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Bus in da Barrel giveaway! – FREE SHIPPING! orders over $75 *Excluding Surfboards

Bus in da Barrel giveaway! – FREE SHIPPING! orders over $75 *Excluding Surfboards

Bus in da Barrel giveaway! – FREE SHIPPING! orders over $75

  • TRS Snowboard - 151N, 154, 157, 157MW, 159, 159MW, 162, 165MW






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Originally designed as a park and slopestyle freestyle stick, the TRS has been a go to for progressive riders pushing freestyle all over the resort and deep into the backcountry. A long history of competitive wins in every terrain and discipline imaginable… Olympic pipe medals, World Freeride Tour gold, Slopestyle championships and lots of Good Wood awards. Blair Habenicht makes this one his go to for big steep critical freeride lines and Matteo Soltane pushes the envelope of freestyle progression with the same stick. This board totally rips.


Art by Anthony Hurd

Au départ conçue comme une board de park et de freestyle slopestyle, la TRS est devenue la référence pour les riders progressifs repoussant les limites du freestyle sur toute la montagne et en backcountry. Une longue histoire de victoires sur tous les terrains et dans toutes les disciplines… Médailles olympiques en pipe, de l’or au Freeride World Tour, en championnats de Slopestyle. Blair Habenicht en a fait sa préférence pour les grosses traces en freeride et Matteo Soltane ne cesse de faire progresser le freestyle avec. Cette board déchire complètement.


Art by Anthony Hurd

Ursprünglich für große Sprünge im Park und beim Slopestyle gedacht, ist das TRS die ultimative Wahl für alle, die sich beim Freestyle auf dem ganzen Berg austoben oder im tiefsten Backcountry pushen wollen. Denn dieses Board blickt auf eine lange Tradition an Contestsiegen in jedem Terrain und allen Disziplinen zurück: von olympischen Halfpipe-Medaillen über Freeride-World-Tour-Gold bis hin zu Slopestyle-Meisterschaften und jeder Menge „Good Wood“-Awards. Kein Wunder, dass Blair Habenicht in steilen Freeride-Faces genauso darauf vertraut wie Matteo Soltane im Park. Dieses Board ist was für echte Ripper!


Art by Anthony Hurd

Diseñada inicialmente como una tabla de freestyle para park, la TRS es perfecta para mejorar tu nivel de freestyle por toda la montaña. Así lo avala su recorrido de múltiples logros, desde medallas de pipe en los Juegos Olímpicos a podios en el Slopestyle, un oro en el World Freeride Tour y premios Godwood. Blair Habenicht elige esta tabla para bajar por líneas expuestas sobre nieve polvo y Matteo Soltane para empujar los límites de progresión en el freestyle. Esta tabla es increíble.


Art by Anthony Hurd

  • 2018 Transworld Snowboarding – Good Wood – All Mtn
    2018 Transworld Snowboarding – Good Wood – All Mtn
  • 2017 Transworld Snowboarding – Good Wood – All Mountain
    2017 Transworld Snowboarding – Good Wood – All Mountain
  • 2016 Transworld Snowboarding – Good Wood
    2016 Transworld Snowboarding – Good Wood
  • 2015 Transworld Snowboarding – Good Wood
    2015 Transworld Snowboarding – Good Wood
TRS Info Graphic

Board Specs

Size Contact
Min-Max / Set Back
10 = Firm
Range (lbs)
151N 112 8.1 28.5 24.7 28.5 18.5"-24" / 0" 6 100 +
154 115 8.2 29.2 25.3 29.2 20.25"-25" / 0" 6 120 +
157 117 8.3 29.3 25.3 29.3 20.25"-25" / 0" 7 130 +
157MW 117 8.3 30.1 26 30.1 20.25"-25" / 0" 7 130 +
159 119 8.32 29.4 25.3 29.4 20.25"-25" / 0" 7 140 +
159MW 119 8.32 30.2 26 30.2 20.25"-25" / 0" 7 140 +
162 122 8.45 29.8 25.6 29.8 20.25"-25" / 0" 7 150 +
165MW 125 8.5 31 26.3 31 20.25"-25" / 0" 7.5 155 +
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TRS Construction
  • Elmer Budd

    im 5’8 and 160Lb what size would you recommend for me?
    Would this be a proper park board?

  • Hi Elmer,
    This board is phenomenal anywhere on the mountain–when we first added it to the line, we really marketed it as being a park board, but over the years it’s made its way all over the place—from HUGE mountains in the Alaskan backcountry to the Mt Baker Legendary Banked Slalom. It does it all.

    I’d probably recommend a 154 for riding everywhere.

  • Nick

    I’m 6’1 220 lb what would be a recommended size?

  • Hey Nick,

    Sizing really depends on boot size, if you’re bigger than 11.5, you might want to consider a wide board instead.
    If you’re under size 11, you could go for a standard width, but for size 11+, I’d recommend a midwide in the TRS.

    I don’t think I’d recommend going smaller than the 159 unless you’re riding a lot of park.
    The 162 won’t be very suitable if you have big feet, since it’s not a midwide.
    And the 165 is definitely bigger, but I don’t think you’d have any issues riding/controlling it.

  • Johan Stoltenkamp

    hoi i am 203cm 115kg shoe size 45.5
    what trs will i need

  • Sergio

    Hi, I’m 191 lb, boot size 9
    what size do you recommend?

  • Hi Sergio, I think the 157 will be the most suitable size for you.

  • I Johan, I’d recommend the 165–the waist on the 162 probably be a little narrow for you, so the next size down would be the 159MW, but that might feel a little small.

  • Clancy Ivanac

    Hi, Im 90kg and 188cm and boot size 10.
    what size board would you recommend?

  • 159 for a more nimble, easy to maneuver ride.
    162 for an extra stable and floaty ride.

  • andrew

    Hey Im 205 pounds and 6’1. Burton shrinking boots size 9.5. I have a 157 Trice but the contact points are more like a 161. Its a bit sluggish in the trees, wanted something a little easier to throw around. What size TRS would be most suitable for me? Thanks

  • matias

    Hi. I´m 184 pounds (85 kg) and 6´3 (192 cm). boot size 12. What size board will you recomend? thanks

  • Jeff Pai

    Hi, I’m 70kg, 166cm, boot size US8, with flow fuse-at binding (Medium), will 148N suit me and my bindings? or what do you recommend? thanks

  • 159MW will be perfect for an awesome all-around board!
    But if you plan on mainly riding this board in powder, you could size up the 165…the 162 will probably be too narrow for size 12 boots.

  • Hey Andrew,
    I wouldn’t recommend going any smaller than 157 and I think that you may want to consider the 159!
    Because of the shorter contact length, XC2 base contour and basalt, this will feel more nimble and snappy than the T-Rice, so I don’t think you’ll find it to be sluggish.

  • andrew

    no i have size 9 burton shrinking so they are a size 9 much smaller footprint, i use medium cartels as well. I need a mid wide? I was under the assumption if you have a smaller footprint you do not need it? thanks

  • andrew

    Okay so you think i should go with the 159? it scares me going with a bigger size but i know you guys know what your talking about. Thanks for your quick reply .

  • The 148N is reaaaally narrow, so you could potentially get some toe drag.
    If you feel comfortable with a 151, that might accommodate your size 8 boots better–the waist width is 1cm bigger.

  • Marco Mearini

    Hi, Im 73kg and 182cm and boot size 12.
    what size board would you recommend?

  • Alex

    I’m 185 lbs. 6’1″ and shoe size 10. What size board would you recommend?
    Thanks for the help!

  • 157MW or 159MW
    The 157 will be a bit easier to turn and maneuver, but the 159 will offer a bit more stability and flotation in deep snow.

  • Hi Alex,
    If you want something freestyle-friendly and easy to maneuver, you could go for the 157.
    if you want something to dominate deep snow and aggressive terrain, you could go for the 162.
    Or, you could go for the 159 and it would be really awesome anywhere–terrain park or deep/steep powdery terrain.

  • Adrian Brown

    I’m looking for a board that I can use all around the mountain this winter. I’m 6’2, weigh 16 stone and wear size UK 9.5 (US 10.5) boots and I was thinking about the 162 cm. Do you think that’s a good idea?

  • Adrian, yes!
    The 162 sounds like the best size for an all-mountain board for you.

  • Adrian Brown

    Great, now I just need to find it in Britain!

  • Brandon Rogers

    Im 6’2″ weighing 145. ride a 157 Burton blunt. Looking to upgrade to this board was wanting something i can use everywhere both in deep powder but also jibbing and slashing groomers and the park. what do you think about sizing? i was going to go 157 again but after reading this feed I’m unsure and if i go up in length why? thanks!

  • miggi

    hello. im about 185 cm, and 184 lbs. boot size 11.5. ive been riding banana magic 161. im now looking to buy this board. would it be an easy switch from banana magic? and what size should i go about? how about the 165? thanks

  • Hey Brandon, you should be fine with the 157–I think that’s the best size for you.
    I definitely don’t think you’ll want to size down; the 154 will feel pretty small.
    But the 159 is going to take more effort to maneuver and you might find it to be a little sluggish.

  • Hey Miggi,
    This board will probably feel a little more snappy and aggressive than your Banana Magic, but I don’t think it will be a hard transition for you.

  • miggi

    can you elaborate more please? i got the 165cm. is that ok or i should go shorter? why would it be snappy and aggressive? i dont want more falls.. rather more stable and control

  • Controlling this board will just be different than your Banana Magic, it won’t make you fall more and I don’t think you’ll have any trouble with it!

    Because of the increased camber, it has more pressure at the nose and tail, so when you pop/jump/ollie it will feel kind of like a rubber band or slingshot, and you’ll get more power out of it with less effort. I think you’ll find the TRS to be more stable at high speeds, particularly when turning. You’ll be able to quickly engage turns without sacrificing any stability because it locks into turns more aggressively than the Banana Magic,which doesn’t have camber underfoot.

    The 165 is a 3cm jump up from your Banana Magic, so it will take more effort to control the board, but if your 161 didn’t feel like enough board (if it was lacking stability, power, or felt shaky at speeds) then sizing up will remedy all of those things. But if your 161 felt perfect, you may not want to size up 3cm.

  • roman

    hi! I’m 175cm / 75kg. Shoe size is US7. I like allmountain freestyle, kickers, tricks and so on. But also want this board to be really good in powder. Please recommend a suitable board size. thanks!

  • Leonardo Graziani

    Hello I have given this table measure 154. I weigh 80kg and I am 185 cm tall . I think it’s small ?

  • Ryan Mincey

    Hi, I can’t decide between the TRS 157mw and the Skate Banana 165w. I ride mostly park but still like do race down the mountain and ride pow! Idk what would work out better for me! From what I under stand the Banana is more flexy less stable, and trs and more stiff and more stable! But I feel like I would need a more stable board for cruising?

  • merlyn

    hey team Lib Tech…
    am gonna be picking up a TRS today… just deliberating on the size…
    weigh 160 pounds, 5’7 tall and boot size is 9.
    need this as an all mountain board with the odd pow trip whenever i can…
    what size do you guys recommend?

  • The 154 will be awesome everywhere! and very maneuverable.
    But if you’ve been riding bigger boards and that’s what you’re used to, you could absolutely ride the 157 without any issues and it will have a more sturdy and powerful feel.

  • Hi Ryan,
    The TRS will be incredible to ride absolutely anywhere and it will offer more power and precision, BUT if you’re looking for something playful and forgiving this is not the board for you. It’s a little stiffer and a lot more snappy feeling than the Skate Banana, which is pretty loose feeling and easy to ride.

    It sounds like speed is a priority, so you might be more happy with the TRS, but you could also check out the Attack Banana, which is kind of an in between board. It has some mild camber underfoot which will add stability and power, but still has a good amount of Banana which will add playfulness/

  • It’s a little on the smaller side, but it will be great for freestyle riding.
    But if you’re looking for something more suitable for all mountain, you may want to consider the 157 or 159.

  • Hi Roman, I think you’ll LOVE the 154 for all mountain and park riding.

  • Leonardo Graziani

    thanks! I ordered the 157 wide

  • merlyn

    I’ve been riding a 156 custom for the last 6 years…
    am torn between the 154 and 157… will the 157 be better in powder?
    if so… 157 it is 🙂

  • Yes, you’ll get better flotation in deep snow with the longer board. ENJOY! 🙂

  • merlyn

    sorry…last question… just so i understand things…
    what would be the benefit of the 154?
    easier to turn and play with?
    in terms if my level… i would say I’m a intermediate-advanced rider… and 70% of the time i ride groomed/icy conditions with the odd small powder dump down in Australia. looking to hit up Japan and US for some powder trips regularly though… so want to be able to take it there…
    final advice and ill make the call 🙂

  • The 154 will be easier to maneuver, play with, spin, huck, etc.
    If you’re an intermediate rider and you know what you like, stick with the 157, it will be easier to float with and offer better edge hold.
    BUT if your bigger board feels cumbersome and heavy, the 154 might be insanely fun for you.

    You know your own preferences better than I do, so it’s a tough call to say which size is more suitable for you.

  • merlyn

    ok… as i don’t really do any park or much spinning… prefer more to carve up the mountain and through the trees… sounds like the 157 is better for me 🙂
    will help on powder days… 🙂
    i don’t get the chance to demo other boards so its hard to say… only ever ride my 156… but i don’t feel restricted on it…

  • Stephanie

    Hi there! Is this a women’s board? I am a powder powder princess here in CO and am looking for a good all mountain board. I have read a bunch of reviews, and this board came up as a top women’s board. But I see a bunch of dudes commenting so I’m confused. Right now I ride a 159 Nidecker princess board, which I love in the deep pow, but I’m looking for something a bit easier to turn when I don’t get my pow pow. But, I don’t want to loose the float of the long board when we get a good dump. Advice please? Oh yeah, I’m 5’8 and weigh about 170lbs, so I can move a bigger board. Thanks!

  • Hi Stephanie.
    All Lib boards are unisex–if you prefer something in the 157-159 range, this is a stellar option!
    If you’re wanting something easier to ride than your 159, downsizing to the 157 will probably be prime; easier to maneuver, yet still floaty.

    The basalt fibers we use in this model are really light and lively and also do a great job of absorbing vibrations. The XC2 base contour is so poppy it will blow your mind. The short section of Banana between the bindings will help you float in deep snow and the lengthened camber underfoot will add a lot of power and precision. A lot of our team riders are on this boardand they are men–but it’s definitely a favorite of ladies in our office and our female sales reps. It can handle absolutely everything.

  • Stephanie

    Fabulous. One more question…what is the difference between the 157, and the 157MW? Thanks.

  • The waist width of the 157 is 25.3cm and the midwide has a waist width of 26cm

    Generally we recommend the midwide for people with a men’s size 11 boot or bigger, so unless you prefer a wide board, I’d probably steer you towards the standard width 157.

  • Luke

    Gday, I put my self at an intermediate level and i’m wanting a board that i am not going to out perform in the next few years, been looking at a few boards but this is what i’m leaning towards.. i’m about 5’10 and 75 kg what size do you recommend in this board or would you maybe suggest somthing else from your line for an intermediate rider. Thanks in advanced

  • Hi Luke,
    The TRS is going to be a great board for taking your skills to the next level, I’d absolutely recommend it!
    Given your height and weight, I think the 157 will be the best size for riding all over the mountain…but if your feet are bigger than US size 10.5, you’ll want to go for the mid-wide.

  • Sal

    Hello Lib Tech team. I was trying to find the weight of this board. I know you claim it is light weight (and I totally believe it) but I would like to know how much does it actually weight. It is not in the specs and I am not sure where else to find it.

    Thank you.

  • Jason

    Hi, I am 5’6″ 148lbs. Im trying to decide if I want 154 or 157. I used to have an old 156 that had regular camber. Im now on a 151 camber/rocker combo board. The 156 was super clunky and the 151 is unstable at speeds on hardpack and groomers. I like to ride all mtn and hit natural features. What do you say? also, is 25.3cm too wide for my size 7 boots? Thanks!

  • If your 156 felt big I would not recommend riding the 157.
    The 154 sounds like it will be perfect, especially because your 151 felt small.
    The 25.3cm waist width won’t be too big to accommodate size 7 boots–I think you’ll have a blast on this board!

  • Hi Sal,
    I don’t have a precise weight for you, but HP construction boards are generally about half a pound lighter than standard construction.

  • Jason

    Yup! Ordered the 154 on Friday and it should be delivered today! Stoked. Too bad it’s summer.
    Thanks for your help!!

  • Nice! You’re going to love it

  • Bakhtiyar Nukerbayev

    What kind of bindings would you recommend with TRS 154 Stealth? Thanks!

  • hydros

    Hey lib tech Team. I’m from europe so i will give u my europe sizes. I’m 180 cm and 84 kg. My boot is 44 or 44.5 depends on shoes. What size will be the best for me?

  • I’d suggest anything that is easy to get on and off and comfortably fits your boots!
    If you’re an aggressive rider, go for something stiff.
    If you’re more of a playful rider, get something with a softer flex.

  • 154 or 156 will be the two most versatile all-mountain boards for someone your size.
    The 154 will be a bit easier to control and the 156 will be a bit more stable.

  • Flackenberry

    Hi Lib Tech! First, sorry for my english, I am spanish :D. I am 195 cm tall (i think it’s 6′ 4”) and i weight 82 kg( 185 lb) and my boot size is 13 US. I’ve been riding a Skate Banana 156W, for 5 years, and I really love it. I have had a great progression, so I consider my self an intermediate rider. Now that I am starting to go fast, I find it a little unstable and a sometimes difficult to start a hard carve. I love also powder, and some buttering, but little park, only small kickers and flat boxes. Thats why I am looking to buy the TRS, but I don’t want to lose the playfulness of the banana.
    I don’t know if it would be better for me the 157MW or the 159MW. Would my 13 boots fit in a medium wide? :S if so, if it’s a little narrower, and only 1 cm longer, would the 157MW be the same in powder as my 156W? I would like it to go as good as my banana in powder. Also, I think 159MW will be too long for butters as I am used to 156.
    What would you recommend? I am tall but skinny for my height! than you!!!

  • Jake

    Hi, Im 6′ 5″ and 180 lbs. I wear a size 14 boot. What size would you recommend? i was thinking the 162 but let me know if you think a different size would be a better fit. I also know your other boards come in some different sizes so a range of sizes that work would be appreciated

  • With size 14 boots you should ride WIDE board.
    Check out the Skunk Ape. We built this board specifically for bigger riders who want a powerful, yet fun board to ride anywhere on the mountain. You’ll get 1.2cm of waist width it, which will help reduce toe drag and add some stability! The Skunk Ape HP even comes in an Ultra Wide, which would be awesome for size 14 boots—the waist width on that is 28.5cm, which is 2.9cm wider than the TRS 162.

    We will also have the Travis Rice available as a wide for the upcoming 15/16 season, which is a great aggressive all-mountain board. The T.Rice is a true twin, like the TRS but has the same C2 base contour as the Skunk Ape.

    The Riders Choice, by Gnu is another really solid option, and is available as a wide!
    It’s a bit more freestyle focused and features Gnu’s asymmetrical Pickle Tech, which means softer flex, more sidecut, and more Magne-Traction along the heelside edge…your body isn’t symmetrical, and Gnu builds boards to compliment that.

  • Derrick Armstrong

    Im not sure if i should purchase the 159mw or the 162? Im 6ft 160ish pounds. Im not gonna be hitting the park or anything like that just the back bowls and trail runs? Any suggestions?

  • What size are your boots?

  • Derrick Armstrong

    Depending on the boot 11 or 11.5

  • 159 midwide!

  • Ryan

    Hey Lib Tech Team. I’m 5’8″ 140lbs size 10 boot. I’m trying to decide on either the TRS or the Travis Rice Pro. Right now I ride a 151 freestyle/all mountain board and I feel like I need something around 155 or 157. I’d say I’m an intermediate rider and like to ride all mountain but I want to take my skills to the next level. What would you recommend? Thanks!

  • Derrick Armstrong

    Gonna make my purchase now!! Thanks for all the help!!

  • Both boards are incredible! They’re true twin all mountain SLAYERS.
    The TRS has a more snappy feel due the extra camber underfoot and the basalt fibers–I generally consider this board as aggressively fun.
    The T-Rice has a blend of Bi-Axial and Tri-Axial fiberglass, so torsionally it is really stiff–I generally consider this board as aggressively powerful.

    Both are availablein 157s, but the next size down for the T-Rice is 155 and the TRS is a 154.

  • eightninenine

    I’m trying to decide on my first board. I was thinking of getting either the TRS, TRS HP or FP. I am 5ft10″ / 180cm, 210lbs / 95kg (but in training and aiming to get my weight down to approximately 176-187lbs /80-85kg in the next 4 months) and I’m roughly US M 10 shoe size.
    It seems a 157 or 159 size board would be preferable for me, what would your recommendation be? Or do you recommend any other boards?
    Thanks in advance!

  • Hello there!
    If you’re a beginner the TRS might not be the best option for you–because they’ve got stiffer flex patterns and a lot of camber underfoot they will take more effort to control and lack forgiveness. They’ll PHENOMENAL boards, but not the most user-friendly for new riders. But if you’re a more intermediate or advanced rider, the TRS (in any construction) will be a killer all-mountain aggressive, fun, snappy board.

    If you want a more playful and forgiving board to learn on I would suggest the Skate Banana, Banana Magic or Attack Banana. All of these boards feature less camber, for a more catch-free and easy to ride feel.

  • Garret Tinnerman

    a few seasons back i bought my first skate banana. I loved every second i was on this board and i’m actually going to switzerland for a few months to be trained as a instructor. im from ny so my resort isn’t very big. I’ve been riding for a few years before high school. i’m not now and actually making snowboard instructing my winter career. I have been looking at some other brands but oi want to come back and try another style of this brand. I have been looking into the TRS for a little bit and i’m very interested. By the sounds of it this board should give me what i’m looking for. Especially for a few season because this time next year I should be moved out west. By the way i’m a pretty rough rider on my equipment but I service my board as much as i ride which is frequently. Would you recommend this for me? im running out of time and i’m pretty set it. thanks for your feed back!

  • Hi Garrett,
    In short: Yes, absolutely!
    The TRS really is the Total Ripper Series. It can handle absolutely anything in its path and give you confidence and power in the craziest terrain. The XC2 base contour and basalt fibers give this board unbeatable snap and do a beautiful job of absorbing vibration. If you’re looking for a solid board to take your riding to the next level, look no further.

  • Garret Tinnerman

    awesome thanks a bunch! ill send my feed back once i get a few rides in when i leave for my trip to switzerland.

  • Vanwetswinkel Davy

    Hi Lib Tech…

    I’m currently riding a Burton Antler 157,5 and I love the board to death, except when conditions get harder.

    I would like to try a Lib Tech TRS, because of the many awards (good wood, the good ride, …)

    I’m 1m78 and weigh 72 kg.

    This will be my 5th season and I ride mostly in Austria and France, 3 to 4 weeks a year.
    I don’t ride in the park, but I love going off-piste (Val Thorens !!) and riding switch.

    Can you guys recommend the TRS?

  • Hello there!
    The TRS is going to blow your mind if you’re looking for a powerful, yet fun all-mountain board.
    The XC2 base contour (extended camber underfoot) paired with Magne-Traction will give you unbeatable control, even in icy conditions. And the basalt fibers in this board make it extremely lively and damp/solid at high speeds. You’ll forget all about your Antler when you ride this thing!

  • Vanwetswinkel Davy

    What board lengt do you recommend for my size and weigth?

  • If you’ve been riding a 157 and you love it, get another 157.

  • Rachael

    Hey Lib Tech,

    First off, love your boards and technology. I am in the market for a new board this season and I’d would like some advice from you guys. I have been checking out the trs-xc2 btx for a little bit now. I consider myself a fairly advanced female rider: all terrain and all mountain. I am currently on a 147 K2 vavavoom (technically a park board, but I take it every where). I love how light and flexible it is, but it doesn’t quite charge through crud how I’d like to and it doesn’t quite float through the powder. What I am looking for in a board is something that can handle the steeps and deeps, stability in the crude, and responsiveness in tight situations. I also like the twin tip so I can ride switch. I’m not locked in on any specific board, so any advice or recommendations would be lovely. I am 5’7”, 120lbs, and a size 7 boot. If you need more info about my riding, just ask. But I grew up skiing in Colorado and the past couple of years, Big Sky has been home base.

  • Hi Rachel,
    I have two suggestions:

    Lib Tech TRS 148n
    Gnu Ladies Choice 148.5

    Either of these boards is going to change your life. The TRS, because of the XC2 base contour and basalt fiber is going to feel more aggressive and snappy. While the Ladies Choice, because of its asymmetry and EC2 base contour has a more playful and forgiving feel.

    Both are high end all mountain freestyle boards and can stand up to absolutely anything in their paths, but they’ll both have their own unique feel. If you have a shop in your area you should scope them out in person and try standing on them to get a feeling for both.

  • hydros

    Ok. Thanks. And what about width? 156 would be ok for 44,5 shoe?

  • Alex

    Hello! Would TRS 162 fit my Burton 11.5 size or should I go for 159MW? I am 6.06 and 198 lbs. Thanks!

  • Burton boots tend to be pretty compact, so you may be able to get by with a standard width board!
    But I would suggest comparing the waist width of your current board(s) to the waist width of both the standard and midwide TRS’s to be sure.

  • Yeah it looks like that’s a size 10.5 US, so standard width will be just fine.
    But I think I meant to type 157 above–the TRS is not made in a 156.
    Sorry about that!

  • Alex

    Thank you for your answer. My actual board is 25.8 waist width so I’ll be ok with standard TRS or not? Thank you!

  • Are your toes hanging off it? The TRS is half a centimeter smaller with a 25.3cm waist width, so you can be the judge of that!
    The midwide has a waist width of 26cm, though…so that will definitely work for you!

  • Flackenberry

    … please some advice would be really helpful!

  • Hello there!
    Sorry we missed this.
    You should probably go for a full blown wide board for size 13 boots rather than a midwide. If you’re looking for some variation of C2, check out the Skunk Ape or Attack Banana. We’ll also release a wide Travis Rice for the upcoming 15/16 season..that would be a killer option for you as well. I think you might also appreciate a longer board, a 161 will offer a lot more power and stability, but because you’re 6’4 I don’t think you will have any issues with maneuverability and playfulness.

  • Flackenberry

    Thanks! Travis Rice WIDE!!! that’s awesome! I think I have chosen my next board! yeah!

  • Andrey

    Is it possible to put a setback of trs?

  • Yeah!
    Because this is a true twin, the inserts are centered on the board.
    To set it back, just move your bindings back accordingly, while keeping the desired width.

  • hdr

    85 kg and 180 cm. boot 45!! which size of board?

  • 157 will be the most versatile size, it will perform beautifully absolutely anywhere on the mountain.
    Go bigger if you want to ride a lot of powder, or smaller if you want to do a lot of jibbing.

  • George

    80 kg and 172 cm, boot 8.5. Shall I go for TRS 154 or 157?

  • Hi George,
    154 for a more freestyle/jibby board.
    157 for a versatile all-mountain board.
    Here’s a link to our board finder:

  • Mauro Freire

    85kg and 1.85cm, boot 11,5. TRS 157mw or 159mw ? Thanks.

  • Hi Mauro,
    The Skate Banana is going to have a more loose/playful/forgiving feel–so if that’s what you’re after go for it!!
    The TRS has a more aggressive, snappy, nimble feel.
    I think if you’re spending time in the park, the 157mw might be more suitable. The 159mw will offer a bit more float in powder, but it won’t be quite as maneuverable.

  • Loren

    hi !

    I have a question, I want to sharpen my Lib Tech TRS 157 ( 2014 / 2015 ) edge board and I would like to know the factory edge bevel. ( base and side degree ).
    I was not able to see this tecnichal information on the web. If you can not help me, where can I get that information, please?


  • Hi Lorenzo,
    We don’t do a bevel on the TRS, so its 0° on the side edge and 0° on the base edge, for 90° total.

    But if you feel like you want to add some bevel, you might be stoked on it! Because our boards have Magne-Traction you can get incredible edge hold, even with a lot of bevel and de-tuning.

  • Loren


  • Dezmond

    In the future, will there be any chance of the blue version of this board or the trs-narrow be sold in larger sizes like a 157? I think it looks sick. Thank you

  • Dre

    Hi, i’m really interested in the TRS 159. I wear a size 11.5 boot. should i get the mid wide or regular version?

  • Midwide! Definitely midwide.
    The standard width versions of this board are pretty narrow and you’d be at high risk for toe drag.

  • The narrow colorway will only be available in the two narrow width boards–sorry Dezmond!

  • Richie Rich

    I have been riding the 2013 157 TRS and have a size 10.5-11 boot; been thinking of upgrading to the newer mid wide 157. How would the ride differ having a wider board or would I not notice a difference?

  • Hi Richie,
    First and most importantly, a wider board will reduce the likelihood of toe drag–so if your feet hang off your standard TRS and catch on the snow, a midwide will be more suitable! In addition, you might find that a wider board with an increased contact area with the snow will offer a bit more stability. But because the board is wider, you may also notice that it takes a bit more effort to transfer from edge to edge.

    I think the biggest most noticeable difference will be reduction of toe drag–if you’re experiencing it with your current board! If you don’t get toe drag, I don’t know that I would recommend a midwide for you.

  • Nico

    Is there any thoughts of making a 154MW verison? I love this board but the waist width at 154 is a little small for me.

  • Phil

    I got the 2015 154 TRS as a gift for my birthday. I’m 186 cm and 75 kg, boot size 10 and was wondering whether the 154 size will be okay or if I should exchange the board for a larger one.

  • I think you might be more stoked on the the 157 or 159 given your size, particularly if you’re looking for an all-mountain board.

  • I don’t think we have any plans on the table, but the T-Rice is categorized as a mid-wide and available in a 155.

  • Jeremy Fleet

    Hey Lib Tech! So I am 6’1″ 195 lbs. and my boot size is 10.5
    Should i get the 159MW or the 162, I will be using the board as an all mountain board.

  • Steve

    Hey guys, I’m thinking of getting a TRS but i’m not sure which one I should get… is a 159MW going to be ok for me? I’m 6 ft 2 in, 180 pounds, size 12 US feet (large bindings). Any advice greatly appreciated!

  • Hi Steve,
    I’d definitely go recommend a midwide for size 12 boots.
    The 159mw will be fantastic for you if you’re looking for a board to ride all over the mountain.

  • Either size will be awesome for you.
    The 162 will offer more stability and float in deeps snow and the 159mw will feel a bit more maneuverable and playful.

  • Steve

    Yeah that’s exactly what i’m looking for! i guess my only worry is that the 159MW wont be wide enough, and i will get toe drag.. is the only way to check this to actually find a store with the board and try it out?

  • Yes going to a shop is definitely going to be the best option, or comparing the waist width measurements of boards you’ve ridden in the past with that of the 159mw. If you’ve ridden something with a 26cm waist in the past, you should be just fine…but if you’ve always ridden wider boards it’s a really tough call. Particularly because all boots vary a lot in size/construction!

  • Arthur D

    Hey guys, I’m looking into the TRS but I’m debating between the 157MW and the 159MW. I’m 6’0” and 200lbs with a size 12 boot. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

  • Arthur D

    And is the only difference between the Stealth and Regular models the color on the top of the board?

  • 159mw will be the more versatile, all-mountain option.
    If you’re looking for more of a freestyle-friendly size and spend a decent amount of time in the park, go 157mw.

    You’re correct, the only differences are the graphics, the stealth is a more subdued option

  • Arthur D

    Great, thank you!

  • Will b

    Hey guys, Looking at the TRS I’m 60KG, 170cm, and a US8 boot, intermediate advanced rider, been riding a rome agent 155 for a decade, don’t hit the park as much I used to but still do from time to time, general all mountain I guess. What size would you recommend, 151 or 154? Cheers!

  • Hi Will,
    I don’t think you’ll have trouble riding either size, but if you’ve been riding a 155 and you like it, there’s no reason to size down and I think you’ll be more happy with the 154. But if your 155 feels cumbersome and difficult to maneuver at times, you’ll probably be happier with the 151.

  • Mark

    Hey guys, i just bought the TRS 159MW but am having second thoughts on the width of the board. I am 188cm, 80kg and bootsize 11 (but have reduced imprint boots that size them down to around a size 10). I like to carve hard and also ride POW. Is the 159MW fine or should i go for a standard width instead? Will the 3.5mm extra width on both edges make it a lot harder to go from edge to edge? Thanks alot!

  • guo jun

    Hey guys, I am 182cm ,62kg,and boot size 10.5.. How can I choose one ?

  • Barleykorn

    Do the magna traction edges hang up more on boxes and rails? I love your boards for all man but am scared to commit to park with magna. 190 lb. 6 ft older fella love to ride jump line and rail lines advanced. Help

  • i ride a 2013 gnu riders choice 161.5(im 5’10” and 210 lbs), which is often compared to the TRS, but i want a new board. what i dont like about the board is that its not too stable while flat at speeds. i love that i can ride the whole mountain, powder and all. if i wanted something similar but better at bombing down the mountain(without being wobbly and still good in powder) what would you recommend.

  • brian

    ça va??
    votre board je vais l’acheter, je vais lui mettre des cartel et je vais shredder comme un cochon les alpes du sud de la France!!!! merci LIB TECH je vous aime!!!

  • Hi Mark,
    If you just have 3.5mm extra on each side and you feel like it could have a negative impact on your ability to turn, you could go down to the standard width. But you might find that the extra width and surface contact will provide you with more stability and more float in powder.

    I’d recommend checking out the standard width in person at a shop before you make any decisions.

  • Probably 157 or 159.
    Smaller boards are easier to maneuver and more playful, while bigger boards will offer more edge hold and power.

  • PS: Here is a link to our beautiful new Board Finder:

  • Hi Brian, unfortunately I do not understand French…but merci for reaching out to us!

  • Just like with any other board, it’s ideal to detune or add a bevel to the edges if you plan on jibbing. You can ride a board with Magne-Traction with insanely dull and filed edges and still get great edge hold!

    I don’t think you’ll have any trouble with them being catchy.

  • Hi Phil,
    Lack of stability isn’t something we commonly hear about the Riders Choice, it’s definitely a sturdy and powerful all-mountain board. The TRS is kind of the Lib Tech equivalent, but you might find that the basalt fiber and extra camber underfoot offer a bit more stability…so it’s a good option. You could also check out the Hot Knife, for a camber dominant C3 board! For size, I’d say 162 for either the TRS or Hot Knife.

  • brian

    sorry guys, it was a joke 🙂 i mean to say “i’ll buy your board, i’ll install the burton cartel, and i’ll shred my little French south alps like a f….. pig!!! thanks LIB TECH i love u so so much!!! i’m so excited about this new winter season!!!

  • Eyal

    Hello, I just bought the TRS 2016, 159cm standard. I have been renting 156 and my boot size is 11 Ride Lasso. I am afraid that Toe/Heal drag will occur. Should I change to 159MW? I am 150lbs and 5’10”. I assume the 159cm is the right size for me? I ride mostly speed and learning to carve, no park. Thank you.

  • Quattroginger

    6’0 215lbs. 11.5 boot. always rode 159 boards. i like to be all over the mountain and spend couple hours in the park. should i stick with a 159mw or just go 162. I’m scared that the 162 wont be as fun in the park.

  • Eyal

    Hi again, I also contacted the store and they said they even put people from boot size 10-12 in narrow boards as they ride much better. They say the Wide boards don’t ride as well as the narrow and if you can, stick to narrow board. The board I used to rent was the mountain board, nothing fancy.
    I checked my board and my heal is angled up and the binding Gnu Psych raise it even higher, so I get some angle before any heal or toe will touch the ground. But as you know the slopes are not perfect flat surface, hence the concern. Thank you again if anyone can respond. I really appreciate it.

  • Stanislav

    Hello. I need advice. Can’t decide wich length is better for me 159 or 162. I’m 180cm, 83kg, 9 US, need all-mountain board, a little bit more freestyle but not bad in powder. First I thought to take 162, but afraid of hard turn initiation and bigger flex. What can u say about it? Thank u!

  • T.J.

    Mervin, I’ve ridden most of your shapes(BTX, EC2, C2) except C3. I’m on a 2014 TRS(XC2). So far, I like this shape best, but I want one with a sintered base next. I only see the GNU-Kass, and Beast. Any other options? Misfit 155 is right, but I’m not stoked on the graphics. Also, what’s faster when waxed…the Sintered base, or the Eco Sub Sintered?

    Ideal, would be a TRS with a Sintered base, or a TRice 155 blunt in the XC2 shape…

  • T.J.

    157 Lando could be your answer. It has insert risers, so you can ride bigger boots on a normal width board without any drag.

  • Bryan Hadley

    I am debating between the 159 or 162. I only ride in Utah, and stick with mostly all mountain. I hit the park rarely but will do it, just to show the punks that I can! I am just under 6′ weigh 187 naked, geared up it will be above 190 for sure! What size would serve me well. I do try to find as much powder as I can. I wear a size 10 boot.

  • 162!
    If you’re not really spending time in the park, there’s no need to downsize to a smaller board. The 162 will give you more float in deep snow and more power and stability at high speeds.

  • I”d probably go 159 if you’re looking for something more versatile and freestyle-friendly.

  • Hi TJ,
    The T-Rice Gold Member features XC2 with a sintered base! I’m not sure if we have any plans to make the TRS without a TNT base, though. It’s the go-to for a handful of our team riders and they all love the TNT because it’s insanely fast when it’s waxed, but still fast without any wax.

    Sintered and Eco Sub Sintered will be the same speed, “Eco Sub” just refers to the coloring process, which is eco-friendly and sublimated! Which is completely unique to Mervin Made boards.

  • Shoot and thanks for all of the kind words and support–we really appreciate it!

  • If you love 159s, there is no need to size up!
    I’d definitely recommend the midwide for size 11.5 boots, though!

  • Size 11 boots are right on the verge of needing a wider board–I’m not too familiar with that particular boot and how compact it is. But you might be at risk for toe drag if you don’t go with a midwide. And a slightly wider board will not sacrifice the performance at all!

  • Luke Evans

    Hey Lib Tech, I am 5’9 130 pounds and I wear a size 12 boot. I was wondering whether to go mid wide or wide because I ride a 157.I was also wondering if the Travis rice pro HP or the TRS was a better all mountain board. I ride almost no park.

  • James

    Last spring I demoed the T Rice Pro 155 for a week and absolutely loved it. This was my first experience with Lib Tech and I am ready to purchase a board, as I never want to ride anything without BTX ever again. I am 5’9 160lbs, all mountain, advanced rider. No park. I have heard many people say the T Rice Pro and TRS are extremely similar. I love everything about the T Rice, except I actually like the TRS graphics better this year. With this season approaching quickly, I want to go ahead and order a board. My gut is telling me to go with the T Rice since I already know it, but I really like the TRS graphics, and if they are almost identical rides, then I would prefer the TRS. I only ride about 8-10 days a year, and will not have the chance to demo a TRS before purchase. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • Pete

    Hey guys! I’m 6.2, 220 lbs, size 11 boot. I really like this board, but I wonder whether 165mw is too long for me. My current board is 162 (260mm waist). I would get the 162, but its 256mm waist seems very narrow for my boots… What’s your opinion? Any other suggestions?


  • Patrick Davis

    When are you guys going to offer a TRS variant in a sintered base? I had a Dark Series with sintered, but it was a little stiff for me, so I sold it. i want to buy a TRS, but will only do so if sintered. Please don’t tell me that an extruded TNT base is just as fast.

  • Troy Aa

    hi I am a beginner female, I weight 130lbs 5′ 6 size 7, and i am wondering what is the difference between the regular and narrow. also if you guys have any tips on what should i buy for all mountain boards thannks guys=]]

  • Alessio

    Hi all. So I’m 188cm, 88kg and 11.5 size of boots. 70% of just riding from a top to bottom + having fun like butter and so and and 30% of light park (no 720). Now I’m riding 8 years old 161.5 GNU Riders Choice. I’m quite ok with it, but maybe your technologies already allow to use shorter boards for the same quality of carving? What should I choose – 159mw, 162 or another board?

    PS can’t find TRS in GW2016 🙁

  • Alessio

    And 10% of powder, which decrease park ratio to 20%. 🙂

  • Carter

    Im about 135 lbs., about 5’10, with a 12.5 boot size, and an intermediate/advanced rider what would you recommend me for sizing and width? And Whats the difference between the regular, stealth, and narrow?

  • Carter

    I also ride park about 50% of the time, would this be the best board of me?

  • Max

    Hi there! First off, thank you Lib Tech for doing such a good job for many years. Always a great pleassure to shred the slopes with one of your board under feet. Meanwhile, could you give me a hand which size to pick up? I am 183 cm, 74 kg , 10,5 boot. I am about to buy TRS XC2 BTX for this season. Should I go 157 cm or 159? Your reply is highly appreciated! Thanks in advance!

  • Aaron H

    I’m 6’1, 190 lbs and a size 12 boot. Looking at both the TRS and T. Rice. First question is with a size 12 boot should i go with the 157 MW or would that not accommodate my foot? Also, if I am riding mostly All mountain with a tiny bit of park, which board would be better for me and what size would you recommend?


  • T.J.

    I’m in the same boat, I have last years TRS. It’s pretty fast unwaxed, but I’d prefer to maintain a sintered base myself.

    Look at the T.Rice(It’s only slightly stiffer than the TRS). Or if you’re set on the XC2 shape(it’s the best), the GNU Misfit and Beast have a sintered base.

  • Mark

    I got an offer to buy a slightly used 2013/2014 Trs 157cm and I was wondering if it has the same XC2 btx as this years model? I Bought the GNU ZOID and I am loving that board a lot. It has Ec2 btx but is this pretty similar to the ec2 heard that the ec2 är not as aggressive. Cheers from Sweden / Mark

  • You won’t want to go for a standard width with size 12 boots, unless it’s the Travis–which has very similar specs to most of our midwides!
    Both the TRS and T-Rice will be phenomenal for all-mountain riding, but they will feel completely different.
    The Travis doesn’t have quite as much camber underfoot as the TRS, but has a stiffer feel due to the blend of fiberglasses that we used. It’s also wider and a bit more tanky. Think of this one as aggressively powerful!

    The TRS is more aggressively fun. It has more camber, which will make it feel a bit more snappy and nimble, particularly because it’s paired with our basalt/fiberglass blend, which is really snappy and lively and does a great job of absorbing vibration.You might find that the TRS feels more like a sports car,.

  • I think you could have a blast on the 165!!
    But if you love your current board and the 162 length feels good, you could probably get by with the 162–the 4mm narrower waist width shouldn’t make too much of an impact, particularly if your boots have some kind of footprint reduction tech.

  • Hi James,
    Both the TRS and T-Rice are killer all-mountain boards!
    But they definitely have different feels.
    The T-Rice is more torsionally stiff and also wider, it has more of a tankish feel.
    The TRS is a bit more nimble due to the increased camber underfoot and basalt fibers–it will feel a bit more like a sports car.

  • Ollie

    Size suggestion TRS and TRice Pro for 5’10, 145lbs, 10 Boot? Leaning more towards the TRS 154, and looking for something I can take into powder and not worry about to much. I also read that I should size down if I go with a TRice Pro? That said, it doesn’t need to be AWESOME in powder….I’m coming from a 152 forum destroyer that I’ve been drudging through the powder for the past couple years.

    Also, would I be doing a huge disservice to these boards by using the with a pair of Ride Rodeo bindings?

    Thank you!

  • Because this is the go-to board for many of our team riders, and they prefer the TNT Base, I don’t think there are any plans to make it sintered. The TNT base will perform VERY similarly to a sintered base when waxed, but it won’t absorb wax as well–so the wax kind of sits on top of the base material.

    Blair Habenicht and Sammy Luebke have both placed in the Mt. Baker Legendary Banked Slalom on this thing–if that’s not a testament to the speed, I don’t know what is.

  • Narrow is for small footed people and tealth is for people who don’t like bright colored snowboards–internally, all of these are the same!

    With size 12.5 foots you can probably ride a midewide, but you may want to consider a wide board instead, to reduce the possibility of toe drag. The T-Rice Pro and Skunk Ape would both be pretty comparable!

  • 159MW!
    I think with the XC2 base contour and Magne-Traction you’ll find it to be just as powerful as your 161.5, despite being a bit smaller.

  • The T-Rice is a wider board, and the standard widths are close to the midwide TRS…so don’t go for a standard width board unless it’s the T-Rice!
    You should be able to ride a standard or wide T-Rice or midwide TRS without any issues, though.

    Both boards will be phenomenal in any and all terrain–the TRS has a more of a nimble, snappy and precise feel. But the T-Rice will feel a bit more tank-like and sturdy.

  • Narrow boards are for humans with smaller feet!
    Generally, with small feet, you’ll want a narrower board; it will be more responsive and easier to get on edge.

    This won’t be the easiest board to learn on–it’s on the stiffer side and has some camber underfoot, which makes it more difficult to control and more prone to catching edges. For a more forgiving right you might want to check out the Skate Banana 148N.

    Gnu boards are also made in the same factory, using much of the same technology..Gnu has a huge women’s line!
    Check out the Ladies Choice or Gateway for a high end board, that will be more progression-friendly.

  • Kyle

    Hey guys. I am a beginning-intermediate rider looking to purchase a board. I am wondering if this is going to be too much for me. I do want a stiff and responsive board, but I don’t want to end up having a terrible time by riding a board to advanced for me. Is this a good choice or would I be better off in an Attack Banana rather than the TRS?

  • Allen Kim

    5’8, 128 lbs. I wear size 8 boots. What would you recommend for me?

  • Dylan

    Hi, Im 5’9″ 180lbs and i ride a 159 TRS with the C2. I wear a size 10 boot and was looking at the 162 TRS or 161.5 T Rice for alittle more float in powder. What do you think will work better. Thanks.

  • mundo

    I’m Interested in the TRS in either 157 or 159 size. WIth a size 10 boot would I be better with regular or MW width?

  • Julien Hervier

    i actually ride a Jones aviator in 156. i mostly ride park but like freeride too. Don’t know if a TRS 154 or 157 is better for me… plz help

  • ckone

    1.84m height & 85kg + 11 boot, is 159 or 159MW more suitable?

  • Stephan

    Hi guys, I would like to order my first LibTech but I’m not sure which board/size is better for me. What about the TRS 157 or 159 ?
    I am 183cm and 75kg, boot size 10,5.
    I’ve tested the T-Rice in 157W and it felt great only a little tankish feel. Is the TRS a good choice for having a great hold on the edge and an easy to maneuver board?
    Thanks in advance.

  • Diego

    5’5″, 155lbs. Aggressive riding and carving; even terrain. Enjoy more speed than anything.
    I’m curious on your opinion between a ride on a TRS XC2 BTX vs. a Jamie Lynn Phoenix C3 BTX. XC2 is shorter rocker and more camber, and C3 is mild rocker and less camber length.
    Is there a major difference between the two in riding? Will C3 BTX be more stable in higher speeds if both techs are 151 length? (~40mph)

  • Diego

    Correction: Aggressive riding and carving; UN-even terrain.

  • Jaaaay

    i am 6’2 180lbs and boot size 12 what size board should i get?

  • nicolaschami

    hey there, i am 80kg 184 cm tall boots 11 and 11,5, is it 157MW a good match? id like to all mountain riding and half a day at parks.

  • Francky

    Hi, I’m curious about this XC2BTX, is this more or less agressive than a classic C2BTX ? (i’m used to ride a travis rice 161.5)

  • Tamara

    Hi Lib Tech Team, same questions here: which board size should I choose 159 or 162? I am 155 lbs, 5’8 ft tall, with size 9 shoes. All mountain. According to the TRS specs, I should choose 162, but I always rode shorter boards (158 camber). Any advice is appreciated! Best wishes from the snowy Siberia!

  • ninja117

    hey lib, Im looking for a TRS and am about 180lbs rocking a 10.5 ThirtyTwo Lashed boot. I set my stance at about 23 inches wide and my angels are 15,-12. your board finder puts me in a 157MW but im wondering if i can get away with riding the 157 regular. I am currently running the skate banana 156 regular at ww 25.5. Thank you all for the input and keep making killer boards.

  • Yeah with size 11 or 11.5 boots, the midwide will be perfect.
    And the TRS (Total Ripper Series) will be able to handle the entire mountain with ease!

  • You should be just fine with a standard width and size 10.5 boots, especially if your’re not having any issues with toe drag on your Skate Banana

  • I would suggest the 157 or 159 for someone your size!

  • The camber will feel more aggressive/snappy.
    However, the the Travis will feel stiffer due to the blend of bi-axial and tri-axial fiberglasses; the Travis also has a thicker core profile underfoot.

    Despite having more camber, I think the Travis feels like a more aggressive board, mainly because of the materials. You’ll probably find it to feel more tank-like. Whereas the TRS will feel more like a sports car–really nimble and agile!

  • 165 TRS, 161.5W or 164.5W T-Rice and Skunk Ape 161 or 165 will be the best options if you’re looking for a powerful all mountain board.
    If you want something more forgiving/playful, check out the Attack Banana 161W or Skate Banana 162W!

  • The Jamie is going to be the ultimate board for all-mountain charging and high speeds!
    With the camber dominant C3 base contour and mild sidecut, it is definitely one of the most aggressive boards we make and will perform the best when you are going fast and getting it on edge.

    The TRS will feel a little bit more forgiving, nimble and snappy–it’s got a much more generous section of Banana (rocker) between the feet, with some camber underfoot. You might find it easier to float in powder with and it may feel easier to control, too.

  • Hello!
    Yes, I think you will find the TRS easier to maneuver and also a bit more flexy and snappy.
    If you loved the length of the Travis, go 157!
    But if you want to go bigger, the 159 will be awesome for you.

  • For size 11 boots, the midwide will be a lot more suitable.

  • If you love your 156, you probably won’t even notice the 1cm size difference of the 157.
    If you want something a bit more maneuverable, go for the 154.

  • Standard width will be just fine for size 10 boots.

  • Either one will work wonderfully,
    If you love your TRS, go with another TRS,
    If you’re looking for something that feels a bit more sturdy, the Travis has a stiffer feel due to the bi-axial and tri-axial fiberglass blend and thicker core.

  • 151N or 154 will be money!

  • If you want responsive and stiff (but not too stiff!) board, this is it.
    This will be a great option for progressing and taking your riding to the next level.

  • I’d recommend 154 on the TRS and either 153 or 155 on the Rice.
    I think any of these boards will blow your mind in powder..and everywhere else on the mountain, too!

  • You’ll have a blast on either size!
    Go 157 if you want something more maneuverable and playful and 159 for something a bit more sturdy and floaty.

  • Mike Farr

    6’4 200 sz13 boot would the TRS 162 regular be a good fit or go bigger? Thanks

  • Kiet Tran

    Hey guys. I just bought your TRS. Love it. I’ve been doing some research regarding waxing, and have come across everything from the TNT base needing frequent waxing to not needing it at all. What are your recommendations regarding it?

  • …..

    Whats up guys? I am an experienced rider who can rock any terrain and looking to get a new sled. I was wondering what the difference between the widths of the TRS 157 and the TRS 157 MW because I am right on the verge with boot size. I have no problem on my 153 with toe/heel drag. Again I can ride anything at any speed, but I was wondering what the difference will actually do and feel like with just a .7cm difference in the waist of the board. PS…I have only ridden cambered boards in my time on the hill, thanks.

  • Royce Green

    Hey guys, I’m tossing up between TRS 157MW and the attack banana 159. I am 6’0 180lbs, size 10 boot. Advanced level.. both boards / sizes look like they would be fun. I currently have a t-RICE 157 and wondered which would be a better choice, I like riding steeps, trees, fast on the groomers and cruisy laps through the park trying new stuff..

  • Royce Green

    I’ve got the t-Rice pro 157and love it, if I want to go to a TRS next, should I go a 157MW (specs are similar to the T RICE 157) or 159 standard for a bit more responsiveness, stability & float in pow?

  • Joseph

    Hey guys, I am 178cm ,73kg,and boot size 10,I’m tossing up between the TRS HP , the TRS or the Magic banana ,which board is better for freestyle,all mountain and more maneuver and what size of board should I get ? the 154′ or the 157′

  • Vanwetswinkel Davy

    Hi Lib.
    I just bought a TRS 157 and paired it with Burton Cartel bindings.
    Could you guys help me with the pairing? Wich holes should I use to mount the bindings?

    Thanks alot !

  • Vanwetswinkel Davy

    I’m 1m78 72kg and boot 9.5 and went with the regular TRS (stealth) in 157

  • Anpike

    Hey guys, I’m 6’0 190lbs and have size 11 boots. I like all mountain ridding (especialy pow if there is some), sometimes butter around a bit and plan to occasionally hit the park. Is the TRS the right board for me? Should I go with a 157 or 159 and would you recomend a mw?

  • Brian

    Hi, I am 5’5, 158lbs and size 8 boots. I spend most of the time riding over the mountain and hit the park occasionally. Would the TRS 154 good for me? Or should I go for 157?

  • steph

    Hi, I’m 182cm/75kg looking for a TRS or Trice to ride backcountry between trees and mogules. Is one more appropriate? TRS seems a bit softer for rough terrain? thx

  • nicolas opazo gutierrez

    hola, han hecho envios a chile y cuanto demora? gracias

  • OBG

    Hey everyone! I am 168cm, 70 kg and boot size 8 US. 151 is good choice right?

  • Barry Dawat

    I’m 5’6. 170lbs. Size 10 Boots. I’m riding 155 boards and alternate between the mountain and the park. I was thinking 151N in consideration to the parks but not sure if my boot size would fit. Otherwise 154 would be my pick. What do you think?

  • Mike Hardaker

    the go anywhere crush anything in it’s path snowboard. Checkout the photos and video from the Tetons of Wyoming. (hint its DEEP)

  • 劉國強

    5’11” 174 lbs snowboard boots US 8.5 (Nike Vapen), snowboard boots US 9 (Burton Rover), it is 154 or 157 a good match? My US agent can provide US address for local shipping. He will check the snowboard and then ship to my address in Hong Kong. Can I order the snowboard in such way?

  • mdb

    Will the 165 accommodate size 12.5 boots?

  • César Andrés Almonacid Ulloa

    I weight 180lbs 5’10” height and boot US11. Posible I cant use 159 standard?

  • César Andrés Almonacid Ulloa


  • Hi, I’m a 6ft1 and I’m interested in this TRS. What size you think would fit me best – 157 or 159?


  • Renae Stanton

    Hi, I’m looking to purchase a Lib Tech TRS HP Narrow in Australia. But despite checking every single supplier in Australia. I can only find a 148N.

    I’m 155cm (5.5ft) tall and 65kg (144 lbs) would the 148N be ok, or is it too small for me? (I usually ride a 151, but I’m only mid range intermediate).

  • Karen Disch

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  • carltodasco


  • Nicolás

    Hi Lib tech, I am 1,81m(5’9”) and 65 KG(140lbs), also have a 9,5/10 boot. I was looking for a snowboard that i can ride in Powder but also i need one that can carve very nice. Which snowboard do u recommend? My main priority is that is has to be very nice at carving for high speeds. Park is not my main priority.

  • Nicolás

    I forget to say that i am an advance snowboarder

  • Nico

    Also, i like to spend my time at the groomers :S, Thanks

  • Pan
  • Kyle

    I’m 5’8″ 175 lbs and bought a 2016 TRS HP 157. I’m tied between Union Atlas and stiffer T Rice bindings, which would you recommend with this setup and 2016 32 TM Two boots? I’m an advanced rider who mostly stays out of the park. I prefer natural hips, drops, kickers, steeps. I ride Arapahoe Basin, Brighton and Jackson for the most part.


  • Kyle

    Forgot to mention my previous setup was a 156 Skate Banana with Union Force bindings. The banana was super fun but I’m looking for a more aggressive setup hence the TRS.

  • Jon

    I’m 5’9 about 175 should I get a 157 or 159 lenth board? I get a lot of powder, I like all-mountain, back-country and carving. I have had a Burton Process flying v 155 that felt too small and too soft. Please help.

  • Burak

    Hi I am 187cm and 87 kg. I usually ride the whole mountain (60% cruising, 40% park). Is it ok to downsize to 157cm TRS for more park riding and more maneuverability?

  • Dave Fish

    Hey Lib Tech gang. I’m in the market for a new board. I have a TRS 159 (probably about 5 years old). I came from many years of riding Custom X’s, the TRS changed my world. What an amazing piece of technology. After reading some comments hear I’m wondering if I should shorten up a bit and drop down to a 157. I’m a hard charger, not a park rat at all. I usually have one board that I ride regularly for pow and groomer days and LOVE the trees (where I spend most of my day). I get about 70 days in a year lately as I moved to a ski resort to feed my addiction. I’m 5’6″ and 170lbs. Curious what you experts would recommend.

  • steffan

    hi. max boot size for trs 162 regular ?

  • Andrew McLean

    Hey guys

    Looking for some advice for a replacement board (took the mother of all core shots on last years travis in New Zealand and it eventually split down its length). I can’t decide between a new travis, a trs or a riders choice? I usually ride a fair bit of freestyle or charging and riding powder when it’s there. In Revelstoke this season so I should probably take steep and deep in to consideration! Im 5’11 and about 80kgs. Any words of wisdom?

  • Janne

    Hi, Im having a really hard time deciding on the TRS 162 or the Travis Rice Pro 161,5. I´ve been reading up on all the info I can find on both of them but haven´t been able to find out what the difference is between them? Would you mind helping me out and point out the differences between the boards?

  • Luigi

    Is this one purple like the one in the video it’s hard to rell

  • nathan

    I wear a size 12 boot which I’ve seen I need a wide board when I look at boot sizes but I was looking at the TRS that only has MW and was recommended when I went thru your board finder. Does the MW board fit a size 12 boot?

  • Larry mccallum

    Hey lib tech
    I’ve been riding for 28 years now. Started at snow summit in big bear Ca. When there were only 6 of us riding the mountain. I borrowed my buddies lib 5 years ago and was sold on the awesome construction of your boards. I’m riding last years Travis rice board that I borrowed from my buddy but it’s time to kick down and buy my own. I’m turning 51 next month and can’t decide between the Trs or the travis rice pro. I ride all mountain but like hitting the kickers still. Any advice ??

  • Hello larry!

    what height, weight and boot size are you?

  • BobbyK21

    How would the C2 compare to the XC2 in regards to playfulness? In other words is the angle of the rocker on the XC2 more significant than the C2 because it’s shortened? I currently have a setup similar to the C2, but wanted to get something with a little more precision and pop. I thought that if the XC3 was a little more controlled, than I would lean towards that. If it’s not, I’m debating on getting the Hot Knife with the C3 camber.

  • Hello,

    C2 and XC2 are very similar shapes, the XC2 just has a more aggressive camber profile to it. It will allow you to have more pop and stability, while still having great float in deeper snow. C3 more like traditional camber while C2 and XC2 has a rocker dominant profile.

    Hope this helps!

  • Megan Rishel

    Hi Lib Tech-

    I really enjoy my TRS. It’s from 2014, 151N. My only complaint albeit is the board is a little heavy on the chair lift (I broke my left ankle 5 years–ride regular. By the end of the day, leg gets a bit annoyed by the weight). Are the newer versions of this board lighter in weight? Any other board recommendations? Female rider 5’8″ 175Ibs size 8 boot. I rode a demo of the ladies choice and didn’t like it but I think the one I had was too small for my size (145). I’m an all mountain rider that tends to like twin boards.

  • Michael Steffen

    Does this board need to be waxed before first ride/

  • Michael Steffen

    that the TRS 165, btw.

  • Hello,

    We wax each and every board at our factory after we build them. This means that generally, you can ride a new board a day or two (maybe even three!) before you need to wax it again. But if you want to wax it right away, it can never hurt!


  • Серж Подгаевский

    Hi there!
    Guys, help me to decide what size is better for me: I’m 190cm and 99kg and my boots are US11,5. I’m choosing between 162 and 165MW as I’m a little afraid that 165 will be too long for me (I rode Travis Rice 161,5 before). What do you think?

  • Ryand

    I’m 5’11 174 pounds and have a 10.5-11 size boot. Looking at the 159 TRS or 159MW TRS. Any suggestions? All around mountain

  • Francky Snow

    Hi Lib Tech guys,
    I rode a Travis Rice Pro 2012 since years and absolutely loved it for any kind of riding but this beauty died at the end of last season so I need a new board, to make it short my heart is balacing between another T.Rice 161.5 or a TRS (159mw or 162) . I am 6’1 and around 195 lbs for 11 size feet.
    But this is not as simple, I find pro’s and con’s to both of these boards so maybe you can help me clear things up.

    The thing that lead me to the TRS is that new XC2 camber that seems perfect but a few things blocks me :

    1. the sizes 159mw would be great for a more freestyle usage but I’m afraid to lose those precious centimeters because the powder is not that great most of the time home, but I’m afraid of the 162 being too thin and not really feel more float because added lenght would just compensate the thinner waist width.

    2. The base, I’m used to the sintered base on my T.Rice which doesn’t need too much fart, slide fast and is rockproof, pretty much the best out there, so I’m unsure about this TNT base on the TRS which seems (according to a quick google search “T.rice vs TRS”) to need way more fart to slide the same, is less durable and apparently softer so less rockproof.
    So what about this, those two boards are nearly the same construction, sold the same price and use a different bases, one seeming to be better, why not use sintered on both, is the TNT base more suited for a certain use or something ?

    And getting back to the T.Rice, I rode the 161.5 and might buy another one, my question is about the pointy nose, it wasn’t as pointy in 2012 so it was more an aesthetic detail, now it really seems to affect the way the board handles, especially in powder where it should be fun like to do sharp turns with the nose high above the snow but in another way what about nose butters and that kind of stuffs, will it feel weird ?

    So long story short, I’m lost, what board would you choose in my case ? Buying one of your boards is an investment for years so I wan’t to choose it right.
    Thanks in advance guys !
    (I wanted to make it shorter, but details are just a necessity to get something else than a generic answer because at the end of the day, I could ride any of these boards, but I’m looking for the perfect one).

  • OkieDokie

    I have a 2011 TRS (C2BTX). What’s the difference in the profile?

  • Ryand

    anybody there??

  • Cameron Halmrast

    There is really no easy way to answer this question because everyone’s stance and setup is different. Your best solution is to go to your local shop and bring your boots and bindings in to see if there will be any heel and toe drag based on how you like to ride. However, if you don’t live near a local Mervin retailer, checkout an online retailer that offers a good return policy, such as That way you can buy both boards and return the one that won’t work for you.

  • Francky Snow

    The rocker part is shorter, the camber part is longer.
    So a little bit more agressive ride. and a little less float in powpow.

  • Cameron Halmrast

    If you have 11.5 boot, I’d recommend going with a MW board.

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  • Dave

    Is there any difference in construction of the TRS from the 2016/17 model to the 2017/18 model?

  • Kevin Olsson

    Hello, do you ship this board to Sweden? Because that would be lovely, fast answer is appreciated.

  • Harry

    Hi. Is that board suitable for women? Just saw the transworld good wood 2018 having the TRS 151N as one of the winnners for 2018 womens all mountain. Would an average lady (55kg, 160cm) be able to handle it? your board finder doesn’t seem to give it as a choice for women riders. it gives boards of 141-145 length for the respective lady rider specs.

  • Ben

    Hey Guys,
    thinking about getting that board. not sure about the width though.. Im like 6’4 tall and got 13 boot size.
    Do you think the 165MW will do it?

  • Ant Tester

    Hi Lib Tech guys, Do you think the 157 will be good for me? Im like normal 11 boots size, 183 pounds weight, 6’0 tall, union contact binding L.

  • Hello Ben,

    Your foot might be a bit big for the 165mw. Have you checked out the Skunk Ape? its a very similar boarded, but is made for a bigger guy with a size 12+ boot. And it also comes in a 165, that would be a great board for you to jump on.


  • Hello,

    the 157MW would be a better width with your boot size, don’t want to get toe and heel drag! Also if you are a little bit more powder focused, the 159MW might be something to consider as well.


  • Mihai Margau

    Hello guys. I need an advice regarding which of your boards would fit me better. I am 6.2,185 pounds and 45 boot size(Euro size, 11.5 US i believe) , skill level intermediate (and wish to progress). Thank you

  • Ant Tester

    thanks a lot

  • Tomas

    Hi Mervin guys,
    I would like to kindly ask you for recommendation for choosing right board for me.
    I have LibTech Emmagator 165 now but the board is really too big for me. I bought this size as a mistake just because of the picture. It was in 2006 I think.
    I am 174lbs, 5´11“, boots 10.5 US.
    Now I want to start riding every weekend and want new board which fits me correctly.
    I wants the board for enjoy riding on grommers, often icy conditions. I always enjoyed carving and high speed (it is for me about 30mph on the green and blue piste at this moment). But now I want to add more fun to it. Want to learn switch and some basic butters. Develop more speed on green and blues and learn better technique and speed on blacks where I was little disqualified by too long board. (We have small resorts and many people on it here in Czechia, central Europe, so the surface on the (especially more difficult) pistes is destroyed very soon.
    The Emmagator is only one board I ever owned. But this year I had GNU Hampus pro 157 2008 (also camber) for few rides and considered much more playful.
    Also I had Burton Custom X Flying V 158 2017/2018 for whole day testing last week. First hybrid board I ever had but I like it. But the behavior on ice wasn´t good. Based on this I made the decision I want a hybrid board but with MTX.
    So my profile is groomers, carving, want to learn switch and butters. Occasionally powder/trees if we have. No park. Jumps only on the groomers or around with using natural obstacles.

    Questions from my side:
    Can you recommend TRS HP for this? (Speed and fun on groomers)
    If yes which size for my riding style? I think 157MW is correct?
    Will be C2X enough hard and unforgiveness for learning butters?
    I think my speed is not true high speed, so the TRS is enough stable for my speeds, right?
    Don´t know how to describe but will I have “similar feeling” from C2X TRS like on the flying V? Are all hybrids comparable in some basic features? It is only one personal experience with hybrid board I have.
    Which binding base flex and hiback flex do you recommend for my riding style with TRS? I have boot stiffness 6 – 7/10.
    Is TRS really true twin? I read some reviews where was something about longer nose or something like that.
    Is it possible that Travis Rice pro will fits better to my riding style and expectations?

    Many thanks for your time and reply!!

  • Tomas

    Hello Mervin, some recommendations for me please? Have to buy new board this week
    Many thanks

  • Tomas

    Especially if TRS, so if 157MW or 159MW or different one size. And what the differences in size will be.
    Many thx.