend. I’m intermediate level..


  • Hello Martin,

    You will be better off on the 152, a wide snowboard is made for people with size 12+ boots.


  • Martin Nguyen

    Thanks heaps for your reply Mervin 🙂

  • Matt

    Hi guys, I’m thinking about buying a Skate Banana for a long time now, but I’m not sure about the size. I’m 184 cm and 78 Kg and I have recently switched to 10,5 US Vans aura boots. I have always been choosing 159W boards and now I’m not sure if it’s the best match for me. I want SB for allmountain freestyle (goofing and buttering around the slope, some small park features) and I also want some performance on the slope and pow when I pick the SB from a boardbag (I also have a stiffer camber board for hard charging). Is 159W a good fit or should I go for some other size? Thanks guys a lot!

  • Nadir Toniolo

    HI there i would like to buy a Skate banana but as a beginners I’m not sure about the size. I am 187 cm and 85 kg, which one i should get. Thank you

  • Hello Matt,

    The 158 would be a good size for you, if you wanted to go a little smaller for butters and goofing around you could also jump on a 156. Also since you are a size 10.5 boot, you do not need to be on a wide board. Wide boards are made for people with size 12+ boot.


  • Hello Nadir,

    the 159 would be a great size for you. If you have a size 12+ US boot you will need the 159wide.


  • tommy

    Hello! i’m 177cm , 75kg and have 11us foot size. should i go 156 o 156w?

  • Yuhui Mao

    Hi! I am 168 cm and 70 kg. Would you think it is good for me to get 148 cm for freestyle snowboarding?

  • Hello Tommy,

    You will be better off on the 156.


  • Hello Yuhui,

    Yes, the 148 will be a good size for you.


  • Os

    hi, i’m looking for suggestions regarding the optimal board size.
    Im 80 KG, 177cm & 45 EU shoe size.
    Advice appreciated.


  • Илья Иконников

    Hello, Mervin! I am 177 cm, 70 kg and 8US feet. I like to jump and do butter tricks,riding in skate style. What size of board you would recommend?

  • Ross Gorbig

    I am 5’9, 160 pounds, boot size 10.5. I am an intermediate all mountain rider and will occasionally hit some jumps. Is this a good board for me and if so what size ?

  • Manuel

    Hey guys and gals,

    I bought a skate banana with magne traction a year ago and thought it would be about time to get some service, but every shop I ask is unsure about the magna edge! Any advice? Is it safe to give this board to normal board service?

  • Juan Bas Bosca

    HI! One question, why does height matter when choosing your board size?

  • Juan Bas Bosca

    Oh and also I have the skate banana 2017/2018 in standard width but I have a 12.5 US size feet is that okay?

  • Hello,

    The 153w will be the best size for you.


  • Hello,

    The 154 would be a great size for you, if you wanted to go a little smaller for a more skate style you could also ride the 152.


  • Илья Иконников

    Thank you for your advice! From Russia with love!

  • Phil

    I´m 1,88m and 94kg. My Boot is 45 1/3 EU. Which Size is good for me?

  • Hello Phil,

    The 159w would be a great size for you!