Round Nose Fish Redux Giveaway | FREE SHIPPING! orders over $75 – Excluding Surfboards

Round Nose Fish Redux Giveaway | FREE SHIPPING! orders over $75 – Excluding Surfboards

Round Nose Fish Redux Giveaway | FREE SHIPPING! orders over $75

  • Skunk Ape Snowboard - 157W, 161W, 165W, 169W, 170UW, 172

Skunk Ape





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Free shipping over €75

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The Skunk Ape C2 snowboard is our experiMENTAL division big guy “dream board” project. Constant testing and refinement by Trevor Phillips, Snowboy’s Krush Kulesza and crew make this the best larger gentlemen power freestyle stick on the planet. Put it on rail, your toes won’t drag.


Art by Quincy Quigg

Le snowboard Skunk Ape C2 est le “projet de rêve” de notre grand gars du département experiMENTAL. Des tests et des ajustements réguliers de Trevor Phillips, de notre rider Krush Kulesza et de l’équipe en font la meilleure board freestyle version large du monde. Mettez la sur des rails, vos orteils ne vous arrêteront pas.


Art by Quincy Quigg

Das Skunk Ape HP ist das Traumbrett gestandener Mannsbilder, die auf großem Fuß leben. Denn durch die superleichte Horsepower-Konstruktion fällt der breitere Shape kaum ins Gewicht, sondern nur positiv auf. Das bestätigen auch die großen Jungs der Mervin Family.


Art by Quincy Quigg

La Skunk Ape C2 es el resultado de un diseño de ensueño de las manos de nuestro departamento experimental. Las pruebas y los perfeccionamientos constantes realizados por Trevor Phillips, Krush Kulesza y todo el equipo, la convierten en la tabla ancha de freestyle más potente del planeta. Llévatela donde quieras, tus puntas ya no tocaran la nieve.

Skunk Ape Info Graphic

Board Specs

Size Contact
Min-Max / Set Back
10 = Firm
Range (lbs)
157W 117 8.25 30.5 26.8 30.5 21"-26" / .5" 7 140 +
161W 121 8.5 30.5 26.8 30.5 21"-26" / .5" 7 145 +
165W 124 8.6 30.7 26.8 30.7 21"-26" / .5" 7 145 +
169W 127 8.6 31 26.8 31 21"-26" / .5" 7 150 +
170UW 127 8.6 32.9 28.5 32.9 21"-26" / .5" 7 160 +
172 131 8.75 31.2 26.8 31.2 21"-26" / .5" 7 160 +
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Skunk Ape Construction
  • Richard B.

    Hi Team,
    I am 193 cm and 115 kg with shoe size 12, can you please help me which model to buy? 170 UW or 169 W is enough?
    Thank you in advance!

  • Hi Richard,
    With size 12 boots you’ll be fine with a wide board–no need for the ULTRA.
    Here’s our new board finder, there might be some other Wides you’ll be stoked on!:

  • K. Dupas

    My husband is 6’5 and 300 lbs. He has a 15 size shoe. Would you recommend this ultra wide? Thank you.

  • Brendan Ortiz

    i’m the same size, Ultra wide is a great board, could be a touch longer but still really fun.

  • Honza Rzyman

    Hi guys,
    I have 196cm and 118kg. I have chance buy not used 165W skunk ape HP c2btx, model 2014 and 2015 for same price(10K CZK). It will be ok for my body? And is there any differents about green deer skunk 2014 and red bear 2015, only graphic? Thx for answer 😉

  • Yes it should work just fine for you!
    We haven’t changed this board much in recent years, so it should be nearly identical to this one.

  • Zach

    Hello – I am 6-3, 210, with a size 15. Should i go with the ultra wide? I fear the regular wide isnt going to be wide enough for a size 15…..thoughts? THANKS

  • Fred

    My 18yr old son demo’d and bought a Skunk Ape last season and I taco’d my board on our last trip so I’m looking at a Skunk Ape for myself. I’m 6’4″, 250, athletic build. I’m older now but still somewhat aggressive. Been riding 20+ years. So I need guidance on choosing 169 or 172. I know that either will be fine but do you have any specific guidance? Mostly ride trees, sidecountry, off-piste, think the Hobacks at Jackson Hole. Leaning towards 169 unless you offer some compelling reason to go 172. Thanks.

  • I’d definitely steer you towards the 169.
    I think you could ride the 172 without any trouble, but the 169 will just be more fun and easy to maneuver…while still offering plenty of float!

  • Anthony

    Hello – I love the skunk ! I’m 5’8. 170lbs and I’m having a hard time choosing between 157& 161 cm …. Any suggestions ? I’ve been riding Colorado 5-7 seasons I’d say I’m advanced rider . Looking for groomer/powder/backcountry/bowls kinda board , I don’t do the park .. Any help would be much appreciated !!! Thanks ,

  • Dave

    Hey everyone. I’m really new at boarding, but I want to get a board that will work well. I’m 6’2″, 300 lbs, size 12-13 boot (pending on brand). Naturally, I would go with the biggest size of board, but I figured I would throw my dilemma out here to see if I could go with a different size. Not looking at the parks just yet, just hitting the slopes.

  • Yukhnovich Artsem

    Hi Lib Tech!
    When available 170UW?

  • mcs

    Hey Lib – looking for a new board and i’m torn between sizes. I’ve been riding for 20 years, i’m 6 feet tall, 195 pounds, and size 13 boot. My boot obviously limits me to a wide board. I’m looking for something fairly flexible and playful – i love to do butters, hit boxes, and shred trees. Not messing with any huge kickers. I currently rock a 158 rome mod rocker and i like it for the most part, but sometimes i feel like it’s too small when cruising at light speed. What do you think is the right lib and size for me?

  • Old Fart Grocery Shopper

    The 180 officially died in 2016? The accountants got control. Save your souls before it’s too late (and bring it back with plain old camber). Please don’t make me cheat on with you another snowboard company. Please.

  • nikita

    if I have 13,5 size of boots , I need 169w or 170 uw ?

  • JK27

    I’m 6’8 and wheigt about 210 pounds but only have a size 11 1/2 in shoes. Should I go for the 170 UW or 169W ???

  • Liontaryist

    I rode the 2016 Skunk Ape HP C2 BTX 161W last year. Just hoping this feedback helps others…
    I’m a seasoned rider (22 yrs) 6’2″ 350lbs size 12 boot. I spend most of my time on groomers, riding switch 40% of the time, high-speed butters, slashing, railing, some time spent in the trees, very little park (tabletops and boxes only)
    Pros: This is the fastest, most stable board i’ve ever ridden! If you wanna bomb all over the mountain, this board’s for you. I can say this board definitely helped me progress in speed. Floats nicely in powder btw.
    Cons: Riding switch doesn’t feel as natural as it should and theres just NOT ENOUGH POP! I want this board in a FULL CAMBER!
    If you want a super fast ride with unreal stability, this board’s for you. It’s just a bit of a wet noodle and too forgiving when it comes to my needs imho

  • Anna

    I want to give snowboarding. Let me know which to choose snowboarding for a beginner, for several seasons to come?
    My boyfriend weight 250 LBS, Height 6.2 and boot size 12.5

  • Varo Gonzalez

    Hi from Spain¡
    I´m 188CM – 82kg – size boot 45 (EU).
    Should i go for the 157W or 161W? (i usually ride with 159W in other boards….)
    Please help

  • Kelton

    Will the 170uw work for someone with a size 14 boot or will my toes still overhang too much.


    I ride last year’s model. I’m 6’2 195lbs with a size 12 boot and ride a 161W. This this is a dream board for bigger dudes and fits me perfectly even though I’m on the lower end of the “big guy” meter. It’s truly an all terrain board. Excels on groomers, but I’ve used it in the park and in knee deep pow by setting the stance back a bit.

  • Ian McCarthy

    does anyone know where i can get a 170uw? can’t find one anywhere

  • Cory

    I have last year’s model, however I have size 14 boots and ride the 161 size and I have no issues. Standard wide as well, not the ultra wide. Hope this helps.

  • Kaitlyn Schlegel

    I work at The House Boardshop (, if you shoot me an email sometime, I can check if we have one in stock as I thought we did…

  • Hello from Seattle!

    what type of riding do you like to do? if you like to ride park, i would say the 157. if you like to ride powder, then the 161.


  • Hello!

    the 170UW is made for somebody with a size 14+ boot. So yes it should work for you!


  • Vasiliy Melnichenko

    Hello there,

    I’m 92 KG – 192 CM with a 12 (US) boot size and I’m going to acquire 180W Skunk ape. Do you think it will fit me if I ride freeride basically.

  • Hello Vasiliy,

    I think the 180 would be too big for you. For somebody your size, a 161 or 165 would be the better size.


  • Oliver


    I`m from Germany, not so good in english… .

    How many “Contour” / variant are there from Skunk Ape 2017 from this site with this design front and behind?
    On this site stay: C2 BTX
    On other site: C2X

    Are there other, what are the differences?

    Sincerely Oliver

  • Dave Humes

    Will new board sizes come out and is there a way to be notified? I have a 162W for a 6′ 2″ 230+ rider with 13.5 boots. Board is okay for groomers, parks, and most anywhere on the mountain. But since the screw holes cannot be backed further on the board i stand pretty much in the middle of the board. I have to lean way back in any level of deep powder or heavy new snow. Wanting to get the 170UW board for my feet and keeping the heels and toes off the snow, but also getting a way to have that further back stance as needed for the front tail to ride above the snow.

    I keep checking every few days, but wonder if any new boards will be made this season?

  • Hello!

    With your size i think the 180 will be a bit to big. A better size for you would be a 161 or 165.


  • Hello Oliver,

    all our Skunk Apes have the same profile, C2.


  • Nate

    I’m looking for a board that’ll fit my size – 6’4″, 240 lbs, size 17 boot. The weight ranges I’m seeing on specs aren’t close to that. Will any of these boards work for me? Thx.

  • Hello Nate,

    For your boot size, you’re going to be best off on our Ultra Wide 170. for your height and weight it might be a bit tall for you, but with a size 17 boot, it will be the best for the least amount of toe and heel drag.


  • Jake

    Hi – I am 5′ 10″ and 155 lbs, with size 12 boot. Will the Skunk Ape C2 157 cm fit, or do I need to look at something else? Thanks!!

  • Hello,

    the 157 will work for you. If you wanted another option, the Travis Rice 157W would also be a a good board that has a similar profile to the Skunk Ape.


  • Neil Long

    I’m 6′ 4″ with size 13(US) feet, 230lbs.
    I’m looking at this board for pure charging about quickly, jibbing, playing in general and riding probably 50/50 switch – but essential aggressive freestyle, but more piste and sides. Will this board do the job or is the travis rice wide a better option – but that looks more freeride/freestyle and back country orientated. The switch riding is key as well.

  • Hello,

    The Skunk Ape would be a great one for you, its a directional twin, but if you move your bindings forward it will ride like a true twin. Being a guy of your size, if you’re looking for a board to do a little bit of everything on, the Skunk Ape would be great!


  • Matt

    Trying to set my 170UW up as a Twin. How much do I have to move the bindings forward? If I go for 0.5″ setback, the stance is not fully centered between the ends of the board. Distance between nose and inserts is about 1.5″ longer than between tail and inserts. Do I need to move the bindings 0.5″ or 1.5″ towards the nose?

  • Matt

    Come on, if anybody knows, then it’s you guys. 😉

  • Andy Spears

    I’m looking for recommendation for my son who’s 6’10 and wears size 15 boots. He’s probably only about 230lbs. He rides in Canada in Ontario (yes we do have skiing here) and Quebec and Vermont so it’s groomed, hardback, ice, crud etc. He’s a level 2 instructor. I’d be grateful for a recommendation. Thanks

  • Hello,

    Since the board is a true twin, but the inserts are just set back, the best way to go about this is to place your bindings in the general width you like your stance to be at. From there measure the distance from the center of one of the disks to the nose or tail, do that with the other binding. From there shift the bindings forward or back equally until you can find the sweet spot where both the bindings are at the same distance from the nose and tail while having the stance width you prefer.

    hope this helps!

  • Hello,

    For his height, weight and boot size the 170UW would work well for him. especially since his boot size is a 15 the ultra wide is going to help a lot with reducing toe and heel drag.


  • Matt

    Thanks for the reply. It does help indeed, especially the fact that the board is a true twin besides the insert’s setback. But it also implies that the setback is 1.5″ instead of 0.5″ as stated in the specs. Please confirm.