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  • Travis Rice Pro Snowboard - 150, 153, 155, 157, 157W
  • Travis Rice Pro Snowboard - 161.5, 161.5W, 164.5, 164.5W

Travis Rice Pro

Travis' Ultimately Proven All Terrain Freestyle Geometries

  • Travis Rice Pro - Blunt
  • Travis Rice Pro - Pointy

$559.95 USD

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€559.95 EUR incl. VAT

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Designed in Jackson Hole to take on the world… That’s it That’s All, Art of Flight, King of the Hill, Ultranatural this board has done and won it all. Travis rides these stock right off the shelf.

  • BLUNT JIB NOSE: 150, 153, 155, 157, 157W
  • POINTY POW NOSE: 161.5, 161.5W, 164.5, 164.5W

Art by Mike Parillo

  • 2015 Snowboard Magazine – Platinum Pick
    2015 Snowboard Magazine – Platinum Pick
  • Snowboarder Magazine – Best of Test
    Snowboarder Magazine – Best of Test

Board Specs

Size Contact
Min-Max / Set Back
10 = Firm
Range (lbs)
150 114 7.8 28.5 24.7 28.5 20.25"-26" / 0" 5 80 +
153 118.5 8 29.5 25.3 29.5 20.25"-26" / 0" 6 100 +
155 119 8.1 29.8 25.5 29.8 20.25"-26" / 0" 6.5 110 +
157 121 8.2 30.1 25.8 30.1 20.25"-26" / 0" 7 120 +
157W 121 8.2 30.5 26.3 30.5 20.25"-26" / 0" 7 125 +
161.5 124.5 8.4 30.4 26 30.4 20.25"-26" / 0" 7 130 +
161.5W 124.5 8.4 31.1 26.5 31.1 20.25"-26" / 0" 7 135 +
164.5 127 8.5 31 26.2 31 20.25"-26" / 0" 7 140 +
164.5W 127 8.5 31.2 26.7 31.2 20.25"-26" / 0" 7 145 +
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  • C2 BTX: Power Banana Camber / Banana Blend

    Our favorite camber rocker blend for aggressive power snowboarders. Solid tip and tail pressure for power, pop, precision and end-to-end stability combined with a medium amount of pressure between your feet for float, carving and edge hold.

  • MTX: Magne-Traction®

    Seven points of focused edge control. Magne-Traction’s strategic serrations provide unreal edge hold and control in all conditions. Winner of over 30 Good Wood awards. Ridden to Olympic gold medals, Air and Style championships, King of Hill, X Games Street gold, Supernatural victory and Ted Borland’s backwoods jibs.

Technologically tougher

Aspen / Columbian Gold Core

New! Fast growing farmed wood from south of the border. Ultra light, strong, long lively fibers.

Axis Inversion Fiberglass

Technology even we don’t understand?!

Birch Internal Sidewalls

The same futuristic power 90º pop technology from our world record setting skateboards and power transfer spines only this time we have placed it along the sidewall of your board to add board control to our sandwich construction. Stronger, more pop, and more control brought to you by our Woodshop!

UHMW Sintered Sidewalls

A Lib Tech innovation. Twice as sintered as any other sidewall. Tough, fast, hard, waterproof, handsome and light. NO TOXIC ABS!

Eco Sub Sintered Base Material

Eco Sublimation compatible, fast, rugged, maximum wax retention.

Eco Sub / PBT Top

Tough, Eco-sublimated compatible.

Handcrafted in the USA near Canada!

BITCHIN’ BOARD BUILDERS We build snowboards. We build snowboards. No really… that is what we do. We don’t order them from China or anywhere else and send someone to go check and see how they turned out. We physically hand build them right here at home in the USA.

The World’s Most evironMENTAL Board Factory

30 years of handcrafting in the USA. A rider run board design and testing creative lab where dream boards are made.

  • Taylor

    I am an advanced rider, I’m 6’2″, 160 lbs and 10.5 boot size, will the t rice 157 fit me? or should I look at the 159 skatebanana?

  • Lib Tech

    If you want an aggressive board, the 157 T-Rice will be awesome for you!
    But if you want something more playful, forgiving and soft you’ll be happier with the Skate Banana.

  • Степан Терещенко

    Hi,I am 21 years old and 8.5 foot, Weight 145-150 lbs and Height 5.3 or 5.4.I ride pow and forest, sometimes freeride. In my town there are only 153 of the size, tell whether it will be good for me?

  • jeffrey

    hi im 25 and i got a 13 boot ….but i want a small park board what should i ride i really want a 155 or less any feedback

  • Lib Tech

    Hi Jeffrey,
    For size 13 boots you will absolutely want a wide board-.
    Check out the Skate Banana or Gateway in 156W for a playful buttery feel.
    If you want something a bit more aggressive/solid, check out the Attack Banana 156W

  • Lib Tech

    I think 153 might feel pretty big for jibbing/freestyle riding–but if you’re spending the majority of your time off the beaten path riding in trees and deep snow the 153 could be a blast! I would use the size of the boards you’ve ridden in the past as a guide. 153 is definitely on the bigger end of the spectrum for what I would recommend to someone your size, but depending on the terrain you prefer and your riding style it could be a great option!

  • Степан Терещенко

    Thank you!
    Fixed – my Height 5.2 or 5.3, 153 size It is normal at my height?My friend wants to sell me Skate Banana 148N (Good Height for me?) I think that is too small for me.

  • jeffrey

    The thing is i ride a 156w ride kink now and i don’t like how big it is i want a board i can throw around and i ride really duck foot so all im wondering is if i get a reg width board will i be screwed? i tried my brothers 155 reg and i wasn’t hanging over too much. im just wondering is it about preference or will i just be screwed because im looking at this trice pro 155 and i just don’t want to spend the money if im going to be screwed….thank you for replying back this is the only place im getting advice on this

  • Lib Tech

    148 would be a more versatile size for you, but if you planning on riding this board in deep snow, natural terrain and high speeds a 153 would be a good option.

  • Lib Tech

    Hey Jeffrey,
    I’d really advise against a standard width board for size 13 boots–you need a wide!
    Our boards are completely different than any of our competitors’ and riding a 156W in another brand and not being stoked on it doesn’t mean you won’t love one of ours! Check the boards out in person if you’re having doubts, but riding a standard width board, particularly in a smaller size will be a recipe for disaster with size 13 boots.

    Magne-Traction will make a huge difference in edge hold and carving; even with a wider board you’ll get unbeatable control out of a Lib! We also make our own cores at our factory from hand-selected wood from real trees, so it will feel a lot more light and lively than anything you’ve ever ridden. Our cores are pretty much Harry Potter wands built into a snowboard. Lastly we innovated Banana/mixed camber boards and quite frankly, we did it right. Other companies have tried to mimic it, but Banana boards are a Mervin original!

  • jeffrey

    thank you ,you really gave me some good advise on what to look for i am definitely going to get a lib tech just because you are one of the only people i reached out to and got back to me with some strong advice (and youre board are bad ass) im looking at other sizes now i don’t want to spend money on a board that’s not going to work for me thank you again

  • Lib Tech

    Thanks, I’m happy we could help and we appreciate your support!
    Hit us up if you have any additional questions.

  • Víctor Blázquez

    Hi,Im 1,80 metres tall and weight 165lbs,i got a 10 boot, I was wondering which size of this board should i use…I hardly ever go to the park,i want a board to ride mostly freeride and occasionally pow.any feedback?

  • Tyler

    Hey guys, I’m 6’4″ and about 200 lbs – looking for a board that I can use in the park and a little in the back country. I’ve had a Burton 158 Custom for a few years and was planning on jumping up to something between 163-165. Because of my height, I definitely want something that I can set up with a wide stance. Any recommendations between the TR Pro and the TRS?

  • Zuxa

    Hi, I’m Spanish and I want to buy this table , but I fear the wrong size .
    Weight 200 pounds and measure 5 ‘and 11 ” my boot is 12 .
    My question is : 157W or 161.5 standard?
    Thanks guys.

  • Lib Tech

    157W or 161.5W
    I think you will prefer the wide width to better accommodate size 12 boots.
    Go with the 157 for a more playful/versatile all-mountain ride and the 161.5 for a board that will excel at high speeds and natural terrain.

  • Мирослав Кетенлиев

    Hi guys,

    I wanted to ask this question: Is there a big difference in the park feel of 157W and 161,5W? Cause I’m riding pretty much everything and use one deck, but still I am not sure if the 157W will hold on the pow and 161,5W will be too big for park. I am 6’2 and 200 pounds with a 12 size boot (footprint reduction). It’ll be good if I hear an opinion 😉 :D.


  • William

    Same problem, Libtech help us! :)


  • Lib Tech

    The 157 will perform better in the park/freestyle settings and the 161.5 will perform better in deep snow and at high speeds–there will be a bit of a trade off with either size. I tend to the smaller can be more fun and versatile, particularly with the T-Rice because it’s a really solid board and can still hold its own in deep snow and natural terrain even in a smaller size. But if pow riding and speed are most important to you, go with the 161.5 instead!

    As for width, it’s a tough call for size 12, so you really should compare the waist widths of our boards to what you’ve ridden in the past.

  • mcs

    Does the T-Rice 157W really have a waist width of 268? That’s wider than the 161.5’s waist width so that seems odd, and most retailers list the 157W as a 265 waist width. Please let me know!

  • Federico Beretta

    Hey LibTech guys, what’s up!
    I need to ask you this: what are the differences between a TRS and a Travice Rice Pro? I mean, I’ve read the specs and all, it’s all clear, but what does it feel like riding them? Which one is best for what? I would think a more pronounced camber under your feet (TRS) would give you more pop? Is that it?
    I’m coming from an entry level board I’ve used for years and I wanna step my game up, but I really can’t decide which one will be best! HELP! 😀


  • Lib Tech

    I generally describe the T-Rice as being aggressively powerful and the the TRS has aggressively fun.
    The extended camber of the TRS, paired with basalt fiber gives the board a really snappy/poppy and nimble feel, with a lot of pressure underfoot. The board rides how I imagine a Ferrari drives.
    The T-Rice is kind of a beast. It has a wider width, which gives it a more tanky feel and it takes a bit more effort to get onto edge, but it can make it through any terrain with ease. The fiberglass weave on the T-Rice is a bi-ax and tri-ax blend, so it will feel more torsionally stiff than the TRS.

    Both boards are aggressive all-mountain freestyle sticks and extremely versatile, but common feedback I hear about the T-Rice is that people are surprised by how stiff it is. And people are surprised by how snappy and agile the TRS is. Honestly, both boards are KILLER and will change the way you ride, but they are really different. Go to your local shop–give the boards a flex and stand on them! You’ll absolutely be able to feel the differences and it will help you pick!

  • Lib Tech

    Good catch, those widths should be swapped!

  • Federico Beretta

    Hey, thanks for the help!
    It is really the kind of comparison I was looking for, it does clarify a lot the differences between the two.
    I think that, based on your description, the TRS would fit me better.
    Thanks a lot, I can’t wait till they get to the stores in my town (Milan, Italy)…. Shred season is about to start 😀

  • mcs

    maybe you guys should hire me 😉

  • Orrin Tyson

    Hey Lib guys I rode your skate banana (152) all last season and absolutely loved the magne-traction/rocker profile…. however I want a smaller more aggressive board (mainly all-mountain but park as well) but I can’t decide between the T. Rice Pro 150 and the TRS 148N. I’m 5’4″ 145 lbs. size 8 or 8.5 boot depending. Can you help me figure out which would be best? Thanks!!

  • Spencer “STR8 RIPN” Storck

    Honestly both would be great boards for what you are looking for. I’d say both will be a more aggressive ride than your old skate banana but the TRS will be slightly more aggressive than the TRice especially when it comes to fast carving going edge to edge. I feel like the smaller TRS would be better on rails when you decide to venture into the park. The TRice will be a little more stable with the extra width and length which would be better for bigger jumps if that’s more your thin when you are in the park. But like I said before you would really enjoy both decks and they will help you excel as a rider! Have a great season!


  • Lib Tech

    Hi Orrin,
    I wouldn’t recommend the narrow TRS–the waist width is just 23.7cm, which will result in toe drag for size 8 or 8.5 boots.
    But the 150 T-Rice or 151n TRS would both be great options for you with a more accomodating 24.7cm waist width. The T-Rice has more of a tanky all-mountain feel because of its bi-ax and tri-ax fiberglass blend; it has a lot of torsional stiffness! And the TRS has more of a snappy and lively feel because of the XC2 base contour (extended camber) and basalt fibers.

    Both boards are solid and you’ll get a lot more power out of them than your Skate Banana! But they both feel different.
    Go to your local shop and give them a flex and stand on them—you’ll get a much better idea of how they’ll both perform.

  • Lib Tech

    PS: Thanks for choosing Lib, we appreciate the support!

  • Daniel Edwards

    Hey guys, I’m an intermediate rider really looking to push myself this year, start learning some tricks, hit rails and some powder. Definitely want an all mountain board. I was thinking the t rice pro or the skate banana. Will the T Rice be a bit to advanced/ aggressive for me? I want something with a bit a bit of flex maybe the skate banana will be a bit more forgiving but not so good in powder or carving?

  • Lib Tech

    Hi Daniel,
    The T-Rice is certainly a more aggressive board and the Skate Banana is on the opposite side of the spectrum and is more playful/forgiving.
    You might find that because the T-Rice has more camber underfoot that it won’t float through powder quite as well as the Skate Banana, but it will feel a lot more solid at high speeds and have a more aggressive feel. The Skate Banana offers a looser ride and might feel a little spooky on difficult terrain or high speeds.

    I think you should check out the Attack Banana or the Gnu Metal Gnuru or Space Case–all of these boards have a subtle, ellipitcal camber underfoot, which will add some power and stability. But they’re still fun and forgiving!

  • Daniel Edwards

    ok thanks for your advice, something to think about, will the attack banana handle powder well? after reading some reviews etc I’m leaning towards that one..

  • Lib Tech

    Yes it will handle powder with ease!
    It’s kind of a blend of the T-Rice’s C2 base contour and the Skate Banana BTX base contour, so you’ll get the power and stability of having some camber underfoot without losing the float and forgiveness of Banana.

  • Daniel Edwards

    OK cool, thanks a lot for your advice!

  • Trevor Onion

    Hey guys, I’ve been away from the scence for about 10 years, used to ride a J.L. Phoenix back in Europe. I’m 5’8′ and about 80kg with a size 9 boot. Would a T.R. pro C2 power banana C2 BTX 153 be a good choice for the Japanese mountains?

  • Lib Tech

    Absolutely, the T. Rice is a dreamy board for aggressive riding anywhere on the mountain. The camber offers power and stability, while the Banana between the binding inserts will help you effortlessly float through powder. 153 sounds like a good size for you.
    You could also check out our Board Finder for some additional suggestions:

  • Joseph Kordenbrock

    I have a pair of ride revolt bingings from my old board would those be to flexy for this board?

  • Martn Herb

    whats the difference with the fundamental range?

  • Bryce Student

    How is the Eco Sub Sintered Base Material different from a normal Sintered Base? More specifically, what is meant by Eco Sublimation compatible?
    Thank you!

  • Lib Tech

    The FundaMENTAL graphics are only available at select retailers, so it’s more of a limited, special edition graphic.
    But built with the same specs and construction!

  • Lib Tech

    Hi Bryce,
    It’s a sintered base, but we printed it using our proprietary Eco Sublimation process.
    No other snowboard companies make sintered bases that are this vibrant and crisp, yet eco-friendly.

    Same goes for our topsheets, we don’t use any harmful clear coats and our factory doesn’t create any hazardous waste!

  • Austin

    Im 5 foot 10 weighing in a 190, mostly a groomer rider with a bit of park thrown and a few powder days a year. Only have money for one board, looking at the 157 T-rice. Am I looking at the correct board for my ride style? If not what would you suggest?

  • Austin again.

    Forgot to mention I rock a 12 boot.

  • Christian Mcarthur

    So I am 6’3 180lb and a pretty good rider. I love the power and groomed snow. I am looking at the 157w board. Is that good for me you think or should I go bigger? I have a size 12 boot as well. What do you guys think?

  • Christian Mcarthur

    I mainly enjoy the woods and moguls though so do you think I will have a problem with turning?

  • Chad Yanez

    i heard you suck

  • Chad Yanez

    i think you should stop trying to snowboard

  • Chad Yanez

    it really just depends on how you feel when you ride. i use a 153 trice and a buddy of mine who weighs 20lbs less than me rides a 158 & I’m 5’11, 175.

  • Christian Mcarthur

    chad doesn’t snowboard

  • Chad Yanez

    do your homework stretch!

  • Lib Tech

    Hi Austin, 157 sounds like it could be killer for you–it won’t float through powder quite as good as a bigger board, but I think you’ll love it for cruising all over the mountain and riding park.

    Standard width T-Rices are pretty wide, but with size 12 boots you might want to consider going for a wide. I’d recommend comparing the waist width of your favorite board with both that of the wide (26.3cm) and standard (25.8cm) T-Rice 157 and going with the closest option.

  • Lib Tech

    If you’re spending a good amount of time in the powder, you might want to jump up to the 161.5.

    Standard width T-Rices are somewhat wide, but with size 12
    boots you might want to consider going for the wide version. I’d recommend
    comparing the waist width of your favorite board (or one that you have ridden
    without getting toe drag) with both that of the wide (26.5cm) and standard (26cm)
    T-Rice 157 and going with the closest option.

  • Lib Tech

    If you know how to turn a snowboard, you won’t have any trouble turning the T-Rice–it’s got a responsive flex pattern and base contour, plus a generous sidecut!

  • Nick

    I’m 6′ 1″ and 160 pounds.

    Would the T.rice pro 155 be a good choice for a more aggressive park board?

  • Rasmus Lindquist

    i wonder the same thing. and how big are the difference between t.rice pro and attack banana?
    i will go to alperna soon and i need to make a decision!
    please answer lib tech!

  • Jesse

    Im about 5’9, 140, and I’m looking at the T-Rice pro 155 blunt. Does that sound about the right size with the 155 or should I go 157?? I have a 147 rocker for park right now and am just looking for something longer and more solid with not AS play so I can feel more comfortable catching a bit more speed!

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